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one door trekking pole ultralight hiking tents

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, and I have not personally reviewed all of them, they are listed here to give you perspective
  • any prices mentioned are subject to change, and any Aliexpress prices do not include GST
  • trekking pole tents are NOT recommended for some trails such as the Larapinta Trail in Australia where finding secure peg options can be difficult - freestanding wind resistant tents are preferred on this trail


  • these are one or two person ultralight hiking tents designed to be used with trekking pole(s) and are thus not freestanding
  • some of these require trekking pole(s) with adjustments from 110 to 135cm!
    • some trekking poles only extend to 125cm
    • the medium-large poles generally extend 110-140cm but often have larger grips than the small-medium poles which only extend to 125cm
    • some larger tents such as the Liteway Scout Tent 3P require 165cm centre pole and this can be achieved by binding your two trekking poles together
  • when used with a fly these have poor cross ventilation as they do not have a rear door or a window so not good for warm weather!
    • you may be able to remove the fly on some designs but then this will not help if it is hot humid and raining
  • these require secure pegs into each of the four corners for stability - this can be problematic in rocky areas or sand

Ultralight single side door styles

Plowpoint tapered wind-resistant styles

  • the inner tent needs to be pegged out on all 4 corners then the head end attached to elevated guy line to a trek pole(s) or tree to lift it up and keep it taut
  • door is at the head end, hopefully opposite to the wind!
  • the fly or tarp is generally pegged down at the foot end which minimises wind resistance and attaches to trek pole(s) or guy line to a tree with options of pegging down the sides or leaving one side open for visibility
  • Aricxi 1P
    • 735g
    • uses trekking poles or trees
    • needs practice to set up and requires 8 pegs for tarp and 4 pegs for tent
    • outer tent (just a tarp):
      • tarp is 350g 15D Ultra-sil 3x3m with eight Hypalon tie-out points will each hold the tip of a trekking pole and have cord adjuster and reflective guy lines pre-attached and costs ~$A199
    • inner mesh tent:
      • 385g and 2.2 x 1.2 x 1m with mesh upper and 15D ultra-sil tub floor with tall sides and is ~$A229
    • in heavy rain, you may also need the Escapist Groundsheet (2.2 x 1.2m) which is an extra 165g
  • MSR Thru Hiker mesh tent and tarp
    • uses trekking poles or trees
    • tarp
    • mesh tent:
      • 2.23×0.84×0.96m; 500g;
  • DD Hammocks SuperLight Pathfinder Tent
  • Alton Ultralight Bug Net 1P Tent

Pyramid tent wind resistant styles



  • ASTAGEAR Fengyin windsong 2 rectangular pyramid
    • this is a bit of a cross between the much more expensive Liteway PyraOmm Solo and Duo tents (see above) but uses 40D silnylon floors instead of 20Dsilpoly
    • for 2P version uses two angled 1.6m trek poles with the supplied 40cm extension A pole joiner if they are not long enough;
    • for 1P version uses one 1.35m trek centre pole.
    • 888g for 1P, 973g for 2P;
    • outer tent:
      • light gray or red 5000mm 20D Sil/PeU Nylon Ripstop; meshed adjustable top vent; 4 guy lines;
      • 2.65×1.7×1.35m; 450g
      • can be set up with ground sheet and angled two trek poles or one centre trek pole
    • inner tent 1P:
      • 433g; floor: 5000mm 40D Sil/PeU Nylon Ripstop; white noseeum mesh;
      • 2.3m x 1.4/0.7m acutely angled to allow a centre pole so really it is only 70cm wide which will not fit wider sleeping pads!
      • there is also an option for a 4 season 1P inner tent to purchase separately and only $10 more expensive than a separate 1P mesh inner
    • inner tent 2P:
      • 540g; floor: 5000mm 40D Sil/PeU Nylon Ripstop; white noseeum mesh;
      • 2.3m x 1.4m but if using a centre pole will mean you can only fit a 70cm wide sleeping pad!
    • including groundsheet: $AU261 for 2P version (incl. A pole) $AU245 for 1P version;


ASTAGEAR Fengyin windsong 1P version inner with angled trek poles and opt. groundsheet


ASTAGEAR Fengyin windsong 2P version inner with angled trek poles and opt. groundsheet


ASTAGEAR Fengyin windsong outer only using 2 trek poles and the A join pole

  • Thous Winds Capricorns 2 Person Tent
    • 790g (887g incl 8 pegs and ropes)
    • outer tent:
      • brown/green/black 2000mm 15D 420T Ripstop Nylon dual sil coated with new waterproofing tech of seams; 8 guy outs; can create side awnings with doors and two trek poles;
      • 2.5*2.5*1.35m
    • inner 1P/2P tent:
      • floor: 2000mm 15D 420T Ripstop Nylon dual sil coated with new waterproofing tech of seams
      • 15D Nylon mesh; 200*115*108cm;
    • pros:
      • very light, easy to set up, double-sided sil nylon is 5x stronger than single sided, great stealth tent
      • adjustable tension buckles makes pegging it easier
    • cons:
      • single wall design so condensation could be problematic
      • not really good for 2P;



  • Liteway Illusion Solo
  • Liteway Scout Tent 3P
    • 895-1140g depending on version (excl pegs, guys, bags, footprint)
    • needs 165cm centre pole (bind two trek poles together)
    • outer tent:
      • 3×2.6×1.65m
      • 3 versions:
        • white “Tarp DCF” version - 1oz DCF cuben fibre - 505g excl pegs, guys, sack
        • grey “Tarp Ultra” version - UltraTNT material 590g excl pegs, guys, sack
        • grey/olive/black “Tarp” version - Levitex Silpoly 20D Ripstop 2000 mm 590g excl pegs, guys, sack
    • inner tent:
      • 1P half inner: attach after outer set up; large inverted T door; 390g;
      • 2-3P full inner: centre pole goes up inside this inner on a slight angle (two allow two one one side and one person on the other side of it) and uniquely the bottom of the pole passes through a sleeved hole in the inner's floor - smart idea! large inverted T door; 550g;

A-frame tent styles

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