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Jamieson region camp grounds


  • the Jamieson region is a very picturesque area south of Mansfied and offers some nice camp grounds along mountain streams with the option of camping on Lake Eildon at either commercial caravan parks or with free camping in nearby Delatite Arm campgrounds Lake Eildon
  • Jamieson itself is a small pretty town, especially so in Autumn, but with minimal facilities:
    • public toilets (flush toilets)
    • petrol station
    • hotel
    • small general store and fast food cafe
    • another cafe
    • lovely walk alongside the Jamieson River
  • if you need more facilities, you will generally need to head back to Mansfield although a general store and petrol station is in Gough's Bay
  • the camp grounds in this region are beside lovely shallow (as long as no heavy rains) alpine streams great for paddling, swimming and fishing but not for boating activities

Getting there

  • just under 3hrs drive from NW suburbs of Melbourne (~240km) via Mansfield
  • 37km and 30min south of Mansfield
  • there is a winding road west across the southern reaches of Lake Eildon to Eildon township (62km and 80min) as an interesting much slower alternate route home to Melbourne (NW suburbs are a further 180km, 2hrs from Eildon township)
  • when not seasonally closed, you can take the gravel alpine road to Licola (91km and just over 2hrs) and thence to Gippsland or to Howitt Plains / Macalister Springs, etc
  • you can also head south to Wood's Point (56km, 1hr) on gravel road and thence to either Walhalla (144km, 3hrs from Jamieson) or Warburton (158km, 3hrs from Jamieson)

Things to do

  • enjoy the ambience and the multitude of birds along the river camp areas including friendly King Parrots, superb wrens, kookaburras, rosellas, cockatoos, etc
  • on warmer days, sunbathe, kayak, paddle, swim or float on the rivers
  • fishing for trout
  • boating and jet skiing on nearby Lake Eildon (see Delatite Arm campgrounds Lake Eildon)
  • short walks:
    • in Jamieson:
      • River walk
      • Island walk where the Jamieson and Goulburn Rivers join forming a peninsula (not an island) - nice area for a picnic or fishing
      • Mt Margaret Sappers Track walk - views of the town - especially nice in Autumn
      • Cemetery walk
      • School Hill walk - a steep walk up to the mobile phone tower but you get “spectacular” views apparently
      • Sideling walk - along Jamieson Valley and along a private road
      • longer circuit walk:
        • start at Brewery Bridge, Mt Margaret Sappers Track walk to Foots Bridge then Island loop walk returning to Foots Bridge then River Walk back to Brewery Bridge
  • longer walks:
    • Granny's Flat to Ferguson's camp ground via Gallows Track and Mitchells Bridal Trail
      • steep hard grade walk runs alongside Jamieson River in often muddy treacherous 4WD tracks; 13.7km 4hrs return; no dogs allowed; seasonally closed access;
    • Sappers Track via Jamieson South Firebreak Loop
      • mod-difficult circuit walk but steep in parts and rocky/bushy with no views apart from at the start; 8.5km 3hrs; 430m elevation gain; OK for birding and hiking; avoid hot days;
    • there are other hard walks as well such as The Pinnacle via Mitchell's Track (943m elevation gain) and Masters Track, Mitchell’s Track and Jameson Firebreak Loop (805m elevation gain)
  • short drive down to historic Woods Point (gravel road) while checking out all the camp grounds en route

Free camping

  • mobile phone coverage is patchy at best and perhaps only with Telstra
  • Camps should be at least 20 metres from any watercourses. Do not wash in the rivers
  • Toilets are long drop toilets - flush toilets available in Jamieson public toilets
  • Observe fire regulations
  • BYO fire wood although you may be lucky and find local fallen trees near the site, most likely you will need to go for a drive with a chain saw
  • Water is NOT potable BYO water or boil water for at least 10 minutes
  • Dogs are allowed but ensure they behave if other campers or dogs are around
  • Bring some cash in case donations are required for maintenance of these lovely spots
  • Recent heavy rains will increase the level and current of the river making them not suitable for swimming or for boiling the water

South of Jamieson along the upper reaches of the Goulburn River towards Woods Point:

South-east along Jamieson River

  • this gravel road is seasonally closed in winter and camp grounds here are inaccessible until Melb Cup weekend
  • Granny’s Flat Camping Area
    • 45min from Blue Gum Flat
    • 4WD needed in wet weather; camp site and road closed in snow season;
    • access road is difficult for caravans but may be possible in dry weather
    • Great river frontages with campers tubing down the river; well maintained; fire pits;
    • directions to the new Jamieson swimming hole that has been found in 2024:
      • “Given it requires some effort to reach this pool, we trust those who read this to look after this spot, if you decide to explore.
      • 1. Take Jamieson-Licola Road from Jamieson. Go past Grannys Flat Reserve and continue for about 20 mins to Fergusons Track turn-off.
      • 2. Take Ferguson Track until you reach Mitchells Bridle Trail. Even without reception, Google Maps (GM) GPS (blue dot showing where you are on local map) should tell you when you have arrived.
      • 3. Then turn LEFT and walk along Mitchells Bridle Trail (easy-moderate walk) for about an hour and you will see new “pool”. Jamieson River should be on your right, and flowing downstream nearby.
      • To know when you have reached pool, (a) wait until your GM GPS Blue Dot shows on GM that you have passed Devonian Creek confluence with river. Then continue on trail to the next (convex) turn in the river.
      • It will be obvious when you arrive as you will see the first (0.75m) waterfall on the river since start of your walk. The walking track passes nearby the pool.”
  • Gallows
    • 49min from Blue Gum Flat
  • The River Inn
    • 1.5hrs from Blue Gum Flat
  • Wrens Flat
    • 1.5hrs from Blue Gum Flat

SE along Jamiesion-Licola Rd:

  • Connors Plain campsite
    • 2.3hrs from Blue Gum Flat

Other nearby free or Nat Park camp grounds

  • Running Creek camping reserve on the Howqua River - 27min from Jamieson
  • Delatite Arm campgrounds Lake Eildon - Blue Gum Flats camp ground is 32min from Jamieson
  • North of Mansfield:
    • Blue Range camping area 41min 50km from Jamieson
    • Mt Samaria: Camphora camp ground 1hr, 62km from Jamieson
    • King Valley: Edi Cutting 1.5hrs, 104km from Jamieson
  • East of Mansfield:
  • Eildon Nat Park - Parks Vic booking camp grounds on west shore of Lake Eildon eg. Candlebark 1.5hrs 123km from Jamieson (or the slow route 100min but shorter at 78km)
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