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camping in July in Victoria


  • camping in July in Victoria does require some extra preparations given that:
    • maximum temperatures are likely to be around 8-10degC
    • minimum temperatures are likely to be minus 2 to plus 2degC
    • the nights are long and the days are short
    • wood camp fires are a necessity - especially if you have become wet

The SHED camp

  • NB. at this stage we will NOT be taking a fridge
  • there will be toilets but no drinkable water at camp ground

potential destinations within 1.5hrs drive of NW suburbs with toilets

  • these are all “free” unless specified and are 1st in 1st served but if I get there Fri arvo we should be fine
  • Leanganook camp ground Mount Alexander ~1hr, near Castlemaine, forested area 600m elevation, flush toilets, walks, lots of firewood if not wet, BUT not much morning sun, no river, can be crowded

others are too far given the morning shifts

Gary will supply (but each person needs to collect and bring it)

  • NL
    • 2 person inner tent
    • standing height main tent with a clear PVC wall and a detachable floor - NatureHike Sand Dune hot tent
    • R8 insulated 10cm thick self-inflating mattress
    • 12V single electric blanket plus 12V battery to run it
    • camp chair
    • 2 x 10kg kindling bags
  • LLK
    • 2 person inner tent
    • standing height main tent with a clear PVC wall and a tarp floor - NatureHike Sand Dune hot tent
    • 12V double electric blanket - plus 12V battery to run it - GA will bring
  • LM
    • 1 person inner tent
    • large standing height main tent and tarp floor with room for the wood stove and oven - ? Mobi Garden Guan Tu V (On The Road V) hot tent / gazebo - GA will bring
    • R8 insulated 10cm thick self-inflating mattress
    • heavy duty winter sleeping bag as an extra to his own sleeping bag
    • Winnerwell large wood stove and oven, fire mat, CO alarm - GA will bring
    • Sequence card game
  • Gary
    • 1 person inner tent
    • standing height main tent with a clear PVC walls and foam mats - Dokicamp Unlimited Works dome tent VAST-SK100
    • crap air mattress +stretcher to compensate
    • 12V single electric blanket plus 12V battery to run it
    • Winnerwell medium wood stove and oven
    • chair
    • sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, wool fire blanket
  • extras
    • firewood / kindling (will need at least four 10kg bags of kindling from Bunnings)
    • fire starters and gas lighters
    • small axe + ?canadian wood splitter
    • air blower to get fires started
    • table
    • 2.7L and 4L pots for water boiling, etc
    • 7“ round pizza plates for oven
    • aluminium trays for oven
    • 7” baking tray and grid
    • oven mit, utensils
    • 5L and 10L buckets
    • shower pump and hose
    • OLight OLantern Classic Mini lantern and other tent lights
    • 12V fan heater(s)
    • Moka coffee maker pot, coffee, R Patel chai tea, hot chocolate, salt, pepper, honey, pancake mix
    • cooking utensils - soup ladle, knife, wood spoon, etc
    • dishwash detergent, sponge
    • frypan, cooking oil
    • carbon monoxide alarm for LM
    • ?night vision cam


  • NL
    • supplying meal Friday pm - beef bourgignon
  • LM
    • meal Sat pm??
  • extras:
    • something we can heat up in oven for supper / breakfast ? frozen desert for supermarket - if so need some custard or similar
    • ??eggs for breakfast on fry pan - not sure about Grand Hyatt Taiwanese style omelettes - probably too much to expect without a fridge!
    • ??cheeses and biscuits to go with red wine for supper?
  • NB. the oven can take up to 7.5“ wide trays (I have 7” round pizza trays to sit food on, or can use aluminium disposable trays)
  • brunch Sat morning at nearby cafe or in Castlemaine
  • buy food for Sat pm in Castlemaine on Sat arvo


  • red wine, muscat - Lucia
  • tea, coffee, hot chocolate - Gary will bring

in addition, each individual will need to bring

  • pillow
  • sheets and blankets / quilt (Luigi is bringing a sleeping bag)
  • ear plugs, eye mask to help you sleep
  • drinking / cooking water (~5-10L)
  • warm clothing - layered eg. beanie, gloves, warm thick socks, thermal long johns and skivvy, boots or runners (preferably waterproof)
    • will need a thin balaclava and thick warm dry socks for sleeping
    • trackies, slip on boots or similar and puffer jacket to go to toilet at night if you drank too much
    • LM may wish to bring a hot water bottle for sleeping with as I dont have a electric blanket for him :(
  • rain jacket, umbrella
  • cutlery, plates, bowl, cups for themselves
  • camp chair
  • rubbish bag
  • torch
  • towel (in case you get wet), hand towel
  • soap or disinfectant for hands; tooth brush, etc.
  • toilet paper (NB. flushable wipes cannot be put into toilets - you will need to put them into rubbish bag and bring them home)
  • Lucia needs to bring her double mattress
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