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security cameras

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  • unfortunately security cameras have now become a necessity to deter thieves
  • WiFi enabled video door bells adds to the home security and can monitor status of any parcel deliveries as well as send notifications to your smartphone and save videos

Battery home video WiFi door security cameras and chimes

  • these generally will:
    • send a WiFi signal to a provided internal chime unit to create the chime alarm when someone presses the doorbell
      • the chime unit will need to be relatively close to the front door to ensure a signal gets through with no major WiFi obstacles
      • this WiFi is NOT the same as your home internet WiFi system
      • some of these require constant connection to a power source
      • some of these have a video screen so you can see who is at the door
      • some will also allow remote unlocking of compatible door locks - eg. in multi-storey apartment buildings
    • send a notification to your smartphone via your home's internet WiFi
      • most require a 2.4GHz home WiFi internet network to connect to and to send to your phone (some will be compatible with 5G but most won't)
        • they will also need an internet connection on the home WiFi and vendor cloud processing (which may require a subscription) when your phone is not connected to the home WiFi
          • eg. Ring Protect cloud subscription for Ring devices
      • some will be compatible with Alexa or other home services
    • allow remote video viewing via WiFi connected smartphones with vendor app:
      • check camera viewing angle to ensure it is adequate for your needs - eg. is it wide enough to capture a parcel left on the ground?
      • some are 130deg, some are 145deg
    • act as a security camera even if the door bell is not pressed
      • some will be able to detect human vs animals vs packages via PIR Motion Detection (usually up to 3-5m) and allow you to set notifications accordingly
        • not many have package detection eg.
      • some will allow infrared night vision
      • some will be 1080P (ie 2K), others will be 4K resolution
    • some will allow local storage onto a microSD card
      • those that do usually will have a limit of 128Gb cards (and these should be cards specially designed for continuous video recording)
      • for best security the storage should be on the chime internal device where it is less likely to be stolen
      • to view videos on the card:
        • you can remove the card and insert into a computer (this will not work for Ring encrypted videos though)
        • you can view remotely using the vendor's smartphone app (and possibly a computer app) when these devices are connected to the same home WiFi
        • NB. generally cannot access these videos via the vendor's cloud services hence not via smartphone when it is not connected to the WiFi
      • some will allow encryption of videos on the card and deactivation of decryption capability if device and card are stolen so others cannot view the videos
    • most will allow storage on the vendor's cloud service but this is usually a subscription service with a monthly charge
    • an inbuilt lithium rechargeable battery
      • some have removable batteries allowing you to quickly change to a fully charged battery then recharge the old battery eg. most Ring door chimes
      • some require removing a screw to access the battery to charge it
      • some have a USB-C port to charge it eg. Euki J10
      • usage on one fully charge will vary depending upon usage and battery capacity
        • some will only last weeks, others can last up to 6 months allegedly
      • some can be charged via solar panels or USB, others may require 24V DC charging if direct wired
    • most will be weatherproof
    • many will allow two-way audio via your smartphone
      • some will have optional voice changer so you can speak with an adult male voice for added security - although savvy predators would probably be aware of fake voice and assume there is a female inside
    • most will have an alarm if someone tries to remove the outdoor unit
      • some allow you to operate this alarm remotely if strangers are loitering around
    • some have a rotating mount bracket
      • eg. 45deg for Euki J10

devices with microSD card ports or memory storage on the chime device

  • this allows much better security for your microSD cards!
  • TP-Link Tapo 2K Wireless Video Doorbell
    • up to 512Gb micro SD storage on the DC powered chime hub which also has a LAN socket
    • 2K 5mp starlight sensor; 160° Diagonal fov; 2x batteries total 6700mAh “180 days” but only 30 days if house facing a street
    • 15deg wedge ; package detection; 146*54.5*35.5mm
  • Eufy E8220CW1 slim doorbell
    • chime requires AC and is a WiFi repeater with SD card slot
    • BUT very poor battery life of 1-3 weeks and poor at detecting people according to reviews plus lagging response times plus keeps falling out of mount
    • seems it is best used as a door chime with video ONLY recording door chime presses as AI PIR does not work well and seems to drain battery
  • Eufy E8213C12 dual camera with Homebase 2
    • 2nd camera points to ground for packages
    • Micro-USB charging cable
    • uses Homebase 2 as Wifi source for 16 devices, 16Gb inbuilt storage, USB powered, LAN port, and as a chime (but not very loud) BUT it needs to be cabled to home network via LAN initially to set up connection with home WiFi network - Homebase 2 may not support future cams as new AI-powered Homebase 3 is out.
      • NB. S380 Homebase 3 adds optional SATA external storage, opt. USB flash drive storage, 24×7 recording, has BionicMind facial recognition, person recognition, vehicle recognition and a self-learning algorithm as well as a more stable connection however it may not be compatible with some cameras but is compatible with T8213 dual door cam, T8210 2K door cam, T8212 S210 door cam
    • expensive, chime may not be able to be heard throughout house and the WiFi notification lags so mail person may have already departed
    • think it comes with a 15deg wedge
    • according to, you can add up to 4 extra USB-dongle chimes throughout the house - see (this is NOT compatible with Homebase 3 but only with Homebase 2)

devices with microSD card ports on door device

  • Ring Pro??
  • Swann SwannBuddy 4K Video Doorbell
  • TMEZON J7S 1080P
    • grey/black; 145° or 166° (conflicting info) 2K?/1080P starlight CMOS image sensor, human only detection; “2-3 month” 5V 1A charge 4500mAh battery; 13.4 x 3.5 x 5.6cm; 430g;
    • free last 7 days cloud loop storage but only the ringing and PIR triggered video will be saved; tamper alarm; 10m night vision; multi-user access;
    • adjustable volume chime with 4 chime options powered by 3xAA or by DC5V charger
  • UCOCARE WiFi Video Doorbell
    • looks similar to TMEZON J7S but in white and:
      • 2K 1440P 4mp; “180day 10,000mAh battery” (2 batteries); 17 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm; 640g;
      • free cloud 6-second video prerecorded; 166°; human/animal/package AI detection and separate notification handling settings;
      • length of the videos saved to the SD card or the cloud (paid subscription) can be set as 10 secs, 20 secs or 30 secs.
      • 3 volume levels, 4 ringtone, chime has 3xAAA batteries;
      • reviewer feedbacks:
        • The biggest concern is it will not record video to the SD card UNLESS you have a subscription.
        • difficult little screw at the bottom that you have to unscrew/rescrew everytime you have to charge it
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