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hiking tents with part fabric - part mesh inner tents


1P tents (1 door unless specified)

  • for a solo alpine hiker on many day hikes where weight is a premium consideration, my tip for best combination of storm proof and light weight while still being affordable is the 905g Durston X-Mid 1P solid trekking pole tent
    • this is much more storm proof than a Hornet or Fly Creek and yet similar weight (assuming you are hiking with trekking poles)
    • it is the only 1P with lots of fabric inner under 1.5kg with 2 doors (other than the Asta version of this tent) which gives far more flexibility in managing changing wind conditions overnight, reducing condensation and providing some cross-ventilation during the day
    • you can pitch the fly first in the rain so your inner tent and gear do not get wet
    • polyester fly will be more UV resistant, will dry out faster, and not sag or be as heavy when wet compared to a silnylon tent (although the Nemo Osmo fabric may be just as good)
    • the mainly mesh inner will be warmer in the cold alpine conditions than full mesh inner tents
    • you can buy an optional mesh inner tent to use in warmer summer conditions with optional starlight view for use without the fly
    • it allows a better stealth option if you become worried by the presence of dodgy humans as you can easily go into low profile stealth mode by lowering the trekking poles even whilst inside the tent and the green color may help with this (see stealth camping for solo woman hikers )
    • BUT you need fairly flat ground to get it pitched well AND you need at least 6 pegs to be firmly placed AND you need to practice pitching the tent as it can be fiddly
  • HOWEVER, if you want easier set up or are going to a place where a freestanding tent is much more desirable such as areas where ground is very uneven or pegging or tying guy ropes to trees is not always possible (eg. Larapinta Trail near Alice Springs or camping on granite boulders) then other options are:
    • 800g Nemo Hornet 1P Elite Osmo - needs 3 pegs, and the weather to be kind, although you are paying a premium for this tent which will struggle in strong winds and rain
    • 1080g Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1 bikepacking tent - needs 3 pegs, but better than the Hornet if it could be wet (better fly coverage than the Hornet but similar weak frame) and not too windy
    • 1400g Northface 1P Stormbreak - pegs only needed for fly vestibule - best option if the weather could be nasty or pegging is impossible
    • NB. all the above tents will need pegging down in strong winds (especially if you are not inside to stop it blowing away - it will still roll away with a backpack inside!) - if pegging is not possible with these then can tie guy ropes to large rocks or to trees.
    • if the forecast is for extremely strong winds - don't go!

one door trekking pole tents

two door trekking pole tents

  • these require 2 trekking poles and can be hard to set up well on uneven ground or when pegging is difficult
  • ASTA GEAR Yun Chuan 4 season versions
    • asymmetric Durston X-mid like tents in 1P and 2P versions
    • 5000mm 15D double sil ripstop nylon with 5000mm 20D nylon inner floor you need to seam seal fly with silicone adhesive glue!
    • inner is bottom half fabric, top half black mesh give good sky view if can use without fly (needs a guy on each of the trek poles)
    • 1P version:
      • 540g 2.49×1.62×1.35m outer with ?490g 2.28×0.81×1.25m inner tent; total ~1.15kg; $AU264 for 4S half fabric inner version
    • 2P version
      • 570g 2.54×2.1×1.35m outer with ?570g 2.33×1.32×1.25m inner tent total ~1.3kg; packs to 40x8x8cm $AU299 for 4S half fabric inner version
      • seems the fly droops a bit between the poles and if tighten it, you lose space between fly and inner
    • can purchase separate inners and outers
  • Durston X-Mid 1 solid
    • upper half of the doors are mesh which means can get some cross-ventilation in warmer conditions but better for cooler alpine conditions and will do well in storms and snow - if you use strong trekking poles or strong aluminium poles and not 10mm carbon fibre ones which may snap in very strong winds.
    • can pitch the fly first if it is raining!
    • fly: 20D Sil/PE Polyester 3500mm HH
    • floor: 20D Sil/PE Polyester 3500mm HH in Grey
    • 15D Ripstop Nylon inner in White
    • 905g excl. footprint - the 2P version is much heavier and still not great for two people so the 1P version may be the best weight / size option for a solo hiker.
    • 2.31×0.81m floor with 1.85 sq m area; 117cm height; fly footprint 170 x 254 cm;
    • packs to 30 x 13 cm; vestibules 1 sq m x 2;
    • bad weather test by WildBeare
    • optional X-Mid Stargazer Kit allows inner tent set up only - but not useful for solid version as no mesh to see through on ceiling
    • optional Z-Flick Tent Pole if you don't have 2 hike poles

single spine one hub tents

  • these are semifreestanding as need at least one end of bathtub to be pegged for shape
  • lack wind resistance but are ultralight designs
  • Nemo Hornet Elite Osmo 1P
    • 0.8kg single spine pole with hub + very short crossbar; 15D nylon ripstop inner with No-See-Um mesh; partial 1200mm Osmo fly and 1200mm Osmo floor ;
    • semi-freestanding; no vents in fly
  • MSR Freelite 1P
    • almost same as Nemo Hornet but different fabric; 890g; 15D 1200mmPU silnylon ripstop fly and floor; inner is nearly all mesh apart from raised section at head end;
  • Nemo Hornet Osmo 1P
    • 1kg single spine pole with hub + very short crossbar; 15D nylon ripstop inner with No-See-Um mesh; partial 1200mm Osmo fly and 1500mm Osmo floor ;
    • semi-freestanding; no vents in fly
  • Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1 bikepacking tent
  • NNEOBA Ultralight Camping Tent Backpack Tent

single spine, two hub tents

two main long axis poles

  • compared to the above single spine design tents, these tents will generally be stronger in storms and strong winds!
  • North Face Stormbreak 1
    • 1.4kg 75D 1200mm PU polyester fly; 2 crossed poles; 40D mesh; 68D 3000mm PU polyester floor;
    • ceiling is fabric; mesh is black on the Golden Oak / Pavement version so at least you get nice side views of night sky.
    • this is a great tent for summer alpine through hiking scenarios where you may need the extra protection from wind and storms and yet it is only 1.4kg- doesn't make a lot of sense to get a less capable tent over 1kg - but some may prefer a ultralight freestanding at 800g instead if weather is likely to be good, or a a more storm proof ultralight trekking pole tent such as the X-Mid if pegging will be possible.
  • Desert Fox 1P budget tent
  • MSR Elixir™ 1 Backpacking Tent

2P tents

  • MSR Elixir 2
    • 2.77kg; 68D 1500mm fly; 40D canopy; 3000mm floor;
    • $AU637
  • Luxe Habitat NX
  • Luxe Spider 2XL
  • Big Sky Chinook 2
  • Big Sky Revolution 2
  • Big Sky Mirage 2
    • US designed civilian version of their military tent to be a versatile, tough, durable 2P 3 and 4 season tent depending upon configuration
    • 70D tub floor on inner which is almost completely mesh attached to a the common 2 crossover aluminium pole system with transverse pole but in this case they all join in the middle at a hub
    • two large doors, 30D Multicam fly has a generous vestibule with 3“ wide storm flaps
    • 70D groundsheet
    • the AI version (“All-In”) includes the Cold Weather pack which has a full fabric windbreaker which encloses the inner mesh to convert it to a 4 season tent plus snow/sand stakes
    • 19”x8“ 500D heavy duty stuff sack
    • 4.4kg! $US586
    • exoskeleton design 15D 5000mmPU silnylon; 20D 6000mm PU silnylon floor; some mesh on top of inner;
    • 2 crossed aluminium poles plus crossbar; rated to grade 7 winds;
    • 215x135x120cm;
    • 1.8kg packs to 43x16cm
  • MOBI GARDEN Qingqi 3 DELUXE Light Riding
    • 20D 400T 3000mm PU silicon outer; single front door tapered foot inner tent which has zipped meshed ceiling with dual side door vestibule; 4000mm PU single side siliconized floor;
    • exoskeleton design aluminium single spine pole with dual end hubs supplemented by a sleeved arch pole
    • 20D 400T nylon with B3 mesh inner is 215x170x120cm (but foot tapers to 120cm wide so I am only classifying this as 2P) plus 120cm long x 130cm high vestibule with potential for chimney;
    • packs to 48x14cm; 2.4kg;
  • budget Chinese 2P tent
    • 210T 4000PU polyester floor/fly/inner; cheap 7.5mm fibreglass poles; no crossbar pole; 210*140*150cm; full fabric inner except for two small black upper mesh sections;
    • 3kg; two big dual fabric/ mesh doors (?low visibility mesh on green tent, black mesh on light grey tent) with awning doors on fly; small vestibules;
  • * Desert Fox 2P budget tent
    • 2 oval doors with awning style fly doors; B3 mesh upper half; 2 crossed poles; 210T polyester PU 3000MM polyester fly in bright blue/orange/green with strutted vents at each end; 210D oxford cloth PU 3000MM floor;
    • 9.5mm aluminium poles; no end guy outs to pull away from inner;
    • 2.5kg 220x140x110cm (3P version is 2.8kg)
  • Hewolf 1595 4 season
    • mainly fabric inner with mesh upper vent pus ?dual fabric/mesh doors;2 crossed poles + crossbar;
    • 2.5kg 220x140x100cm inner; packs to 48x13cm; (snowskirt version and oversized 3P version available)

3P tents

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