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large tunnel / car tents


  • these are relatively large tents in which you can reverse the rear of your car into a doorway
  • they are generally great for use as a hot tent with a wooden stove and provide a lot of amenity even in prolonged rain periods

Medium tunnel tents



Large tunnel tents

HOMFUL Glamping cabin / gazebo style

  • 4.2x4x2.15m tall; 13.8sq.m + 10sq.m awning area; beige 150D Oxford
  • 2 sections: left bed with a 4 large door inner tent and large side black meshed window; right floorless living area;
  • meshed high framed windows on each end of the 3 hooped tunnel - NOT freestanding
  • all side sections can be opened out as awnings including bedroom area; snow skirts
  • 16mm or 22mm (website has contradicting info) aluminium poles;
  • 12kg packs to 67x27x27cm;



Oregonian Camper Tenter Ortus-T + TPU


BlackDog BP-ZP006 tunnel tent


Kovea Nest W

Naturehike Camping Yunzhou Tunnel Tent

  • 5.75×2.9×1.8m tall; 2000mm PU 50D polyester external; 150D Oxford floor; snow skirt; no TPU options;
  • 2 side doors + 2 end doors all as mesh+awnings; 3 hoop design with inner bedroom section; not freestanding;
  • 9.2kg; packs to 66x26x35cm;

Acoplar Magic Cube Wide C3 gazebo-like

3F UL GEAR Hailuo Conch Tunnel Tent

  • 3.8×3.5×1.9m tall; 5000mm 40D;
  • 7kg; packs to 60x25x25cm;
  • opt TPU door $61+$76del
  • opt. 210D 3×2.16m 960g floor $AU65 + $76del
  • opt. vestibule extension 2.5kg 1.3×3.5×1.73m tall $AU192 +$76 del


Minimal Works V House M


Other Minimal Works Tunnel tents

large freestanding tunnel style tents

Minimal Works GH Heritage Shelter tent


Minimal Works Agora TPU wide door tent


Dokicamp Unlimited Works G5000 Tent

Dokicamp Unlimited Works The Crab Nest G2000 Tent Shelter green python version

Dokicamp Unlimited Works The Crab Nest G2000 Tent Shelter T/C version

3F UL GEAR Beetle 16

  • 4.1×4.1x2m high; 16sq.m; 40D 5000mm silver coated silnylon plaid; 2023 model; zipper type stove jack; 2 triangular side mesh windows; 2 elevated large meshed vents;
  • double cross-link diamond-shaped tent freestanding pole structure
  • 10.8kg; packs to 75x30x25cm;
  • opt. TPU door $AU78 opt. floor $82 opt. inner tent $175
  • opt. expansion vestibule hall adds 1 hoop, 2 extra small vents and 1.8m in length and is 1.65m high $AU220


Minimal Works Landmark Shelter tent

  • 5.2m x 4.2m x 2.1m high; doors are 2.8m wide; 4 poles
  • 68D taffeta 190T ivory; gazebo-like with a multitude of side black mesh windows and ?TPU ceiling panels;
  • 150D DWR PU 3000mm fly covers ceiling panels, no TPU;
  • 20kg; packs to 70x40x25cm;


Polaris Taurus Alpha

  • 6mx3.45mx2.2m high (internal: 6m x 3.3m wide x 1.95m height); 2 large black mesh windows/doors on each side (roll open to centre of wall); 2 end doors with awnings;
  • 3000mm PU 210D Oxford;
  • 20,000mm PU 150D fly with block out layer over ceiling part;
  • 24kg;
  • large clip on inner tent for one end with 2 large doors and 2 large side windows;
  • ?opt. TPU for door
  • opt. “windscreen” 62,100won



Mobi Garden GuanTu 15㎡ French Window hot tent


unknown brand GuanTu-like tent

Helinox Tac.V Tarp 4.0


Swiss Alpine Club Atlas Dome Shelter ACT-26

  • 4.2×4.2×2.2m 6 pole gazebo-like shelter with 4 large mesh doors/windows; 68D 190T 2000mm PU WR; with fly;
  • 11kg; made in China; No awnings;
  • Japanese online store ¥94,200 (~$AU1000)
  • opt. 2.5kg Space Link 1 1 hoop tunnel W280×L220×H155cm
  • opt. 5.5kg Space Link 2 2 hoop longer tunnel W280×L280×H160cm with inner tent W200-250×L210xH145cm:



opt. Space Link 2 tunnel

Doki Camp Unlimited Works The Crab Nest G2000 tent

Zane Arts Okitoma-2 tunnel tent


KAZMI KZM ARAGON Mocha Rider Tunnel Tent

Insulated tunnel tents with floors

Irish Crua Outdoors Tri


Irish Crua Outdoors Cottage

Irish Crua Outdoors Loj

single door tunnel cabin tents

  • there are a multitude of these on the market, only including those with black out plus clear TPU/PVC window

Decathlon Quechua

  • Decathlon Quechua Arpenaz 4.1 Fresh & Black Family Tent

"Classic Teepee" "Classic TP" cotton tunnel tents

Classic TP Amun Shelter cotton tunnel tent

  • 5.6×2.9×1.95m high; water repellent premium cotton canvas (use opt. rainfly in rain)
  • 4 side doorways can be rolled up (2 central ones are provided with mesh as standard) and optional TPU windows or additional mesh windows can be used on any of the side doors
  • front and rear doorways with short fixed awnings
  • 4 hoop design, not freestanding;
  • 21.4kg for skin only; plus 13kg for poles and accessories (excl. opt door mesh/TPU) = total 34.4kg
  • opt. TPU side window 220,000krw
  • additional side mesh window 154,000krw
  • optional cotton inner tent
  • “expansion model” takes it to 7m long, 5 hoop design and extra 5kg and extra 110,000krw
  • there are “full play” purchase options not sure what this includes though

Classic TP Amun Light 680 cotton-poly tent

  • 6.8×3.5×2.1m high; water repellent 35% cotton 65% polyester (use opt. rainfly in rain); sides consist of 2 large clear TPU windows nearest the front and 4 large mesh windows all 6 which can be rolled up to make doors or outer fabric can be used as awnings on each
  • 4 hoop design, not freestanding; 6 side doors ONLY - front panoramic windows and the rear end cannot be opened
  • inward skirt; tension webbing on the floor; no groundsheet; partial seam sealing, the cotton needs seasoning
  • 19kg skin only excl. poles and opt. inner tent and opt. rainfly
  • 1,970,000krw + cotton inner tent (no windows) 230,000krw
  • CampingG with a 2nd hand heavier all cotton 32kg Classic TP Amun 680 she set up in the snow for 3 months with wood stove - TPU windows, rear bedroom inner

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