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bushwalks in Victoria's alpine region

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  • How far can an older person hike with average ability and a 12-14kg backpack?
    • the rough rule of thumb is to plan to walk only 8-12 km per day of full pack carrying and count every 100m climbed or descended as an extra kilometre walked.
  • Camp amongst the snow gums rather than in the lower Mountain Ash areas - Mountain Ash are prone to falling unpredictably
  • Luckily, none of Australia's mountains are over 2500m so no risk of altitude sickness but you do have to worry about summer bushfires!

Victoria's Alps

Victoria's highest peaks

  • Mount Bogong, VIC 1,979m
  • Mount Feathertop, VIC 1,903m
  • Mount Nelse North, VIC 1,882m
  • Mount Loch, VIC 1,865m
  • Mount Fainter South, VIC 1,861m
  • Mount Hotham, VIC 1,857m
  • Spion Kopje, VIC 1,835m
  • Mount McKay, VIC 1,833m
  • Mount Niggerhead, VIC 1,826m
  • Mount Cope, VIC 1,824m
  • Mount Fainter North, VIC 1,817m
  • Mount Cobberas Number 1, VIC 1,814m
  • Marm Point, VIC 1,805m
  • Hollonds Knob, VIC 1,801m
  • Mount Higginbotham, VIC 1,797m
  • Mount Jim, VIC 1,787m
  • Mount Buller, VIC 1,773m
  • Mount Wills, VIC 1,747m
  • Mount Howitt, VIC 1,727m
  • Mount Bundara, VIC 1,727m
  • Mount Pinnibar, VIC 1,727m
  • Mount Stirling, VIC 1,724m
  • Mount Magdala, VIC 1,719m
  • Mount Gibbo, VIC 1,716m
  • The Bluff, VIC 1,715m
  • Mount Reynard, VIC 1,708m
  • Mount Clear, VIC 1,693m
  • King Billy No 1, VIC 1,693m
  • Mount Blowhard, VIC 1,687m
  • Little Spion Kopje, VIC 1,685m
  • The Twins, VIC 1,684m
  • Mount Lovicks, VIC 1,683m
  • The Horn, Mt Buffalo VIC 1,678m
  • Basalt Hill, VIC 1,673m
  • Mount Anderson, VIC 1,666m
  • Mount Eadley Stoney, VIC 1,662m
  • Mount Arthur, VIC 1,657m
  • Mount Wombargo, VIC 1,655m
  • The Hump, VIC 1,652m
  • Little Mount Bogong, VIC 1,652m
  • Mount Cobberas Number 2, VIC 1,651m
  • Mount Speculation, VIC 1,648m
  • Moscow Peak, VIC 1,647m
  • Picture Point, VIC 1,636m
  • Mount Wellington 1,634 m
  • Mount Freezeout, VIC 1,634m
  • Mount Cobbler 1,628m
  • Rams Horn, VIC 1,626m
  • Mount Buggery (Alpine Shire) 1,583–1,598 m

other notable mountains in Victoria

  • Mount Baw Baw (1,567 m )
  • Lake Mountain (1,482 m)
  • Mount Matlock (1,377 m)
  • Mount Donna Buang (1,250 m)
  • Mount William in Grampians (1,167 m)
  • Camels Hump at Mt Macedon (1,001 m)
  • Langi Ghiran near Ararat (924 m)
  • Mount Alexander near Bendigo (744 m)
  • Mount Buninyong near Ballarat (719 m)
  • Hanging Rock / Mount Diogenes (718 m)
  • Mount Warrenheip near Ballarat (714 m)
  • Mount Franklin near Daylesford (648 m)
  • Mount Dandenong (633 m)
  • Mount Tarrengower near Maldon (556 m)
  • Mount Arapiles (369 m)
  • You Yangs (352 m)
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