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bushwalks in Victoria's Mt Howitt region

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  • How far can an older person hike with average ability and a 12-14kg backpack?
    • the rough rule of thumb is to plan to walk only 8-12 km per day of full pack carrying and count every 100m climbed or descended as an extra kilometre walked.
  • Camp amongst the snow gums rather than in the lower Mountain Ash areas - Mountain Ash are prone to falling unpredictably

Bluff circuit from Sheepyard Flats area

The Bluff Trail needs 4WD in wet weather

  • 28km, 2 days hike, 1800m total ascent and 1800m total descent
  • starts and ends at Eight Mile Flat at elevation 564m (4WD access 13km from Howqua Hills / Sheepyard Flats camping area)
  • climbs steadily through dry open forest along Eight Mile Spur, steep final ascent is rewarded with treeless 1,725m elevation summit and spectacular 360deg alpine views
  • continue through alpine meadows, carpeted with brilliant wildflowers in early summer, to Bluff Hut and a sheltered campsite among the nearby snow gums
  • next day is 15km, descend along a 4WD road on Sixteen Mile Spur to the Howqua River, then narrow track trail to follow the river valley past Ritchies Hut to the start of the trail at Eight Mile Flat.

Shorter Bluff circuit needs 4WD

Howitt Circuit

Helicopter Spur, Mt Magdala, Mt Howitt, Howitt Spur circuit

  • difficult graded for experienced, fit walkers, start and finish at Upper Howqua Camp
  • Helicopter Spur is graded difficult -steep, scrambling over rocks, total ascent ~800m to AAWT over 6km, then 150m descent before climbing 200m gain at Mt Magdala then descending 200m to Hellfire Creek campsite (creek may be dry!) for a total of 10km hike taking fit, experienced walkers 4-5hrs
  • next day hike to Mt Howitt (3km, 1hr ~200m total gain), then Crosscut Saw (another 3km, 1hr, mainly descent) before final descent down the less steep Stanleys Name Spur back to Upper Howqua Camp (a further 11km taking 3-3.5hrs and 900m descent)

Crosscut Saw circuit

  • mod. graded for fit walkers, start and finish at Upper Howqua Camp
  • Upper Howqua Camp to Stanleys Name Spur 7km, 2-2.5hrs and just over 400m gain
  • Stanleys Name Spur to Mt Speculation camp area 8km, 2.5-3hrs and 400m gain to Mt Buggery then 200m steep descent to Horrible Gap then just under 300m gain to Mt Speculation giving total gain for day of 1100m over 15km
  • next day, Mt Spec to Mt Howitt, 7.5km, 2.5-3hrs and after the 300m descent to Horrible Gap, gain ~400m to Mt Howitt
  • NB. the Crosscut Saw walk is mainly above the treeline and thus very exposed so need good weather and there is quite a bit of altitude changes to keep your heart pumping
  • Mt Howitt descent back to Upper Howqua Camp via Howqua Feeder Track to West Peak (1725m) and then the fairly steep Howitt Spur 8.5km, 2.5-3hrs descending 900m

Mt Howitt via Licola

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