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inflatable air beam tents

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, and I have not personally reviewed all of them, they are listed here to give you perspective


  • inflatable air tents have strong plastic tubing which are inflated to form a strong frame for the tent and thus no metal poles are needed (except for awnings)
  • whilst they are generally relatively easy to set up (albeit with a bit of pumping being required), they are often quite heavy
  • they may POP and be destroyed if over-inflated and left in the hot sun
  • strongly consider buying a double action hand pump (pumps air when push down and when pull up)

Air Framed Inflatable Tents optional floors

Gopamir Air300 TPU

Polaris A3 tunnel air tent / gazebo

  • 19.2kg; 3000mm WH Oxford fabric; 2 large windows on each side; large doors with awnings on each end;
  • A4 version is longer and adds another section with further one more large window on each side



Decathlon Quechua

Air tents with floors

Naturehike Blackdog Camping Inflatable Tent

  • 4.5x3x2.1m tall; cabin style with long awning; 150D black 2000mm PU; possibly has a rear door as it seems to be different to other windows;
  • no floor in living area but seems to have separate bedroom area presumably with floor; roll up framed windows;
  • nice high side wall stove jack for 90deg angled chimney
  • 19.75kg; packs to 95x45x35cm;



Dometic air tents

  • Dometic Hayman 4 AIR Inflatable Camping 4 Person Tent
    • 18.7kg $AU799 on clearance special
  • Dometic Santorini 2×4 Air Tent
    • 22.1kg; $AU1599

Zempire air tents

  • Zempire Pronto 4 Air Tent V2
    • 2.4mx2.4mx1.9m high internal 13.7kg!
    • $AU549
  • Zempire Pronto 5 Air Tent V2
    • 16.8kg; $AU599
  • Zempire Evo TS Air Tent V2
    • 3.75×2.8mx1.95m high; 6000mm WH 75D, 270T fabric;
    • single front door; rear bedroom; 140gsm PE floor;
    • 19.8kg packs to 70 x 39 x 39cm;
    • tinted skylight PVC windows
    • Adjusted internally, Tinted PVC, 3 way windows, Side zipped internal window covers, Bug proof mesh, Rear external window covers, Skylight covers, Waterproof window covers
    • Fully opening foldaway front door with both full mesh and waterproof clear tinted PVC panels.

  • Zempire Pronto 10 Air Tent V2
    • 22.9kg; $AU999

Darche air tents

  • Darche Air-Volution AT-6 Tent 2021
    • 29.9kg $AU1799

Sonmez Outdoor Air Tents

UK Khyam Air tents

RBM air tents


Inflatable Insulated Inner Tents

Irish Crua Outdoors tents

full tents

inner tents



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