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Multi-day one way through hikes in Australia


  • these are multi-day hikes which do not loop back in a circuit hence “one-way” although most can be hiked from either direction
  • the longer hikes do require additional preparation such as:
    • a degree of physical fitness - most of these hikes are designed for 15-35km daily segments depending upon terrain
    • climate considerations - avoid very hot summers or alpine snow winters
    • potentially bookings needed
    • food and gear drops to reduce how much you need to carry:
      • these usually occur where the hiking trail meets a road or a town
      • options include:
        • hikers driving to locations and leaving secured boxes of food and gear - you will then need to retrieve these after the hike)
        • hikers mailing food/gear to a Post Office in a town for collection - make sure you do this early enough so it gets there for when you need it!
        • paying a 3rd party service to do the food/gear drops for you (this is available on certain trails such as [:australia:nt:larapinta]]
    • the usual overnight hike necessities including map, compass, GPS, powerbank to recharge phone and torch, personal locator beacon, shelter, first aid, clothing for weather conditions, sleeping system, hiking stove with fuel and pots, water purifiers, etc.
  • always check the official websites as:
    • you may need to book your camps
    • some segments of these tracks may be closed or there are detours due to storm, flood or fire damage or they may be seasonally closed for safety reasons including for planned burns
    • there may be changed conditions



South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory



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