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Murray River camping in the Tocumwal region


  • the small town of Tocumwal lies on the NSW side of the Murray River almost mid-way between Echuca and Yarrawonga and the areas nearby are popular camping, fishing and boating destinations
  • it is close to the towns of Cobram and Barooga

Getting there

  • Tocumwal is 3hrs (262km) NW of NW suburbs of Melbourne via Shepparton so this route can be affected by flooding of the Goulburn River

Flood and weather watch

  • unlike Echuca and Koondrook, the area is NOT subject to flooding due to flooding of the Goulburn and Campaspe Rivers as these enter the Murray River downstream near Echuca (the Broken River which passes through Benalla joins the Goulburn River at Shepparton)
  • it IS subject to flooding from the Upper Murray, and the eastern rivers such as Ovens River (drains into Lake Mulwala at Yarrawonga) and Mitta Mitta River (drains into Lake Hume at Tallangatta)
    • Note that a large Murray flood upstream from Barmah is not indicative of future Murray flooding downstream between Echuca and Swan Hill as the Barmah Choke restricts Murray River flows past Barmah to around 35,000 ML/d with the balance being forced northwards into NSW along the Edwards River.
      • in addition, some of the floodwaters from the Goulburn River which enters downstream of Barmah Lake and just upstream of Echuca will flow upstream and into the Edward River system
    • Barmah:
      • Oct 2022 was the highest level since 1974 and was 7.32m with flows of nearly 39,000ML/d

Nearby amenities

  • Tocumwal township
  • Cobram township
  • Barooga township
  • Strathmerton township
  • Shepparton
    • regional city
    • major hospital
    • 1hr (75km) to Sth

Nearby attractions

Camping sites on the Murray River

  • in addition to these named camp grounds, there may be other bush camps in the region - see wikicamps!
  • virus carrying mosquitoes can cause severe illness along the Murray River regions - take precautions to minimise bites
    • Murray Valley encephalitis, Barmah Forest encephalitis, Ross River fever, and now Japanese encephalitis if there are pig farms nearby
  • MOST camp areas do NOT have toilets or potable water! Bring plenty of water!
  • area subject to flooding and track damage - CHECK conditions BEFORE going! Most areas do NOT have mobile reception!
  • venomous snakes are common near waterways and may be displaced after floods - take first aid gear and be watchful
    • unlike most of Victoria, the Murray region is also home to nocturnal tree dwelling non-venomous pythons such as the Murray Darling Carpet Snake and the Diamond Python
  • do NOT swim in flood waters - they carry a lot of bacteria as well as toxic chemicals from industries and farms
  • do NOT camp under the river red gums, branches can fall without warning even on dry sunny days with no wind and this can be fatal - in addition, whole trees can fall over in strong winds after floods
  • it can get VERY HOT with severe storms in summer - take precautions!
    • hot conditions encourage excessive alcohol intakes, aggressive behaviours and loss of tolerance - so take care to reduce risks of aggressive behaviours and manage them safely
  • Barmah National Park
  • Ulupna region
    • Strathmerton Ulupna Island camp spot
    • Lagoon Beach
    • Ulupna Beach 2?
    • Carter's Beach
    • Doctors Beach
    • Wide Beach
    • Pump Beach
    • Breens Beach
  • Tocumwal region and upstream to Cobram
    • Woperana campground (NSW side)
    • Syndicate Beach (NSW side)
    • Ulupna beach 1?
    • Hennessy Beach
    • Ardley Beach (NSW side)
    • Tocumwal Town Beach (NSW side)
    • Finley Beach
    • Whites Beach (NSW side)
    • Boomangong Beach
    • Bouchiers Beach
    • Weiss Beach
    • Smithers Beach (NSW side)
    • Davies Beach
    • Dead River Beach
    • Little Toms Beach
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