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Gold Coast and hinterland region


  • the Gold Coast is extremely popular with young families thanks to the warm weather in Winter and the Theme Parks such as Sea World and Dream World
  • most of the coast has been built up and has very limited tent camping opportunities unless you wish to use the Holiday parks which prioritise caravans and are not generally a great tent camping experience.
  • tent campers may be better suited to heading up to the hinterland such as Lamington Nat Park or heading out to the Moreton Bay Islands
  • most camp sites must be pre-booked


Benarkin State Forest

  • Clancys camping area
  • Emu Creek camping area

Bunya Mountains Nat Park

  • rises to 1135m from the surrounding Darling Downs and South Burnett Valley
  • 35km of walking tracks
  • Dandabah camping area
  • other walk-in camping areas

D'Aguilar Nat Park

  • southern and northern sections
  • Archer camping area
  • Neurum Creek camping area
  • other walk-in camping areas

Lamington Nat Park

  • the Scenic Rim
  • wild dogs can be a problem
  • 150km of walking trails
  • two sections Binna Burra and Green Mountains
  • Binna Burra campsite
  • O'Reillys campground
  • other walk-in camping areas

Moreton Island Nat Park

  • 2hr barge trip and 4WD is a necessity

Mount Barney Nat Park

  • located on the NSW-Qld border and has 7 peaks
  • walk-in camping only

Springbrook Nat Park

  • in the Gold Coast hinterland
  • The Settlement camping area - 11 sites

Teerk Roo Ra Nat Park

  • boat-based camping only

North Stradbroke Island

  • numerous camp grounds in the Minjerribah Recreation Area

Other camping areas in the region

  • Andrew Drynan Park camping
  • Bigriggen Park camping
  • Burgess park camping area
  • Captain Logan camp on Wivenhoe Dam
  • Centenary Park camping area
  • Darlington Park camping area
  • Flanagan Reserve camping area
  • Lake maroon camping area
  • Lumley Hill camping area
  • Maidenwell camping area
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