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Delatite Arm campgrounds Lake Eildon


  • a very popular area for campers, boating, jet skiers and fishing on the east side of Lake Eildon
  • its distance from Melbourne means you are more likely to get a camp site in peak times compared to closer camp grounds
  • lots of camp grounds are on the eastern bank of the Delatite Arm which protrudes as a peninsula into Lake Eildon
  • variable mobile phone reception - some have 4G when very few campers but soon drops to 3G
  • no bookings, first in first served
  • the more distant ones may require 4WD access in wet weather
  • most have drop toilets but no showers

Getting there

  • just under 3hrs drive from NW suburbs of Melbourne via Hume Freeway to Broadford then to Mansfield and then turn south to Piries and then to Goughs Bay
  • avoid the Howes Creek - Goughs Bay Rd - that is a gravel road and unnecessary!

Nearby amenities

  • Goughs Bay
    • 8km, 10min from Blue Gums
    • small town on Lake Eildon
    • general store, cafe, commercial caravan park, boat ramp, public long drop toilets at the scenic lookout near the caravan park
    • nearby Brack's Bridge day visitor area on the Delatite River is very nice for kids to paddle in and adults to have a swim on a hot day
    • cafe and maze - entry fee
  • Piries:
    • 15km, 15min from Blue Gums
    • on a bend of the Delatite River and the main road back to Mansfield
    • no facilities
  • Howqua Inlet and Macs Cove:
    • 28km, 25min from Blue Gums
    • small villages on Howqua River section of Lake Eildon
    • no amenities apart from river access and a commercial caravan park
  • Mansfield
    • 28km 26min drive from Blue Gums
    • major regional town which services the snow fields of Mt Buller
  • Jamieson
    • 39km 34min drive from Blue Gums
    • very small General Store with fast foods and sandwiches;
    • cafe, hotel
    • flush toilets in public area
    • very nice day area along the river plus a commercial caravan park
    • small rural town
    • two nice free camp sites just south of jamieson on bitumen road - Skipworth and the smaller Doctor's Creek, both have lovely river access for paddling in
    • a nice free camp ground to the east on the Jamieson-Licola Rd - Granny's Flat - but gravel road with rather difficult track for caravans and it is closed over winter, usually opening on the Thursday of the Melb Cup long weekend

Campgrounds in the Delatite Arm

  • these are prone to almost continuous dust from the high levels of traffic on long weekends and other peak periods - even overnight!
    • try to get a site as far from road as possible but it will still get covered in dust
    • otherwise go when its not busy!
  • the area is popular with dirt bikes / trail bikers who head up into the plantations
  • there are no walking or cycling trails other than the very dusty road which would not be pleasant - or the 4WD / dirt bike tracks up into the pine plantations
    • there is a great cycling option at Mansfield - the Great Victorian Rail Trail - as well as Mt Buller and Mt Stirling are popular with cyclists

The Orchard


Blue Gum Flat

  • 3rd camp site; large grassy site but waterfront is a long way if water levels are low and cannot camp below high water mark.
  • has a lovely ambience with its flooded gums in the lake when it is at high water level, lemon scented gums and myriad of bird sounds but can be a bit boring as no walking trails and not the best for boaters
  • good for larger groups and bird watchers
    • king parrots who are too friendly, bower birds, groups of white winged choughs visit the campfire area at sunset, magpies, wattle birds, smaller finches many others - at least 20 different bird sounds - especiall just before dawn and variably throughout the day

Blue Gum Flat 2

Picnic Point:


Long Gully

Cullitons Gully camp ground


  • one of the larger sites great for kids

many more sites further on

  • these tend to be the main ones that those with boats and jet skis go to as the water is more open with less flooded trees
  • much less road dust as less traffic the further you go, but it does add 20-60min drive on gravel roads to get to them

Other camp grounds east of Lake Eildon

  • distances are from Blue Gum Flat campground

Mansfield region

northeast of Mansfield

  • Tolmie Recreation Reserve
    • 37min from Blue Gum Flat
    • 2hr 40min from NW suburbs; 19min NE of Mansfield; camp kitchen; local pub open on weekends;
  • Carter's Mill Picnic Area and nearby camp ground

Howqua Hills historic gold mining area:

    • 1hr from Blue Gum Flat
    • 25min very large and very popular free camping area on the Howqua River;
    • windy gravel road to access but still suitable for vans
    • Historic Walk from Sheepyard Flat to Fry’s Hut

Howqua River

  • Running Creek Camping Reserve
    • 38min from Blue Gum Flat
    • popular with anglers, paddlers and campers. There are two walking tracks that start here and end at Tobacco Flat, approximately 12 kms upstream.
    • located on the Howqua River and accessed via Howqua River Road

Mt Stirling region

  • Craig's Hut Mt Stirling
    • 1.5hrs from Blue Gum Flat
    • needs 4WD to access, or a 45min uphill hike from the circuit road (road closed in Winter)
  • Upper Howqua campground:
    • 2hrs from Blue Gum Flat
  • Flat Spur campground:
  • Bindaree Hut campground

Jamieson region:

SE along Jamiesion River

  • Granny’s Flat Camping Area
    • 45min from Blue Gum Flat
    • 4WD needed in wet weather; camp site and road closed in snow season;
    • access road is difficult for caravans but may be possible in dry weather
    • Great river frontages with campers tubing down the river; well maintained; fire pits;
  • Gallows
    • 49min from Blue Gum Flat
  • The River Inn
    • 1.5hrs from Blue Gum Flat
  • Wrens Flat
    • 1.5hrs from Blue Gum Flat

SE along Jamiesion-Licola Rd:

  • Connors Plain campsite
    • 2.3hrs from Blue Gum Flat

South of Jamieson along Goulburn River towards Woods Point:

  • Doctor's Creek
    • just south of Jamieson on bitumen
    • small but nice site on the river, fire pits, drop toilets,
  • Skipworth Reserve
    • 40min from Blue Gum Flat, 8 minutes from Jamieson on bitumen
    • nice large site, firepits, drop toilets, water, rosellas and king parrots hand feed;
  • Flourbag Reserve
    • 52min from Blue Gum Flat
  • Tunnel Bend
    • 54min from Blue Gum Flat
  • Blue Hole Reserve
    • 58min from Blue Gum Flat
  • Snakes Reserve
    • 62min from Blue Gum Flat
  • CC Campsite
  • Knockwood Reserve
    • 64min from Blue Gum Flat

Further exploring

  • for the camping/hiking travelers, Licola is just over 2.5hrs alpine drive via Jamieson
    • Licola opens up a whole range of fantastic camping and hiking options as well as access south to Gippsland
  • for the 4WDers with plenty of time on their hands, one could drive south on gravel roads to historic Walhalla which will take 3.5hrs
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