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Lerderderg campground


  • free camp in a valley in a fairly remote tall forest
  • ~530m elevation so around 3-4 degrees cooler than Diggers Rest and perhaps 1 deg warmer than Gisborne
  • dogs allowed on a lead
  • fire in firepits only
  • no potable water
  • tall eucalypts provide lots of shade - minimal sunlight except some larger sunlit areas in mid-summer at around noon
  • no internet and no mobile phone reception (although may be possible at the highest camp area)
  • this new campground replaces O'Brien's Crossing camp area which is now only a day visitors area
  • best for small groups of 4WD or solo campers who just want to chill out around a camp fire assuming no fire restrictions in force
  • may be an option to escape the summer heat without going to the over-crowded beaches - bring lots of drinking water!
  • not great for kids as not much for them to do other than get lost in the bush or catch snakes
  • not for caravans
  • BYO water and firewood

Check it out

  • large loop gravel road with 5 main defined areas for camping, each able to accommodate a small group and each quite separate from the other areas
    • most are sloping but there are some flattish sites
  • several potential unofficial tent sites near the slow shallow stream (Sardine Creek) - which is not really conducive to swimming in unless it was really hot
  • several unofficial vehicle/tent sites adjacent the 2km Diggers Track
  • good drop toilets near bottom end - no adjacent camp sites although one of the camp areas is only 200m away

Things to do

  • not much to do near the camp ground - looks like Parks Vic do not want you walking - most of the camp areas are fenced
  • nice quiet ambience though listening to the many birds
  • bring a book or cards
  • there are 4WD tracks throughout this forest
  • no walking tracks that I could see apart from perhaps Possum Track ~1km back up Diggers Track which comes out on O'Briens Rd some 4.7km from campground so you would end up doing almost 10km walk and probably not see much
    • for walking, go to nearby:
      • Hobbs Road Reserve near Gisborne - nice BMX tracks for walking on through late winter / early spring wattles
      • O'Brien's Crossing (see below)
      • Mackenzies Flat
      • Blackwood

Getting there

  • via Gisborne:
    • 49min from NW suburbs;
    • 1hr 15min from CBD via Gisborne;
    • including 22min 12km on gravel 2WD dry weather road - the last 2km on Diggers Track is NOT suitable for caravans;
  • via O'Briens Crossing
    • 15min, 6.5km on gravel road from O'Briens Crossing - depending upon conditions, may need 4WD to get there from the campground
    • 37min 35km from Bacchus Marsh
    • 74min 74km from NW suburbs

Nearby campgrounds

  • Amblers Lane Crossing bush camp
    • 20min, 1.6km hike in from O'Briens Rd via the steep Ambler Track
    • 31min, 2.1km hike in from O'Briens Crossing
    • nearby man made “The Tunnel” to divert river for gold mining
    • basic bush camp (may be possible to access via 4WD in good, dry conditions)
    • no solid fuel fires allowed!
    • 17km, 41min 4WD via O'Brien's Crossing
  • Firth Park campground
    • free camp, 720m elevation thus very cold
    • 23min, 14.4km via Firth Rd
  • Blackwood Mineral Springs Caravan Park
    • 31min, 17km via O'Brien's Crossing
    • commercial camp
  • Cameron's Rd campground ?bush camp, Lerderderg State Park, near Bacchus Marsh
    • 38min, 20km via Bluegum Track ?4WD / 2WD dry weather; 300m elevation;
  • Glenlyon Recreation Reserve
    • 66min, 70km via Gisborne and Woodend; overnight camp
    • nice free camp alongside a stream;
    • 71min 87km via Gisborne and Malmsbury
    • lovely free camp, 600m elevation
    • 71min 92km via Gisborne and Calder Fway


  • Hobbs Road Reserve near Gisborne - nice BMX tracks for walking on through late winter / early spring wattles
  • O'Brien's Crossing
    • nice spot on Lerderderg River but now no camping allowed, nearby walk tracks,
  • Mackenzies Flat
    • nice day picnic area near Bacchus Marsh
    • 36min 36km via Bacchus Marsh-Gisborne Rd
  • Gisborne
    • 29min, 24km
  • Blackwood
    • via O'Brien's Crossing
  • Trentham Falls
    • via O'Brien's Crossing 45min
    • via Firth Park, 51min
  • Daylesford
    • 1hr via O'Brien's Crossing
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