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bushwalks in Wilsons Promontory (The Prom)


  • Wilson's Promontory is Victoria's premier coastal bushwalking region
  • the main camp ground and car access is Tidal River where the information centre is sited and there are a large number of camping sites plus cabins and water, toilets and a shop
  • you must book online to camp overnight anywhere in the National Park and carry a overnight hikers permit if camping overnight in the walk-in only camp sites (these sites have a maximum of 2 consecutive night stays and very limited facilities - no toilet paper, and you should treat any water, and carry out all food scraps and rubbish).
  • camp ground at Tidal River is nice but too crowded in peak periods but does have hot showers, nice amenities, free gas BBQs, etc but you must ensure there are no food or shampoo smells inside your tent or the wombats will destroy your tent
  • be aware that most of the walks are fairly exposed to the sun, although temperatures are much cooler than in Melbourne, and often much more windy and wet, however, on extreme days bushfires and floods can occur
  • also take note of tide times as some walks requiring crossing river inlets
  • the cafe at Tidal River closes at 4-4.30pm and there is no petrol within the park
  • there are general stores and petrol at Yanakie and Sandy Point but these close around 5-6pm
  • you will need to provide your own evening meals!
  • the Telegraph Saddle carpark on Mt Oberon is closed in summer and peak periods - you will need to catch the shuttle bus!
  • nearby accommodation use Prom Country accommodation website rather than other commercial accommodation websites which tend not to be well supported in rural areas:
    • Sandy Point
    • Yanakie
    • Fish Creek

short walks

northern part

  • the Big Drift
    • 2km 30-40m easy walk to the massive dunes which you can explore for an hour or two
    • don't get lost on a windy day as your footprints will rapidly disappear
    • great for sunsets with good views of the prom and across to Walkerville but no beach access
    • avoid on hot sunny days
  • Cotters Lake and beach
    • 1.2km easy walk across the middle of a swamp to a remote but non-descript exposed long beach
    • great for bird watches or those who wish to get out by themselves away from crowds but otherwise not worth it if you are short on time
  • Millers Landing and Verdeker Lookout
    • accessed via the Five Mile Road which has a multitude of wallabies and some kangaroos
    • nice walk down to a mangrove swamp - the most southern in Australia
    • the walk back up the circuit and then to the boulder lookout is uphill nearly all the way, although the final walk to the higher Verdeker Lookout was overgrown when I was there Oct 2016
    • gives good views across north-east aspect of the Prom
  • Darby River and Beach
    • easy 1.1km from the carpark to the beach through nice spring wild flowers
    • beach is not the greatest but an option if you want to get away from crowds
  • Whisky Bay beach
    • 400m nice easy walk from carpark where there is a toilet and picnic table
    • lovely beach with massive boulders at each end - well worth exploring
  • Picnic Bay beach
    • adjacent to Whisky Bay and easily walk from that beach or accessed from its own car park
    • nice beach with few people
  • Darby River to Tongue Point
    • 3.8km, 2hr moderate walk each way gives views over north-west coastline
    • Tongue Point has stacks of weathered granite
  • Darby Saddle to Tongue Point
    • 5.6km, 2.5mod-hard walk each way
  • Darby River to Darby Saddle via Fairy Cove and Tongue Point
    • 9.4km, 3-3.5hrs, mod-hard walk one way thus ideally requires a car shuttle, combining the above two walks

southern part near Tidal River camping ground

  • Lilly Pilly Gully nature walk and Mt Bishop lookout
    • options are:
      • the easy 3km each way return walk
      • a more challenging uphill return walk (total 5.2km 2-3hr mod walk) with a side option of additional 4.4km return walk ascending to the Mt Bishop lookout
      • 3.7km 1.5hr mod. walk up to Mt Bishop then return
    • fire affected regenerating rainforest is pretty
    • optional 600m boardwalk circuit through the swamp forest with a little creek at the end of the walk
    • can park at the start of the walk, or walk from Tidal River via the link track 1km, 20min easy walk
  • Squeaky Beach
    • accessible from by foot (2.1km 50min mod. walk over the hill) from Tidal River or a short drive to its car park and a 300m easy walk
    • a most beautiful beach with lovely large boulders at each end and soft sand with its rounded granules which make a squeak when you walk on them
    • from the car park you will need to cross a shallow stream and this means getting your shoes off and feeling the sand
    • this beach often gets crowded with kids exploring the maze of rocks at the northern end
  • Pillar Point
    • a walk from Tidal River starting at the footbridge and ascends to the tip of this little promontory giving views back to Tidal river and also across Leonard Bay and Squeaky Beach which can then be accessed via a side walk
  • Tidal River and Norman Beach
    • low tide along Tidal river is a lovely area to explore with it orange coloured moss on the granite boulders lining its northern edge
    • Loo-Ern track along the south side of the river 1km long easy walk
    • beach is popular on warmer days for beach cricket, etc as it is adjacent to the camp ground
  • Tidal Overlook
    • 1.9km 40min moderate walk up the hill for views, or 3.8km 1.5hr return circuit walk
  • South Norman beach and Little Oberon Bay
    • 4.1km, 1.5hr easy-mod walk each way starts at Tidal River Terrace toilet block
    • 300m option to Norman Point
  • Mt Oberon summit
    • drive to the Mt Oberon car park then a strenuous steady uphill 1hr walk along a meandering gravel road on the south-east (hence in shade on late afternoon) 3.4km walk with ascent of some 360m culminating in a steep section of steps to wonderful views over Tidal River and south - a must do at sunset but beware it will be windy and cold up there and you may want to bring a torch for the walk back
  • Telegraph Saddle to Tidal River via Oberon Bay
    • 16.9km, 5.5hr easy/mod walk but need to collect your car from the Mt Oberon car park
  • Sealers Cove
    • 9.5km 3-5hr return moderate-hard walk to a remote beach but is often very muddy which can make it hard going
    • leaves from Mt Oberon carpark

southern overnight hikes

  • Telegraph Saddle to Sealers Cove camp ground
    • 10km one way, 3hr walk down (perhaps 3.5hrs walk back) starting at 200m elevation and then climbs to 340m elevation before descending down to the beach past Sealers Swamp (boardwalk) giving a total ascent of around 600m and descent of 600m and it could be done in just over 2.5hrs each way if fit and without heavy backpacks although the return is mainly ascent and can be brutal to do in one day - hiking poles worthwhile.1)
    • if planning to camp at Sealers Cove, check the tides as you have to cross to the south side of the tidal Sealers Creek which is 200mm deep at low tide and 1.5m deep at high tide!
    • need to purify the water, bring toilet paper, etc and bring insect repellents as mosquitoes and march flies can be troublesome and watch out for tiger snakes
  • Telegraph Saddle - Sealers Cove - Refuge Bay - Little Waterloo Bay circuit

northern overnight hikes

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