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Capricorn region of Queensland - Bundaberg - Rockhampton


  • this region lies in the region of the Tropic of Capricorn latitude which takes in the coastal cities from south of Bundaberg northwards to include Gladstone and Rockhampton
  • it extends westward to the mining towns of Blackwater (coal), Emerald (sapphires), Mt Morgan and Moura and out to Longreach
  • The Tropic of Capricorn lies at 23d 26' 22“ (23.4394 degrees) south of the Equator and marks the most southerly latitude at which the sun can appear directly overhead at noon and includes the city of Rockhampton
  • Mt Hay gemstone tourist park is SW of Rockhampton and you can search for “thunder eggs”
  • Yeppoon is the coastal town closest to the Keppel Islands
    • Great Keppel Island is a tropical tourist resort island NE of Rockhampton


Auburn River Nat Park

  • Auburn River camping area

Barakula State Forest

  • west of Gympie
  • Dogwood Creek camping area

Blackdown Tableland nat park

  • central Qld, SE of Blackwater

Bulburin Nat Park

  • midway between Bundaberg and Gladstone

Burrum Coast Nat Park

Canarvon Nat Park

  • in central Qld, south of Emerald
  • Canarvon Gorge camping area - school hols only; dry weather only; 20km unsealed road;
  • West Branch camping area near the Maranoa river (dry weather access)
  • Dargonelly Rock Hole camping area
  • Rotary Shelter Shed camping area - 4WD access only
  • Top Moffat camping area - 4WD access only
  • walk-in camping areas

Castletower Nat Park

  • 35km south of Gladstone

Curtis Island Nat Park

  • vehicle ferry or boat

Dawes Nat Park

  • 109km S of Gladstone

Deepwater Nat Park

  • 100km NW of Bundaberg;

Eurimbula Nat Park

  • 110km NW of Bundaberg; mangrove coast and tropical forests

Expedition Nat Park

  • central Qld just south of Blackdown Tableland NP; 130km W of Taroom

Goodedulla Nat Park

  • 80km west of Rockhampton

Isla Gorge Nat Park

  • central Qld

Kalpowar State Forest

  • 38km NE of Monto

Kroombit Tops Nat Park

  • 85km SW of Gladstone
  • 4WD tracks, bush camping

Lake Murphy Conservation Park

  • 18km N of Taroom

Mount Walsh Nat Park

  • exposed granite cliffs
  • walk-in camp site only for experienced walkers

Mouth of Baffle Creek Conservation Park

  • 1hr drive N of Bundaberg
  • 4WD beach access at low tide

Nuga Nuga Nat Park

  • 400km W of Gladstone at the northern end of the Arcadia Valley
  • dry weather access only
  • bush camping

Rundle Range Nat Park

  • 40km NW of Gladstone, 60km SE of Rockhampton
  • 4WD dry weather access only
  • bush camping

Tolderodden Conservation Park

  • small park next to Burnett River
  • bush camping

Other camp sites

  • 1770 camp ground - 100 sites with beachfront access
  • Chain Lagoons camping area 15km NE of Taroom
  • Glebe Weir camping area - 54km from Taroom
  • Lilley's Beach camping area on Boyne Island - 4WD only
  • The Oaks camping area Facing Island - vehicle ferry access
  • Wuruma Dam camping area - 48km NW of Eidsvold

Boat access camping only

Capricornia Cays Nat Park

  • part of the Great Barrier Reef area off the coast of Gladstone
  • boat-based camping only

Keppel Bay Islands Nat Park

  • 7 islands of the 15 available to boat-based campers

Mouth of Kolan River Conservation Park

  • 25km NW of Bundaberg
  • boat based camping

Wild Cattle Island Nat Park

  • 15km SE of Gladstone
  • boat camping
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