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tents to attach to rear hatchback of cars


  • these are generally tunnel-like tents which method of attaching one entrance to the open hatchback door of a car which allows you to access the inside of the car without getting wet or perhaps sleep in the car and use the tent for a table, etc.
  • whilst they seem like a great idea, they can be a pain to set up and also remove and re-attach to car every time you move your car which needs to be reversed back into the exact same position
  • you will need to ensure the interior light is turned off while the hatch is open all night otherwise you will have a flat battery in the morning!

Examples with built-in floors

  • TheONE4AU Pummba
    • single wall (and thus risks internal condensation more than a dual wall tent) 210D ripstop polyester 4000mm WH, seam sealed 300 x 152 x 210 cm;
    • 4 entrances:
      • 1 to the hatchback which has a meshed door
      • 1 opposite one which has a large mesh door plus a double layered fabric door which can extend into a long awning (2 segmented awning poles are provided)
        • unfortunately, if you want warmth at night you will need to take the awning down and your gear will be left out in the rain or dew.
      • 2 side doors each with a roll up mesh and a fabric layer
        • if you want ventilation, you can't have privacy with this design
    • interior space has a floor and is 5' long and fits a large king single stretcher with plenty of space to get around it - realistically it is only a 1-2 person tent but you could squeeze in a small child as well
    • 2 long poles which feed through long sleeves to create 2 half hoops as the main supporting frame
    • 5 short poles which sort of help to spread the long poles apart but realistically don't seem to do much (one of these is at the very top and hard to reach)
    • I have set one of these up and set up is a PAIN as these poles are all fibreglass with annoying ferrules which catch the sleeves as you pass them through making set up is much easier if there are 2-3 people doing it
    • I would probably replace the pegs (thee are just long nails with flimsy plastic tops which require large multigrips to pull from hard ground) and guy ropes with better ones, and if I was serious, I would replace the 2 long poles with higher quality aluminium ones without the annoying ferrules
    • does not seem to be a great wind resistant design - as a minimum you would need to add extra guy ropes in strong winds.
    • 7.8kg;

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