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Dandenong Ranges

see also:

  • Montrose
    • Montrose Reserve
  • Kalorama
    • Kalorama Memorial Reserve
    • Forest reserve
      • access via Falls Rd north of Olinda from Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd between Kalorama and William Ricketts
  • Mt Dandenong
    • William Rickets Sanctuary
    • access via Ridge Rd:
  • Olinda
      • open 10am - 5pm every day except Xmas Day
      • Café Vireya is open from 14 September until 17 November 2013
      • cherry blossoms early-mid Sept.
      • wedding photography permit $150-170 for 1hr
    • Bartlett Olinda State Forest Reserve
      • access via Falls Rd from past the Rhododendron Gardens
    • from Chalet Rd then Silvan Rd:
        • wide variety of trees planted 1978
        • walking tracks
        • Valley Picnic Ground in the Olinda Forest just past most northern point of arboretum
      • Bartlett Olinda State Forest Reserve (east aspect)
        • primarily a dry forest with Messmate and Narrow-leaved Peppermint eucalypts, with moist gullies
        • Eagle Nest picnic ground
  • Sherbrooke
  • Monbulk
      • open 10am - 5pm every day except Xmas Day
      • large blackwoods and mountain ash towering over the natural fern gullies
      • terraced gardens on steep slopes
      • particularly beautiful in autumn when the trees change colour to the many hues of orange, red and yellow
  • Emerald
    • Emerald lake Park
    • Wright Forest
    • Butterfield Conservation Reserve
      • north of Emerald on the Emerald-Monbulk Rd
  • Aura Vale
    • Aura Vale Lake Park
      • northern tip of Cardinia Reservoir
  • Selby
    • Black Hill Reserve
  • Belgrave
  • Upper Ferntree Gully:
    • Mount Dandenong Tourist Road:
      • walks:
        • Ramblers Track Loop: 1.5km 45min return
        • Living Bush Nature Walk 2.5km 1.5hrs return
        • Kokoda Track Memorial Walk including 1000 steps: 3km, 1.5hrs return, need some fitness!
        • Lyrebird Loop walk: 4km 2hrs return; steep grade!
        • Belview Loop walk: 4.5km, 2.5hrs return; steep grade!
        • Circumnavigate One Tree Hill: 3.7km, 1.5hr loop;
      • takes you to:
        • the Sherbrooke Rd turnoff and Sherbrooke forest
        • or continue on to Sassafras and Olinda
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