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touring tents you can stand up in

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  • I don't sell any of these nor do I receive any remuneration if you buy them, and I have not personally reviewed all of them, they are listed here to give you perspective
  • these will need a bit of space to hang up to dry out prior to storage - not great if you live in a flat or unit!
  • avoid tents with fibreglass poles which you need to pass through long sleeves - the ferrules catch all the time and will be endless frustration when setting up or taking down
    • aluminium / alloy poles generally have smooth joins which generally do not catch on the sleeves


  • touring tents can be classified as those tents designed for car camping to allow more comfortable living experiences when used over a week or more in terms of:
    • increased height preferably allowing one to stand up (ie. at least 180cm high internally)
    • increased floor space that is generous for at least 2 adults to relax even if rained in
    • reasonable temperature performance on mild sunny days to obviate the need for a tarp suspended shelter and also allow sleeping in despite sunrise hitting the tent
    • awning to allow shade outside
    • excellent window and door functionality to provide visual connection with the outside when desired and good ventilation to reduce risk of internal condensation (most are mainly mesh for the internal canopy) while allowing more pleasant day time temperatures
    • able to resist relatively strong winds and heavy rain
    • preferably a zippable power cord access point
  • as these tents will be much heavier and considerably larger than hiking tents, they are thus only used by those driving a vehicle to a camp site
  • general desirable design features
    • the right size for your needs:
      • a 4P (usually 2.4×2.2m = 5.3m2) is twice as wide as a 2P hiking tent but it is still tight for 2 adults with gear &/or 1-2 young kids and a tight fit for a 2P tent inside it
      • a 6P (3×2.8m = 8.4m2) will be more spacious and comfortable even for just 2 adults (and fits a 2P tent inside nicely if that's your thing) but the larger size limits tent site options and is larger and heavier
      • packed size to fit your vehicle and is light enough you can carry it even if wet
    • wind-resistant design with lots of guy out points for stability and metal main poles/frame rather than fibreglass
      • note that most tents WILL RISK BEING DAMAGED in very strong wind gusts over 60-100kph - take the tent down in such conditions or at least ensure it is well guyed out and pegs are secure!
      • fibreglass poles and plastic hubs can fracture and break in winds above 30-50kph!
      • poles which pass through tent sleeves place less strain on the tent connections and potentially support the poles better from bending but are more fiddly to set up and take down
      • polycotton canvas is one of the strongest materials in high winds but needs to be seam sealed and is heavier, and as it is only 1500mm waterhead, may need a fly for heavy rain
      • a well guyed out tent with thicker, stronger aluminium alloy poles and a wind resistant tent design is a better option if winds are over 50kph
    • lots of ventilation options and its nice to be able to guy out the fly windows
    • mesh should be small enough to prevent midgies hence most use “No-See-Um mesh”
    • zips should be YKK brand for highest quality
    • consider the benefits of a rear door as well as a front door:
      • a second exit point is always desirable - snake or fire in front vestibule for example
      • weather changes direction and you can still keep a door open
      • more versatility and ventilation options
    • the fly generally should be ripstop polyester (nylon stretches and sags when wet) for strength, PU coated for UV resistance and have at least 1500-3000mm waterhead rating and should be designed so that rain does not pool on it and it should have a reasonable separation from the tent canopy itself to provide ventilation and reduce wicking of water and condensation
      • a bonus is the fly having a blockout coating to block 95% of sunlight which allows:
        • warmer nights
        • cooler days especially at sunrise allowing you to sleep in
        • less disturbance from lights such as car headlights or campers with torches
    • strong, tough flooring with at least 3000mm waterhead rating that also feels nice
      • PVC Poly Oxford floors are a step up from usual budget crinkly polyethylene (PE) floors and less slippery and dust collecting than a silnylon floor that is used in some ultralight hiking tents
        • Oxford denotes a stronger weave pattern while the PVC coating adds the waterproofing while a PU coating if present adds UV resistance
        • 150D PVC coated Poly Oxford floors generally give 3000mm waterhead rating

Tents with at least 2 doors from sleeping area

  • the lightest and fastest set up / pack up standing height tent with 2P dual door inner tent with front and rear doors is the NatureHike Sand Dune hot tent
    • thanks to the extra thick 13mm aluminium poles which slide easily through the sleeves means one person can intuitively set up or pack up within 5-7 minutes (excl. guy ropes)
    • a nice 4 door floor-less tent with a tall fabric insect-proof inner tent at only 7.5kg which is easy to set up and can also be used with a wood stove
    • 3.2×2.4×1.8m tall freestanding
    • far less bulky or heavy when compared to a “fast frame” 4P tent
    • plus there is the option of buying a clear TPU zip on front door which gives great visibility but keeps the rain and wind out
    • the 2 ceiling vents and the 4 large doors as well as the 2 large doors of the inner tent can all be meshed for ventilation in hot weather whilst remaining reasonably mosquito and fly proof
    • it is easy to add extra shade by throwing a 3×3 or 4x4m tarp over the top
    • enough floor-less space to allow having a shower inside it - no need to also bring an ensuite
    • when you get home just hang it up to dry in the shade eg. in your garage
  • Nemo Aurora Highrise Tents
    • 2.3 x 2.5 cm; 7.2kg;
  • Macpac Solstice tents
    • 2.5 x 2.4 x 1.7(m); 10kg;
  • Oztrail 4P, 6P and 10P Fast Frame tents
  • Coleman Northstar Instant Up 6 Lighted DarkRoom Tent - I think!
    • unique fast set up tent in which you pull out the sprung framed walls and pop up the roof
    • 78“ tall (1.98m), 2.4m wide, 2.57m hub to hub diam
    • 2 D shaped doors; 6 “tight-weave” meshed windows; removable rain fly, removable floor; 210D Oxyford shell with 2000mm WH; 300D Oxford floor 5000mmWH;
    • packs to 20x20x171cm; 15.4kg;
    • includes 300D Oxford footprint
    • $US429 in green or orange;
    • as for T4 Plus but more compact
    • one large front door pus a rear D door; 21kg; packs to 30.5cm x 1.5m long;
    • Gazelle T3X storm test - minor water leak in wind blown rain from doorway zipper
        • pros: very easy set up and take down; very solid in storms if staked out;
        • cons:
          • only 64” tall measured - cant stand up; only for 2P + gear;
          • mesh is so tight it limits air flow and ventilation and thus condensation is problematic
          • long heavy bag; stakes are hard to pull out; the 2 doors are hard to get in or out off for adults and are a trip hazard;
          • mesh screen needs to be unzipped as well as the door zip to get in.
          • floor is hard to put back in and get a good seal; many areas where bugs can come in.
          • not waterproof in heavy rain; poor quality control;
    • one large front door pus a rear D door; 27kg, packs to 28cm x 1.6m long;
    • 2 D doors; 25kg; packs to 28cm x 1.6m long;
feature NH Sand Dune Oztrail 4P Blockout Gazelle T4Hub Zempire Evo TS Air Tent V2
cost $AU $AU420 $AU499 ~$AU600 from US $AU1099
frame style 2 main 13mm poles, 1 short transverse pole “fast frame” Pull Hub style pump up air beams
freestanding yes yes yes no
weight 8.5kg with opt. TPU door 15kg 15.4kg 19.8kg
packed size 63x30x22cm 110x22x22cm 171x20x20cm 70x40x40cm
unpacked size 3.2×2.4m 2.4m x 2.2m + vestibule 2.4×2.4m 3.75×2.8m
height 1.8m 1.9m 1.98m 1.95m
time to set up 5-7min 3-5min inner, 20min fly fast 10min? incl. pumping time
ease of drying out easy just hang, no floor to dry except inner tent floor hard as it collapses and floor drying is problematic ? heavy, so may not be so easy
number of doors 4 2 2 D doors 1 NO REAR DOOR!
number of windows 2 of the “vestibule” side doors also act as windows 2 6 2 in vestibule + gussetted rear ventilation
fly no blockout fly with vestibule and additional poles no no
doors opened as awnings yes front and rear (no poles provided) yes front and rear (2 poles provided) no no
detachable insect proof inner tent yes, 2P fabric/mesh tent with front and rear large doors no no no
floor yes, inner only yes, inner only yes yes, inner only
enclosed vestibule area integrated 3 doors (2 side ones can be large dual mesh/fabric windows) as fly - 1 door, no windows no integrated, 1 door, 2 windows
stove jack yes no no no
clear zip on TPU door option yes no no included but tinted
comments this is my favorite! but add a 4x4m tarp for extra awning as well as extra shade over tent from direct sun great for tall people a great option to consider

Traditional style freestanding tents with at least two doors from sleeping area

  • these can be half the weight and much less bulky than Fast Frame styles
  • Nemo Aurora Highrise Tent
    • freestanding 3 season tents
    • 68D polyester inner with No-See-Um mesh
    • 150D 1500mm PU polyester floor (not the best waterproofing for a floor!)
    • 68D 1200mm PU polyester fly
    • aluminium poles which pass through medium length sleeves
    • 4P: 228.6x254x190.5cm max height; vestibule 1.8sq.m x 2; packs to 64x21x21cm 7.2kg $AU720
    • 6P: 254×304.8x196cm max height; vestibule 2.2sq.m x 2; packs to 66x24x24cm; 8.46kg $AU810 - requires 2 people to set up
  • Macpac Solstice 4 Person Tent
    • frame is outside the fly so fly can be set up alone - inner attaches to fly internally
    • 2 side doors + front door, large rear window;
    • 68D 2000mm PE coated ripstop polyester fly
    • 150D/190T 3000mm polyester Oxford floor
    • aluminium poles pass through long sleeves
    • 250x240x170cm internal;
    • packs to 65x25x28cm 10kg;
  • Macpac Solstice 6 Person Tent
    • frame is outside the fly so fly can be set up alone - inner attaches to fly internally
    • 2 side doors + front door, large rear window;
    • 68D 2000mm PE coated ripstop polyester fly
    • 150D/190T 3000mm polyester Oxford floor
    • aluminium poles pass through long sleeves
    • 290x310x190cm internal;
    • packs to 74x30x30cm 12kg;
  • Black Wolf Classic Dome 6 Person Tent

Easy set up air frame pump up tents

  • example:
    • Zempire Pronto 4 Air Tent V2
      • 2.4mx2.4mx1.9m high internal 13.7kg
      • lots of optional ventilation with large mesh / fabric side windows, front door and a ground level rear window which is the only window protected by the fly.
      • $AU549

Fast set up relatively storm-proof tents with blockout

  • in storms, it is advised to drop the awning and zip up the vestibules as well as ensure all guy ropes are functional
  • Coleman Northstar 4P Instant Up Lighted Darkroom tent
  • Coleman Northstar Instant Up 6 Lighted DarkRoom Tent
    • single hub fast fold set up with aluminium poles (there is also a fibreglass pole for the front vestibule)
    • 2 doors! so this gets MY recommendation for a versatile 4P tent ahead of the others in this list
    • one person can set up
    • 1.4m wide front awning; rear mesh door (should be good for star gazing); side windows; mesh ceiling windows;
    • 3000mm waterhead rated ripstop PE fly with blockout coating which is said to reduce internal day temperatures by 10degC; low ClimaTech Vents for added ventilation;
    • PVC coated Polyoxford vinyl floor;
    • internal: 240cm x 220cm x 195cm (L x W x H) a bit snug for 2 people with child - consider the 6P instead
    • packs to 110cm x 22cm x 22cm 15kg
    • strongly recommend buying better guy ropes and pegs and take care if wind gusts are more than 50kph
    • setting up:
      • rear of the tent can be identified by the red tags
      • when putting the fly over the inner tent, the red plugs of the fly attached to the red tags of the inner tent
    • instructions state it requires at least 2 people to set up but it can be set up with one person
    • block-out coating on 3000mm waterhead fly to block sun; inbuilt LED lighting (hence Lumos - requires 4xD cell batteries or USB power bank); polyoxford vinyl floor;
    • two hub frame design with aluminium poles (there are also 2 fibreglass poles for the front and rear vestibules)
    • 2 large side mesh windows and large mesh ceiling windows without pole obstructions
    • large front and rear doors
    • 280cm x 300cm x 195cm (L x W x H)
    • packs to 115 x 22 x 22cm 18kg - this is substantially heavier and larger than the 4P version when it comes to one person having to carry it
    • Blockout version without Lumos LEDs: $AU299 on special
      • perhaps the goldilocks size for 1-2P car camping especially if like me you use a 2P tent inside it for warmth or extra insect protection (the 4P didn't allow you to walk around it)
      • similar to the 4P but obviously larger and heavier and adds a few extra design issues:
        • hub is now a dual hub design which is a little more complex to set up and pack down but not an issue once you are used to it
        • each corner of the inner now has an internal tensioning strap which leaves about 0.5x1cm exit gap at the bottom of each corner where the strap passes out to the frame which does allow insects in
        • the extra width of the rear awning area of the fly now sags a lot so they have added a rear Duraplus vestibule pole for added headroom which inserts into eyelets on each side of the inner then bows out to push the fly upwards and outwards - unfortunately they did not add a method to hold it in position so it slips out in any wind - a solution may be to clamp it in place from a clamp on the outside
        • the ceiling mesh is now substantially larger offering better views of the night sky when the fly is not being used
    • reviews:
    • as for the 6P but:
  • BlackWolf Turbo BLK Lite 300 Tent
    • ?8P tent single hub fast frame pop up; similar design changes as with the 450 BLK below
    • 300 x 300 x 210cm packs to 140 x 27 x 25cm 25.5kg;
    • PLUS version adds a 1.8m deep tapered rear room 31kg
    • TWIN version adds two 1.8m wide slightly tapered side rooms to make it 6.6m wide similar to a 10P Fast Frame 36kg
  • BlackWolf Turbo BLK Lite Cabin 450 Tent
    • similar to the Turbo BLK Lite Cabin 450 Tent but adds:
      • a triple layer premium black PU-coating on the inner fly as a Blockout
      • mesh panels on the roof of the tent inner to allow for increased air circulation
      • secure tape sealed seams where the floor and tent walls meet to add extra protection against wet weather
      • fly now has wider corners to protect against any water leakage
      • extra reinforcement in the roof poles
      • mesh is now No-See-Um
    • fly is 150D polyester with 3000mm waterhead;
    • inner tent is 75D Breathable Polyester PU
    • floor is 300D Oxford Polyester PU 5000mm
    • 2 front doors but no rear door
    • poles are 23mm aluminum
    • 450 x 300 x 230cm and packs to 130 x 33 x 33cm and weighs 37kg

Fast set up relatively storm-proof tents without blockout coating

2-fold fast set up relatively storm-proof polycotton canvas tents with large unzippable ceiling mesh

  • these are very heavy box shaped tents and pack to a very long 2m and thus need to be transported on roof racks
  • none of these have a rear door
    • 22-24kg, 8oz polycotton canvas (1500mm waterhead rating) 2-3P tent with awning and 210T polyester fly (mainly needed to reduce condensation issues as well as providing shade in the daytime) and many options for accessories such as awning walls
    • comes with 2 spreader poles and 4 main poles for awning plus 2 smaller poles for rear of fly - these could be transported separately to reduce weight in the main bag
    • mesh is 65g no-see-um
    • floor is 510g PVC
    • 2 small side windows near front, front door, large rear window and large ceiling window all of which have dual fine mesh plus canvas options for control of ventilation and privacy/view
    • not deep enough for a stretcher bed depth-wise but will fit sideways
    • not aerodynamic and will be noisy in the wind and you will need to take the awning down if wind picks up
    • fly really needs to be zipped on BEFORE unfolding the tent otherwise its a bit high to reach - this then means you need to fold it back over the awning when viewing stars
    • packs to 202cm (L) x 27cm (W) x 21cm (H)
      • awning, rear window canvas and ceiling canvas ALL MUST be rolled up before packing to avoid distorting the embedded stiffeners
      • fly can be fully removed for easier packing
    • tent itself is 240cm (W) x 200cm (D) x 190cm (H) and awning adds further 240x200x220cm peak height with 4 adjustable poles
    • opt extras:
  • Oztent RX5 tent with living room

2-fold fast set up relatively storm-proof polycotton canvas tents without ceiling mesh

  • these are very heavy box shaped tents and pack to a very long 2m and thus need to be transported on roof racks
  • no rear door
  • Oztent RV3 Lite

other storm proof poly-cotton tents without ceiling mesh

    • 2.4×2.4×1.85m high plus awning
    • memory steel poles - no need for guy ropes even in 100kph cross winds apart from the awning
    • 400g rip stop POLY/COTTON safari canvas - double layer canvas roof makes for darker tent in the sun
    • 550g PVC bucket style floor
    • very tough long lasting mesh side windows and door which is rip stop shadecloth (not sure about visibility through it can apparently see out but not see in)! - windows on both sides with zippered window flap.
    • set up time 6-8minutes
    • Weight – 15kg canvas bag + 9kg pole bag = 24kg
    • Pack size – canvas bag 75cm x 35cm x 35cm. Pole bag 110cm x 12cm x 17cm.
    • Suitable for semi permanent and commercial use.
    • Made in Sth Africa
    • pity there is no rear door!
    • $AU1199 on special
  • Kodiak 10 x 14 ft. Flex-Bow VX Canvas Camping Tent

budget quality Fast Frame tents with polyethylene floors

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