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comparison of mainly mesh tents for warm nights

comparison of some of the best freestanding 2P mainly mesh 3 season tents in 2021

feature Sea to Summit Telos TR2 Mont Moondance 2 Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 MSR Hubba Hubba NX
price on sale $AU849 $AU829 $AU749 $AU819
season usage 3 season 3 season 3 season 3 season
best for.. hot nights as has the most ventilation; those wishing to see the stars on warm nights; those wishing to see the stars on warm nights; best protection in heavy rain or stronger winds; those wishing to see the stars on -mild to warm nights; those wishing to see the stars on cooler nights;
weight 1.66kg 1.91kg 1.42kg 1.72kg
storm / wind proofing average; rated to 35mph (56kph) winds; good average average
livability in prolonged rain 1P dubious, fly and floor not as waterproof; most waterproof but least spacious; opt. awning mode helps dubious, fly and floor not as waterproof;
set up in rain without inner getting wet yes yes with footprint yes with or w/o footprint yes with or w/o footprint
ingress/egress good but needs care good but needs care good but needs care, opt. awning mode gives more room ok but needs care and top of door is narrow peak
pole attachment clipped clipped clipped clipped
poles varying diameters 9.6mm DAC DAC DAC similar design to Copper Spur
colours green or grey brown or green with yellow inner, orange floor orange with grey inner light grey or green with white inner, red floor
inner tent 15D nearly all mesh 20D nylon lower 1/3rd, mesh upper mixed denier nylon bottom half, mesh upper nylon lower 2/3rds, 15D mesh upper third
floor 20D 2,500mm 40D, 25,000mm 30D 3000mm waterhead
fly 15D silPeU 1200mm with apex vent 20D silNylon 2000mm apex vent mixed denier silNylon 1200mm; opt. accessory fly for awnings with hike poles 20D silNylon 1200mm, vent at ends low down
inner height 105cm 100cm 102cm 100cm
internal width 109-134cm 130cm 107-132cm 127cm
internal length 215cm 220cm 224cm 213cm
internal area 2.62sqm 2.86 sq.m 2.7sq.m 2.7sq.m
vestibule width 75cm 70cm 71cm plus opt. awning mode with hike poles 76cm
vestibule area 1.6sq.m sq.m 1.6sq.m 1.62sq.m expandable with opt. Hubba Gear Shed
packed size 13 x 13 x 48cm 33 x 15cm + 49cm poles 50x15cm 46x15cm
dual layer door No, rolls up to end No, rolls up to end No, rolls up to end of tent No, rolls up to end of tent
ridge pole upward concave to give extra height to doors std convex std convex std convex
ability to open wind end vestibule yes, entire fly can be opened at each end and left attached in middle onto ridge pole for fast closure if rain comes yes yes yes
door position triangular base at end triangular base at end triangular base at end floor based triangular D; central
door rain protection with fly open OK if pegged out OK if pegged out opt. awning mode seems very good but fly drips rain on tent when rolled up OK if pegged out, has rain gutter design
fully nylon sealed inner dust proof mode NO NO (full fabric version available) NO NO
zippable open inner vents no ceiling vent no no
can set up without fly yes and can also have fly attached in middle and ready to apply yes yes yes
can set up with fly only yes and can be used as Hangout sun shade mode with trekking poles to elevate one end yes with opt. footprint yes with opt. footprint? yes with or without opt. footprint
extra features Hangout mode; fly can stay on in middle only; pack comes in 3 parts for sharing and also doubles as tent pockets and diffused holder for ceiling lamps; can view stars with fly off; the most waterproof floor; symmetric design; internally accessible roof vent; awning-style vestibules with double-zippers; 3D bin 'mezzanine' gear loft at foot end; Quick Stash door-keeper; Multiple interior loops for attaching gear lofts, accessories and mtnGLO® Tent & Camp Lights. TipLok Tent Buckle so poles wont fall out when setting up; Compatible with opt. Big Agnes gear lofts; comes in two color options, and while the orange is fairly fetching and perfectly fine for viewing the skies, the brighter mesh material on the tent body ceiling isn’t quite as see-through as the lighter mesh on the olive green model. extra nylon inner means warmth but still can see stars; expandable with opt. Hubba Gear Shed
other versions PLUS version: 30D 8000mm floor; 8.5 and 9mm DAC poles; Dual layer adjustable vents on inner ceiling and doors allow airflow; inner tent is 20D nylon instead of mesh; doors are 2/3rds nylon, upper 1/3rd mesh; 1.7kg; $A879; full fabric version 1.96kg; EX Sahara version: 2-3P 3 season mesh/nylon tent; 2.3kg 106cm tall; 10.25mm poles; EX FN Sahara version 2-3P, 3-4 season full 15D nylon; 2.48kg; 106cm tall; Expedition alpine version; Platinum ultralight version 1.19kg; Mutha Hubba 3P Zoic 2 mainly mesh inner with crossover pole design; 40D 1500mm fly; 70D 3000mm floor; 100cm high; 3sq.m; 2.19kg; FreeLite™ 2 2/3rds mesh; 91cm high; semi-freestanding 15D fly/floor; 1.33kg; Carbon Reflex™ 2 mainly mesh; 86cm high; 7D fly, 15D floor; 10D mesh; 1kg;

Other 2P mainly mesh tents

3P mainly mesh tents

    • similar specs to Moondance II but wider, 6cm taller (106cm) and 0.4kg heavier
    • 30D 2000mm fly
    • 15D canopy with mesh upper
    • 40D 25,000mm floor
    • 10.25mm poles
    • 2.3kg packs to 36x16cm plus 54cm poles
    • $AU879 ($AU791 on special)
    • redesigned lighter tunnel design with two transverse hoops at each entrance and a longitudinal pole joining each vestibule
    • 2D with 76cm vestibules at each END; 112cm high; 172cm wide x 213cm long;
    • red/white 20D nylon lower 2/3rds, 15D mesh upper;
    • 20D 1200mm light grey neutral fly Durashield coated
    • 30D 3000mm Durashield coated floor
    • 2.26kg packs to 53x17cm
    • $AU1199
  • Big Agnes Blacktail 3P
  • Nemo Aurora 3P
    • very spacious box shaped dome tent with 2 doors, 2 vestibules, 112cm high, 76cm wide vestibules
    • doesn't look that aerodynamic so maybe not for strong winds
    • 30D nylon lower 1/3rd, mesh upper although ceiling mesh is yellow
    • 68D 1200mm floor - make sure you don't set up where a puddle will form if it rains!
    • 68D 1200mm fly
    • 9.5mm poles; only one zipper on each door which is a pain.
    • 2.95kg, packs to 58x19cm
    • AU494 on special
  • Denali Vortex III
    • budget 2 door dome tent best for car camping when heavy or prolonged rain is not expected (no vestibules) and be aware that users seem to report frequent pole breakages - you get what you pay for sometimes!
    • 3x 8.5mm aluminium poles thread through tunnels on canopy which is full mesh (no fabric apart from tunnels)
    • black mesh is “anti-insect” but does that mean No-See-Um to exclude sandflies?
    • 3000mm ripstop polyester red/darkgrey fly, grey floor
    • 3.15kg packs to 44x37x28cm
    • $AU199 on special

just need a cheap taller 4P mesh tent for stargazing?

  • OZtrail Skygazer 4XV Dome Tent
    • rear of fly can be rolled back to half way for stargazing
    • standard crossover main poles which mesh canopy clips onto
    • standard curved front canopy poles which thread through tunnels
    • 170cm high but also comes in 6P version for better standing height at 190cm 9.4kg $AU399
    • 5.7kg
    • $AU219 ($AU129 on special)
    • 185cm tall
    • poles are fibreglass
    • standard crossover main poles which mesh canopy clips onto
    • standard curved vestibule poles which thread through tunnels
    • 5.6kg
    • $AU159 ($AU99 on special)
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