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bushwalks in Victoria's Falls Creek region

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  • How far can an older person hike with average ability and a 12-14kg backpack?
    • the rough rule of thumb is to plan to walk only 8-12 km per day of full pack carrying and count every 100m climbed or descended as an extra kilometre walked.
  • Camp amongst the snow gums rather than in the lower Mountain Ash areas - Mountain Ash are prone to falling unpredictably

walks around Falls Creek and Langford Gap

Wallaces hut and Cope Huts

  • easy 6km circuit

Kellys hut and Fitzgerald Hut circuit

  • easy 12.5km circuit

Mt Nelse and Battys Hut site return walk

  • 19km return easy 2 days
  • camp at Battys Hut site where there is a water spring to the north
  • Nelse Track to Mt Nelse 4.5km, 1-1.5hrs, 250m rise
  • Mt Nelse to Battys Hut site 5.5km, 1.5-2hrs, 300m descent

Bogong Village to Pretty Valley Pondage near Falls Creek

  • 27km, moderate car shuffle
  • 1050m gentle ascent to Mt Fainter camp site over 14km taking 4-5hrs and passing Bogong Jacks Hut
  • 100m ascent to Mt Fainter South then 250m descent to Little Plain then 200m ascent to Mt Niggerhead
  • 200m descent to Tawonga Huts then 150m ascent and descent to pondage carpark

Langford Gap to Mt Bogong via AAWT

  • “Northern Plains Traverse”
  • 36km 3 day, moderate car shuffle as ends in Mountain Creek Camping area, north of Mt Bogong
  • Langford Gap to Mt Nelse, 7.5km, 2-2.5hrs with 300m ascent
  • Mt Nelse to camp at site of burnt down Ropers Hut 5km, 1.5hrs and 150m descent
    • take a stroll to Timms Lookout
  • Ropers Hut to Cleve Cole Memorial Hut, 11km, 5-6hrs, includes knee jarring 750m descent to Big River then 800m ascent
  • Cleve Cole Memorial Hut to Mt Bogong 4.5km, 1-1.5hrs, 200m ascent
  • Mt Bogong descent to Mountain Creek Camping area 8km, 2.5-3hrs, 1400m descent

Howmans Gap to Mt Bogong then down Staircase Spur

  • “The Grey Hills”
  • 29km moderate 2 day car shuffle, ends in Mountain Creek Camping area, north of Mt Bogong
  • initial 700m ascent to Spion Kopje, then hilly 600m descent to camp at Bogong Creek Saddle
  • 600m ascent to Mt Bogong then steep 1400m descent
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