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bushwalks in Victoria's Licola region

the Licola region

  • gravel road north of Licola is relatively slow going by car:
    • Wellington River campsite to Arbuckle Junction (46.5km north of Licola) on Tamboritha Rd takes ~40min
    • Arbuckle Junction to Bryce Gorge 23.5km takes ~20min
    • Bryce Gorge to Mt Howitt carpark
      • “There is only one way to access the Howitt CarPark unless you have a 4WD. Take the Princes Freeway to Traralgon, then head inland to Licola where you turn right just before the bridge and head up the Tamboritha Road. Take the left fork at the Junction (it's signposted) and keep going until you reach the Car Park - which will take a little while as it's not the best bit of gravel in the country.”
      • Narre Warren to Mt Howitt carpark (81km from Licola) takes 4.5hrs drive excluding stops
      • Licola to Mt Howitt carpark is ~2hrs drive
  • mainly gravel road from Licola to Jamieson is 91km and takes ~2hrs but it is a fantastic region to explore and camp along rivers and gets you to Eildon or Mansfield

Macalister Springs and Mt Howitt day hike

  • easy 15km return Howitt link day hike
    • camp before walk between Licola (85km from start) and Mt Howitt carpark at bush sites near water such as Breakfast Creek, Tali Karng car park, or Bennison Plains 200m down the Kellys Lane track, or can camp at Mt Howitt carpark but there is no water
    • Mt Howitt carpark to Macalister Springs is 5km, 1.5hrs and alternatively camp here, a few hundred metres NE of springs for more scenic site (water needs treatment!)
      • “the walk from the car park to Macallister Springs takes about 40 minutes, an hour or so if you take the loop around the Wonnongatta Spur cliffs - which is worth the extra time and effort”
    • Macalister Springs to Mt Howitt 2.5km, 1hr with under 200m ascent, then return the same route
      • “from the Springs it's about another hour across Macallister Saddle (with extra time to appreciate the stunning views of Speculation, the Viking/Razor Wilderness and the Terrible Hollow) and up to Howitt itself.”



Macalister Springs to Mt Speculation via the Crosscut Saw

water availability

  • from north to south:
    • Catherine Saddle (head south 200 metres towards the Wonnangatta River)
    • Camp Creek where it crosses the Speculation Road
    • Stanley Name Spur at the campsite near the Cross Cut Saw
    • Macalister Springs (can sometimes be unreliable in late summer)
    • Hellfire Creek campsite on saddle between Howitt and Magdala (is sometimes reduced to a drip at dry times)

Bryce's Gorge, waterfalls and Guy's Hut day circuit

The Crinoline

  • Mt Ligar, north of Licola in the Alps
  • 23km mod-diff walk requires a car shuffle, starts at Breakfast Creek and ends at Tamboritha Saddle and requires carrying water for whole hike, and preferably start the walk after camping at Breakfast Creek
  • Breakfast Creek to Long Hill Ck camp site after passing The Crinoline is 8.5km, 3.5-4hrs with steep 900m ascent to the Crinoline over 6.5km and a fairly flat finish after 150m descent from The Crinoline
  • Long Hill Ck camp site to Tamboritha Saddle has two ascents 200m to Long Hill (1290m) then a scenic descent (views to north of Mt Clear, Magdala and Howitt) past the Rock Shelter and a 400m ascent up a 4WD track
  • optionally return to Breakfast Creek along a section of McMillans Walking Track (MWT) crossing Mt Tamboritha (1509m) and Mt Little Tamboritha (1468m)

Mt Wellington, Lake Tali Karng and the Valley of Destruction

  • 37.5km, mod. grade requiring car shuffle and preferably starting walk after camping as per above
  • or, 33.5km mod. grade circuit via climbing Spion Kopje on return
  • there is water that needs treatment at 13.5km mark
  • McFarlane Saddle start (~1500m) to Mt Wellington 8km, 2-2.5hrs with total gains of around 300m
  • Mt Wellington to Lake Tali Karng camp site 11.5km mainly descent of 900m and a 150m gain past Millers Hut and takes 3-3.5hrs
  • Lake Tali Karng camp site descent to Tali Karng carpark 18km taking 5-5.5hrs along a faint track by the Wellington River requiring 15 river crossings which will keep your feet wet! A difficult part of the river is bypassed by climbing to Shaws Gap (~100m ascent) some 4km before the car park
  • optionally, return to McFarlane Saddle from Lake Tali Karng camp site via climbing Spion Kopje which is a 750m ascent over 5.5km taking 2-2.5hrs then a gentle descent back to carpark over 8.5km taking a further 2-2.5hrs
  • Clive Lanigan Walking track

Lake Tali Karng

  • this is the only natural alpine lake in Victoria, and is held behind a rock barrier created thousands of years ago
  • it is quite remote as its hike-in only
  • it is the source of the Wellington River
    • the underground stream it feeds emerges at the infant Wellington River 150m below in the Valley of Destruction.
  • Tali Karng is a sacred place to the Gunaikurnai and in keeping with their law, Aboriginals are not allowed to go there.

Moroka Gorge, Snowy Bluff

  • avoid after heavy rains as Moroka River will not be crossable
  • remote wilderness experience with cascades and if you walk to Snowy Bluff then great remote views but tracks may be overgrown and stinging nettles can be problematic for your legs
  • Snowy Bluff is 43km return of moderate grade
  • camp before walk at Horseyard Flat
  • Horseyard Flat to Moroka Gorge 5km, 1.5hrs, 150m descent
  • Moroka Gorge to Shanty Hollow camp site via Moroka Falls (backpack off for short walk along river) is 7km, 2.5-3hrs with 350m ascent
  • Shanty Hollow camp site to east peak of Snowy Bluff (1323m) and return is 20km 5.5-6.5hrs with initial 300m ascent, some ups and downs then 200m ascent to Snowy Bluff
  • Shanty Hollow camp site back to Horseyard Flat 11km 3-3.5hrs
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