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some Subaru issues and gotchas

Error messages

  • in general one should get the computer read and checked, although often they are just temporary glitches
  • one can often reset the error messages by disconnecting battery (black terminal) for 10 minutes although the messages may recur if there is an ongoing issue.

Vehicle dynamic control, emissions control, hill assist warnings and no Cruise control

  • when all of these suddenly light up and stay on and the Cruise control no longer works but just blinks then:
    • most likely problem is the petrol cap is loose or not replaced correctly!
    • there may be other causes such as:
      • worn seal around petrol cap
      • may be an issue after a flat battery - hmmm…not sure on this
      • the inhibitor safety switch broken
      • check the error code:
        • Po456 indicates an evaporative leak in the system such as a loose or worn petrol cap, and if not these may need smoke testing to find the leak such as in a cracked hose

Jammed seat belt

  • this is a real pain and only likely to occur on cars with lots of travel especially on dusty roads
  • see my blog on how to replace one with a second hand one (as long as air bags did not go off in an accident)
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