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Laanecoorie Reservoir


  • Laanecoorie Reservoir is a small water storage on the Loddon River in central Victoria down stream of the large Cairn Curran Reservoir
  • camping is available at:
    • commercial camp grounds:
      • Laanecoorie Lakeside Park
      • Laanecoorie Lakeside Resort
    • Laanecoorie River Reserve campground
      • free camping adjacent the river near the bridge
      • this is just downstream of the reservoir in the small town of Laanecoorie
      • flush toilets but no showers
      • fishing
      • further downstream of the reservoir
    • Secret Lead camping spot
      • free camping just SW of Tarnagulla
    • Waanyarra Camping grounds
      • free camping in old historic gold fields just to the west of the reservoir 16min drive from Laanecoorie River Reserve campground
    • Moliagul campground
      • near goldmining township of Moliagul, west of Tarnagulla
    • Butt's Reserve, Mt Tarrengower, Maldon
      • free camping


  • completed in 1892 having taken 3yrs to build, it was the second irrigation scheme for Victoria after the Goulburn Weir.
  • the great flood of 1909 breached the weir and severely damaged downstream towns
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