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Aire River camp grounds


  • the main Aire River campgrounds are walking distance to a beach on the western part of Cape Otway near the Great Ocean Road (GOR)
  • there are two camp grounds near each other run by Parks Vic and each require online booking and have drop toilets but no potable water nor showers
  • there is also a smaller free camp much further inland at Aire River Crossing

Getting there

  • 3hrs (232km) from NW suburbs via Geelong and Colac
    • if the Princes Fway is problematic, can also travel to Ballan then down to Colac but this adds 30min and 30km
  • 33min (30km) west of Apollo Bay
  • 42min (32km) SE of Lavers Hill
  • 67min (76km) S of Colac
  • 83min SW of Lorne

Other nearby attractions


  • Castle Cove Lookout
  • Otway waterfalls:
    • Triplet Falls
    • Hopetoun Falls and Redwood forest
    • Beachamp Falls (nearby free campground)
  • Otway Fly Treetop walk (commercial)
  • Melba Gully glow worms at dusk, Lavers Hill
  • Johanna Beach - wild surf beach
  • 45min drive to Wreck Beach near Moonlight Heads - embedded anchor at low tide
  • The Twelve Apostles


  • Cape Otway lighthouse
  • Maits Rest rainforest walk
  • Elliot River coastal area walk
  • Apollo Bay beaches, cafes and shops

Nearby camp grounds

west along the Great Ocean Road

    • on a wild surf beach
    • also run by Parks Vic and requiring booking online online bookings
  • 54min (53km) to Princetown Recreation Reserve (bookings)
  • 66min (69km) to Port Campbell Recreation Reserve (bookings?)

east along the Great Ocean Road

  • 33min (30km) to commercial parks in Apollo Bay
  • 34min (25km) to Blanket Bay campground Cape Otway (Parks Vic online booking)
  • 69min (64km) to Jamieson Creek camp ground Wye River (Park Web booking) just past Wye River which has commercial camp ground as well

into the Otway Ranges forest areas


  • 90min (88km) NW to Lake Elingamite near Cobden
  • 2.5hrs 169km NW to Lake Bolac foreshore camp
  • 3.5hrs to Halls Gap and The Grampians

Aire River West campground

  • closest one to the beach
    • “10min” walk to west end of Glenaire beach?
    • 3km 45min to Glenaire Beach
  • fires only in the fire pits
  • jetty and boat access
  • 40 camp sites, many alongside the river, some others with some shade and wind breaks

Aire River East campground

  • fires not permitted
  • jetty and boat access
  • 10min 600m walk to Aire River West campground along the gravel road
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