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Cairn Curran Reservoir


  • Cairn Curran Reservoir is a water storage on the Loddon River in central Victoria up stream of the smaller Laanecoorie Reservoir
  • it is one of a chain of reservoirs along the Loddon River which also includes the Newlyn, Hepburns, Tullaroop, and Laanecoorie Reservoirs.


  • commercial camp grounds:
    • Welshmans Reef Caravan Park
  • Butt's Reserve, Mt Tarrengower, Maldon
    • free camping
  • Hamilton's Crossing campground
    • free small camping area downstream on the Loddon River near Baringhup
  • Vaughan Springs campground
    • hot showers
  • Warburton's Bridge campground
    • free camping upstream on the Loddon River near Glenluce
  • Mt Franklin, just north of Daylesford
    • free camping, very cold in winter as it is inside a volcano cone
  • bush camping:
    • Muckleford Nature Conservation Reserve
      • historic gold mining area
  • see also Laanecoorie Reservoir for those closer to that reservoir


  • constructed between 1947 and 1956
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