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waterfalls of the Otway Ranges

the main easily accessible waterfalls for tourists in a hurry

  • Erskine falls near Lorne
  • Hopetoun falls near Beech Forest
  • Triplet Falls near Beech Forest

waterfalls by region

Lorne region

  • Erskine Falls
  • Cora Lynn Cascades
  • Henderson Falls
  • Won Wondah Falls
  • Phantom Falls
  • Sheoak Falls
  • Upper/Lower Kalimna Falls

Apollo Bay region

along the Great Ocean Road

  • Carisbrook Falls
    • from Lorne to Apollo Bay, at ~4km past Cape Patton Lookout, park car at the Carisbrook Creek
    • 400m uphill walk to viewing platform
    • there is also an overgrown track on the Apollo Bay side of the creek which takes you to the base of the falls
  • Urquhart's Falls (private property)
    • on private property on the right just before you get to Apollo Bay from Skene's Creek
    • visible from Great Ocean Road but water only after rains as small catchment area
  • Marriners Falls (closed)
    • a beautiful walk and nice falls via Barham Valley Rd and Paradise Valley, unfortunately has been CLOSED since 2011 as risk of trees falling on tourists was deemed too high and the track has not been made safe after storm damage
  • Shelly Beach/Elliot River picnic ground region
    • Elliot River Falls
      • take the Elliot River Loop walk down to Elliot River falls (just upstream from its mouth at the ocean)
      • if low tide, check out Geary River Falls too (see below)
      • can continue in a loop back to picnic ground (total 4.5km 2hr mod. grade walk) or walk back up to picnic ground
    • Geary River Falls (low tide only)
      • from the mouth of Elliot River and walk along beach (right from river mouth ie. westwards) for 500m to another small river mouth, walk upstream 100m to a small, pretty waterfall
  • Cape Otway / Blanket Bay area
    • Rainbow Falls on the beach
      • option 1 access:
        • at 7km down the Cape Otway Rd, turn right onto Manna Gum Rd and go to Bimbi Park camping ground
        • 3hr return reasonably flat walk apart from final steep sand dune, watch for tides and large waves!
      • option 2 access:
        • park at Cape Otway Lighthouse
        • 3.5km walk via cliff tops
    • Mirage Falls, Iluka Falls and Lower Parker River Falls
      • take the right 4WD track ~1km along Blanket Bay Road, then take the left 4WD track through the gate (leave gate as found) and continue 1.5km to Parker River Camping Ground
      • steep and slippery 10min walk down to beach
      • for Mirage Falls, wade across the river if safe, take the G.O. Walk track up the hill for 50m then go left into forest for 60m to a small stream, walk upstream 75m to the falls
      • for Lower Parker River Falls, just before reaching the beach, turn left into an unmarked track through swampy reeds for 75m - this requires difficult bush trekking on a steep hill unless you have waders to walk through the swamp, so perhaps avoid this one
      • for Iluka Falls, as for Mirage Falls but instead of walking up the hill, continue at beach level to a rock face where a small creek falls
    • Upper Parker River Falls
      • no track for the 500m bush trekking walk from road - use GPS to find your way back!
    • Upper/Lower Blanket Bay Falls
      • park car at Blanket Bay bush camping area day visitors park
      • for Upper falls, take the Katabanut Loop Walking Track, walk up hill 100m
        • access to base of falls is via 30m bush trek down the hillside
      • for Lower falls, walk to mouth of the Blanket Bay Creek (walk left past the boat launching area for 100m)
        • falls are 80m upstream via a track that passes through campsites


Tanybryn / Mt Sabine

Turton's Track

  • this is a beautiful slow drive through cool temperate rainforest from Tanybryn to Beech Forest
  • Wild Dog Falls
    • ~4hr mod-difficult return walk
    • 4.5km west of the start of Turton's Track from Tanybryn
    • park car at Wild Dog Track (don't confuse with Wild Dog Road) which is not signposted but located prior to a logging truck warning sign, and has a locked gate and access is for management vehicles and bushwalkers only
    • walk up Wild Dog Track for 5min and take a poorly maintained walk track to the left.
    • walk 1.5hrs along this moderate track then descend steeply assisted by steps and guide rope to the creek level
    • also, 100m upstream from the falls are the Jack Philips Cascades

Beech Forest region

  • Beauchamp Falls
    • 1hr return “mod-difficult” walk, camping area - bring drinking water & firewood; no litter;
    • Eberwaldt Falls (4WD, bush trek)
      • just prior to the Beauchamp Falls car park, turn left down an unmarked 4WD track (Deppeler Creek Rd) for 1.5km until the road turns left, park here
      • enter bush on right side and walk through undergrowth to the creek
  • Hopetoun Falls
    • easy walk down steps - if you are short for time, do this one and perhaps Triplet Falls
    • ~0.5km past the turn off to the falls is a lovely little picnic ground at a bridge over the river with a unique peaceful, tall Californian Redwood forest plant planted in 1939
  • Triplet Falls

Lavers Hill region

  • Upper/Lower Johanna Falls and Wangerip Falls (both private property)
    • 4km down the Blue Johanna Road from G.O.R. until Scorcies Access is reached on right hand side
    • access and directions require permission from owners as is on private property
  • Melba Gully
    • Madsen Falls
      • visible from the exit road at Melba Gully
      • walk 50m back up the road from the car park, falls are on the left
      • cross to other side of creek via a track at the foot of a dam just above the waterfall then descend down the cliff for a better view
    • Annes Cascade
      • 35min loop walk from car park
  • Moonlight Head region
    • Milanesia Beach Falls (low tide only, falls only after heavy rains)
      • 8km past Lavers Hill, turn left onto Hider Access Rd for 2km then turn right onto Milanesia Track to the locked gate
      • 30min steep and slippery walk down to the beautiful beach
      • walk left towards lion Headland with very nice cliff and rock formations
  • Glasgow Falls
    • from Beech Forest towards Lavers Hill, turn right onto Mt McKenzie Rd for 9km then take Morris Track (no signpost) on the left to the bottom of the hill and park near the Chapple Creek bridge
    • walk 80m back up Morris Track from the bridge, climb a small embankment and enter bush on right, bush trek 200m for a glimpse of the falls
  • Lavers Hill-Cobden Road access
    • initially bitumen, this soon becomes a poorly maintained potholed gravel road to Simpson which will take about 45min if you persevere along the road and then make a circuit back to Laver's Hill via Port Campbell and the Twelve Apostles (if you just want to drive through a lovely rainforest, choose Turton's Track instead)
    • Upper Chapple Falls
      • ~1.5km from Lavers Hill, unmarked, difficult to find, walking track on right distinguishable only be a reflective marker on a tree
    • Skinner Creek Falls
      • ~3.5km from Lavers Hill, the seasonal 4WD only Skinners Creek Track is on the left (park car here)
      • walk or drive 2.5km until Skinners Creek is reached (the second bridge)
      • walk through thick bush to the creek from an area 20m before the bridge
      • waterfall is just downstream from bridge
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