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campgrounds in Rubicon valley


  • nice free campgrounds alongside a fast flowing mountain stream
  • drop toilets
  • nice walks to do:
    • Rubicon heritage walk mainly alongside the old tramway and waterway - SEC sawmill and up to Rubicon Dam
      • hint: drive up Royston Rd and park at junction of Rubicon River Rd
    • Rubicon Falls walk and Rubicon Falls Dam
  • short drive to Snob's Creek Falls
  • not far from Eildon

Getting there

  • ~2hrs from Melbourne via Healesville and Buxton
  • ~2hrs 15min via Yea and Alexandra
  • brief section of gravel road

Nearby campgrounds

Kendall's campground

  • the 1st campground on the gravel road
  • nice grassy areas and not far from the stream
  • closes Kings BDay to Cup Day

Rubicon Boys campground

  • further up the mount and closer to the Rubicon hydro-electric power station
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