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Mt Buangor / Mount Cole / Langi Ghiran campgrounds and hikes


  • Mt Buangor State Park and Langi Ghiran State Park are north of the Western Highway just past Beaufort on the way to Ararat
  • in addition there is large Mount Cole State Forest with its high plateau which can be explored by overnight hikes on the 21km 2 day Beeripmo Trail circuit which takes you passed Raglan Falls and up to the lookouts overlooking the plains
  • dogs are NOT permitted in the State Parks however they are permitted in Mt Cole State Forest on a leash eg. Chinaman's camp ground
  • my favorites in this region:
    • Richards Mt Cole
      • lovely free small grassed area next to creek surrounded by tall gums with Telstra 4G and can walk to waterfall or do an overnight hike BUT carpark is 20-30m away and leeches can be an issue in the area - mainly for hikers with small tents
    • Middle Creek, Mt Buangor
      • lovely large camp ground in woodland, short drive or hike to waterfalls BUT need to book with Parks Vics and no dogs allowed
    • Langhi Ghiran Picnic And Camping Area,
      • lovely free more remote fairly small site amongst woodland, short walks to reservoir and only 15min drive to Green Hill Lakes Camping Reserve, Ararat and a little further to Ararat BUT no dogs allowed

Getting there

  • between 1.5-2hrs drive from NW suburbs of Melbourne (it is just under 1hr to Ballarat from Ferntree campground)
  • about half an hour east of Ararat (15min from the Langi Ghiran campground)
  • ~45min from Avoca
  • 2hrs from Spirit of Tasmania terminal in Geelong via Meredith and Buninyong, or via Skipton


Nearby attractions

  • Langi Ghiran indigenous rock art
  • the awesome Langi Ghiran Winery
    • tastings, cellar door purchases
  • the many other wineries of the Pyrenees famous for their great red wines
  • venue of the Rainbow Serpent Festival near Lexton 40min

Nearby amenities

  • Raglan - small town, no shops, BUT Raglan Recreation Reserve offers a coin operated hot shower ~20min
  • Buangor - small town with picnic area, no shops ~20min
  • Beaufort - small town with petrol, cafes, fast food, etc - ~20min
  • Elmhurst - small town ~30min
  • Ararat - major regional town - IGA, Woolworths, railway station, etc - ~30min
  • Ballarat - regional city, railway station - just under 1hr
  • Clunes - lovely heritage gold mining town - 1hr


  • all have drop toilets unless specified as a “bush” camp in which case there are no toilets
  • if there are SE winds, perhaps the most protected is the Langi Ghiran camp ground
  • if there are SW winds, perhaps the most protected is the Richards camp ground

Mt Buangor State Park

  • no dogs permitted
  • all require booking via Parks Vic but are un-numbered so first in first choice
  • these all look like they would catch winds from a southerly direction as they lie in a N-S valley with an open southern end, but would be relatively protected from east, NE, and N winds
  • Middle Creek Camping Area, Mt Buangor
  • Bailes Camping Area, Mt Buangor;
  • Ferntree Campground, Mt Buangor
    • just under 2hrs from NW suburbs; the most distant one of these 3 campgrounds but closest of the 3 to Ferntree waterfalls and the Beeripmo walk
    • camp sites are amongst taller eucalypts and ferns and seem discrete
    • 520m elevation;
    • 5 non-numbered bollarded sites requiring Parks Vic booking; no pets;

Mt Cole State Forest

  • dogs permitted on leash
  • no booking required
  • Chinaman's camp ground, Mount Cole
  • Ditchfield's Campground, Mt Buangor
    • just under 2hrs from NW suburbs; near the Beeripmo Walk; 720m elevation on the Mt Cole plateau.
    • free; bollarded; large wooden hut with concrete floor, bench table (no seating) and an open fireplace.
    • best for campervans and motorhomes (but beware easy 2WD 8km winding gravel road with possible logging trucks)
    • tents are possible in the central small grassed bollarded area, or there are 2 sites under tall eucalypts which may be an issue)
    • the least popular of these campgrounds but nice if you want to get away and do bird watching or nocturnal animals
  • Mugwant Hut and camp site
    • 2km to Mt Buangor lookout; near the Beeripmo Walk; 930m elevation on the Mt Cole plateau.
    • small isolated site high on the Mt Cole plateau tucked into the headwaters of the Middle Creek surrounded by dense forest and bush.
    • a stone hut and small grassed clearing but has limited level parking.
  • Nando's Hut / Victoria Mill Scenic Reserve
    • 770m elevation, tall eucalypt forest around a grassy area; drop toilets are available up the hill from the picnic area.
    • As well as the main picnic area, more space is available a short drive around the corner
    • From Beaufort, turn north towards Raglan and after 11km, turn left down Raglan-Mt Cole Road. After 3km continue onto Mount Cole Road and after 15km, just 0.3km past the Victoria Mill Scenic Reserve sign, turn left down Sandy Pinch Road. There is a small picnic area on your left after 0.3km. Continue on for another 0.1km past the toilets on your left hand side and then another 0.1km to the main picnic area. This road continues on in a loop back up to the Mount Cole Road.
  • Tacconelli's Lookout
    • 830m elevation, looking NE; ?bush camp only

Beeripmo walk camps - mostly outside of Buangor State Park

  • getting there
    • Turn right just past the Rotunda in the main street of Beaufort. Follow the signs to Mt Cole and Beeripmo. Travel north to Raglan then follow the Elmhurst road for about 9 km and take the Glut road fork to the left. Turn left again at the sign to Richards Campground. The car park is a short distance up this road.
  • the walk:
    • This 21km 2 day circuit walk (~4-5hrs of leisurely walking each of the 2 days) starts and finishes at Richards camp site and involves a total of 1051m ascent and 1051m descent
    • There are some steep descents if going anti-clockwise so take walking poles and extra care on these descents
    • Suitable for families
    • the plateau can get very cold with wind chill if southerly is blowing and it can snow!
    • Dogs are NOT allowed as it enters the Buangor State Park UNLESS you take a variation to the walk which avoids this and is 18km - see
    • The closest camp to the half way point is Beeripmo camp ground.
      • Here you will find toilets and a rain water tank which you can use to refill water bladders (make sure you boil or use a filtering system). The camp ground is quiet pleasant, with about ten or so sites with their own fire pits nestled among the eucalypt forest.
  • Richard's Campground near Raglan Falls
    • 108min from NW suburbs; 480m elevation;
    • lovely large clearing surrounded by tall eucalypt trees, ferns, and moss-lined logs; wooden hut with picnic tables and an open fire place and a rainwater tank/tap behind it (non-potable);
    • free; part of the Beeripmo Walk so hikers leave cars at this car park for overnight hikes;
    • note that cars cannot drive into the camping area - you will need to leave the car at the parking area which is 20-30m away and carry your camping gear a short walk in to the camping area
  • Beeripmo campsite
    • hike in only; 880m elevation
  • the other camps on the circuit walk are accessible by car


  • Smiths Bridge Camping Area
    • 106min from NW suburbs;
    • located right alongside a main road
    • an undercover area, picnic tables, fire pits, wood fire barbecues, running water, toilets and a wooden horse pen
    • huge gravel parking area provides plenty of room for caravans, trailers and horse floats
    • camp site on the back left corner has nice mountain views through the trees
  • Forte Picnic Area Hancocks
    • on Little Breakneck Rd east of Mt Cole
    • ?camping allowed

Langi Ghiran State Park

  • no dogs permitted
  • no booking required
  • Langi Ghiran Picnic And Camping Area, Warrak
    • 2hrs from NW suburbs; 400m elevation;
    • smallish free campground near Ararat; no dogs; some short day walks; lots of treed areas for shade;
    • best for tents or campervans not caravans - good for 5 tents but could fit at least twice this many without being too cramped
    • Reservoir Walk ‒ 2.6km, 45 minutes return
    • Water-race Circuit – 5.1km, 1.5 hours return via the Reservoir Walk (included)

Nearby camp grounds

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