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light, portable camp tables

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, and I have not personally reviewed all of them, they are listed here to give you perspective


Hiking tables

  • Nemo Moonlander table
  • GSI Micro Hiking Foldable Aluminium Table
  • Kilos Gear Tetris Modular Folding Table
    • 14” tall 7075 aluminium alloy modular system with suspended storage mesh under table
    • no mention of weight capacity but “can hold heavy items”
    • M4 table: 36.5×36.5x36cm tall; packs to 36.5x10x8.5cm, 840g; $AU97
    • M8 table: 70×36.5x36cm tall; packs to 36.5×13.5×8.5cm, 1380g; $AU138
    • optional side connector with hooks, hanging rail, lantern holder.
      • eg. O-Block Combo $AU375 includes two M8 tables, two connector plates, two side connectors with hooks, plus hanging rail plus lantern holder and allows:
        • 36.5cm deep x 1.735m long table
        • 70cm deep x 1.1m long table
        • or an L-shaped table

Heavier tables for car camping

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