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bushwalks in Victoria's Mt Hotham region

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  • How far can an older person hike with average ability and a 12-14kg backpack?
    • the rough rule of thumb is to plan to walk only 8-12 km per day of full pack carrying and count every 100m climbed or descended as an extra kilometre walked.
  • Camp amongst the snow gums rather than in the lower Mountain Ash areas - Mountain Ash are prone to falling unpredictably

Hotham Heights walks

  • Mt Hotham (1868m)

Razorback to Mt Feathertop

Bon Accord Spur down to Harrietville

Mt Loch - Cobungra and West Kiewa Rivers circuit

  • “Two Rivers Circuit”
  • start and return to Mt Loch carpark in Hotham Heights
  • 23km over 2 days
  • camp at Dibbins Hut area (more attractive option) alternatively at Blairs Hut for a shorter 2nd day uphill walk
  • carpark to Derrick Hut 4km 1hr
  • Derrick Hut to Dibbins Hut at Cobungra Gap 4km, 1-1.5hrs and 400m descent
  • camp at Dibbins Hut, exploring the plains of the upper Cobungra River downstream for up to 1.5km
  • Dibbins Hut to Blairs Hut (leave AAWT at Cobungra Gap, and after stashing rucksack at Red Robin Battery for the detour to the hut) 4km, 1-1.5hrs, 250m descent
  • Blairs Hut up to Red Robin Mine 5.5km, 1.5-2hrs and 500m ascent
  • Red Robin Mine to Mt Loch's unusual flat basalt summit then down to carpark 5.5km, 1.5-2hrs and 300m ascent

Mt Loch carpark to AAWT to Cope Saddle, Cope Hut, Wallaces Hut and then Langford Gap/Falls Creek

  • “Southern Plains traverse”
  • 30.5km 2 day moderate car shuffle
  • carpark to Derrick Hut 4km 1hr
  • Derrick Hut to Dibbins Hut at Cobungra Gap 4km, 1-1.5hrs and 400m descent
  • Cobungra Gap to Cope Saddle 10km, 3-3.5hrs with ~460m ascent to Mt Jim then gentle 200m descent
    • Basalt Temple then optionally Young's Hut side trip
    • skirt Mt Jim (1810m) then skirt Mt Bundara (1741m)
  • Cope Saddle to Ryders Yards side trip to camp 1.5km, 30min
    • camp at Ryders Yards
  • Cope Saddle to Wallaces Hut 6km, 1.5-2hrs reasonably flat
    • skirt north of Mt Cope (1837m) to cross Bogong High Plains Rd then pass Cope Hut then down to Wallaces Hut
  • Wallaces Hut to Langford Gap 3km, 0.75hrs
  • can then walk along the flat Bogong High Plains Rd to Falls Creek
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