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camping in South Australia

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  • unlike Victoria, you can drive your vehicle onto beaches - but almost certainly, your insurance will not cover you if it gets bogged and the tide comes in!

The Outback circuit

  • this requires a 4WD and 4WD off road recovery gear and satellite comms
  • best time is when it is NOT hot (ie. avoid the Australian summer!!!) - May to Oct gives the wonderful winter Milky Way which is amazing to see in all its glory in the dark outback skies (but nights will be cold and may be freezing)
  • don't go after heavy rains or when heavy rains are forecast (eg. a central Australian Low pressure system) - high chance of getting stranded or severely bogged with little chance of retrieval of vehicle intact

example 3 week circuit without towing

  • heading north from Port Augusta:
    • Southern Flinders Ranges (Ikara-Flinders NP)
    • Leigh Creek
      • north loop to very remote and famous Birdsville via Oodnadatta Track, Maree, Wabma Kabardu Mound Springs, William Creek, Oodnadatta, Charlotte Waters, Mt Dare, Dalhousie Springs
        • camps include: Merna Mora Station, Farina, William Creek Hotel camp, Algebuckina waterhole, Eringa Waterhole, Mt Dare hotel, Dalhousie Springs (book ahead), Glen Joyce oil well, Birdsville Hotel camp
      • return from Birdsville via east loop via free camp in the Simpson Desert, Innamincka, Paralana Hot Springs, Arkaroola, Gammon Ranges
        • camps include: Innamincka town, Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary caravan park, Bendleby Ranges
  • according to authors:
    • the hardest part was the Mt Dare road en route to Eringa
    • best camps were Eringa Waterhole and Ruins, and the Simpson Desert
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