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best day walks in Victoria


  • picking the best day walks is often a very individual aesthetic, however, I will try here to outline those that are reasonably accessible by car, are relatively short, and have something special to offer such as:
    • great views
    • nice scenery such as waterfalls, beaches, streams
    • nice ambience

My best short walks

    • Sundial car park to Wonderland car park via The Pinnacle
      • 2hr very interesting walk all along the way with wonderful rock formations, great views and nice ambience without being too difficult
      • it does require two cars, if you only have one, then you may need to break this walk into 2 circuits:
        • Wonderland car park to the Pinnacle and return
        • Sundial car park to the Pinnacle and return
    • Sundial car park to Sundial Peak
      • walk itself is not so interesting, but you are rewarded with great views and an option to clamber up the final rocks to get 360deg views
    • Halls Gap to Wonderland car park (or reverse) via Venus Pools and Splitters Falls
    • McKenzie Falls to Fish Falls
      • have not been on this one yet but it seems like it would be rewarding
  • Wilsons Prom
    • Tidal River to Whiskey Bay beach walk
    • Mt Bishop
      • nice sheltered walk up to top of Mt Bishop for awesome views over the Prom western beaches and Tidal River
    • Mt Oberon
      • steep ascent from car park to top for awesome views especially at sunset or sunrise (it will be COLD and you will need torches)
    • The Big Drift
      • a massive sand dune - a walk with a difference - just don't do it on a hot sunny day or a very windy day
  • The Otways
    • lots of nice forest walks with streams as well as beach walks and some waterfalls
    • Lorne area:
      • Cora Lynn cascades - Phantom Falls - The Canyon
      • St George River walk upstream from Allenvale Rd Carpark
      • Won Wondah falls - Henderson Falls
    • Beech Forest area:
      • Beauchamp Falls
      • Hopetoun Falls and the Redwood forest
      • Triplet Falls
    • Apollo Bay area:
      • Elliott River falls and beach
    • Moonlight Head region
      • Wreck beach at low tide
    • Twelve Apostles region:
      • Loch Ard Gorge - lovely inlet and beach plus nearby Razorback and Mutton Bird Island (great at sunset as the birds nest)
      • Gibson Steps - walk on the sand amongst the rock formations
  • other south western Victoria:
    • Mt Eccles volcano - walk in the extinct / dormant crater around the lake
  • north-eastern Victoria
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