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Camping in Victoria:

  • the most popular time for camping in Victoria is at Easter with the milder temperatures, less likely to be windy and wet.
  • summer camping tends to be mainly in Alpine regions (if there are no bushfires) and coastal regions.
  • bring sufficient drinking water to most camp sites as water supplies cannot be guaranteed.
  • don't camp under large tree branches (especially River Red Gums) as they may drop unexpectedly and kill.
  • prevent bushfires by ensuring any camp fires are appropriate, controlled and not left unattended. Camp fires are not allowed on days of Total Fire Bans.
  • see ParkWeb for details and booking if needed. Parks Victoria ph: 131 963.
  • favorite camping sites:
      • Tidal River at Wilson's Promontory - book well in advance - beaches, hiking, river, wombats, wildlife
        • ballot for sites at peak season between Dec 23-Jan 27th with minimum 1wk stay during these times, otherwise 1st in, best site.
      • Cape Conran - unfortunately burnt down in 2020
      • Croajingalong National Park - far east of Victoria, beautiful coastal scenery
        • unfortunately burnt down in 2020
        • 4 camping grounds, main one is at Wingan Inlet between hills and shores of an estuary
        • bookings over summer essential via Mallacoota Parks Victoria office ph: 5161 9500
      • Buchan Caves Reserve - hot showers, lawned camping area
        • Wilderness Retreats - hotel style luxury on a camping ground
        • must book during summer holidays - ph: 131 963
      • Snowy River National Park
        • north of Buchan;
        • McKillop's Bridge campground; no grass; open woodland on a slope above the Snowy River. Pit toilet; steep approach is not suitable for caravans.
        • short drive to Victoria's deepest gorge - Little River Gorge.
      • Johanna camp site - adjacent a very rough surf beach
      • Ryans Den campsite - on a ridge top
      • register via
      • Blanket Bay near cape Otway
        • circle of 22 camp sites in coastal scrub with 19-22 being the best but 16 & 17 almost as good.
        • ballot for sites over Xmas/NYr period; not suitable for caravans.
      • Cumberland River Holiday Park near Lorne - great for families; river bank sites adjacent a beach.
      • Lake Elizabeth - near Forrest, grassy sites in tall timber and fern setting; must park car short distance above it. Pit toilets, water tank, shores of a lake.
      • 9 drive in camp sites along the Glenelg River in the limestone region of Victoria's far west.
      • must book via Nelson Visitor Information Centre ph: 8738 4051
      • Hall's Gap - 2 commercial sites
      • Stapylton camping ground is arguably the best of the rest - pit toilets, room for caravans, views across the sandstone walls of the Mount of Olives and a short stroll to Aboriginal rock art of Ngamadjidj.
      • Kooyoora State Park near Inglewood - once a hideout of bushranger Captain Melville
        • one of the few parks that allows dogs.
        • tangled landscape good for orienteering challenges
        • toilets and wood BBQ's.
      • lots of camping sites along the Murray River just watch out for the mosquitoes (they carry an encephalitis virus) and the deadly dropping of large River Red Gum tree branches (don't camp underneath them).
      • Barmah State Park
      • Ulupna island
      • downstream on the Murray River. Perhaps too hot for summer camping. see comments above for Murray River.
      • Lake Hattah campground
        • good walks  but can be dusty and hot
      • Murray-Kulkyne Park - on the Murray River
      • Cathedral Range State Park - koalas and lyrebirds
      • Upper Yarra Reservoir Park - hot showers, camp kitchen; must book at peak season ph: 131 963
      • Warburton camping ground - commercial

Looking for koalas?

  • these are much harder to spot in the wild than kangaroos - you have to look up!
  • koalas do not normally share trees, and, in prime quality habitat, have territories ranging from 1.2 to 1.7 hectares.
  • koalas are nocturnal animals, and are most active just after sunset, and their calls at night can be very loud and intimidating to campers, although harmless if left alone.
  • avoid trying to pick up injured wildlife such as koalas as you may get injured from their claws - call the experts to assist on 136 186 or phone Wildlife Victoria's 24 hour animal rescue service on 13 000 WILDLIFE (13 000 94535).
  • Victoria has the highest population of koalas in the wild in Australia (and the world)
  • koalas need certain types of Eucalypt trees for nutrition and thus their distribution is restricted
  • in the 1830s, koalas were rarely encountered by European settlers. By the 1860s, koalas were increasing in population, possibly due to the decline in aboriginals who hunted them. By the early 1900s, koalas were heavily hunted by European settlers for their fur, which was exported to Europe. Consequently koala numbers crashed to very low levels.
  • from 1919 to 1924, eight million Koalas were killed for their furs.
  • koalas were almost wiped out in the 1920's but since then, sustained management programs have seen them occupy most available habitats in the state, to the extent that in some areas, there are too many placing strains on supply of suitable Eucalypt sources.
  • areas of over-population include Mt Eccles National Park, Snake Island, French Island, Raymond Island, and parts of the Otway forests.
  • of course, you can guarantee seeing one by visiting local zoos and wildlife centres such as Healesville Sanctuary or the Melbourne Zoo.

Looking for fairy penguins?

  • the best place to go is Phillip Island where each night you can watch the penguins swim ashore and walk to their nests.
  • this is one of Victoria's top tourist attractions.

Looking for kangaroos?

  • in many parts of Victoria, kangaroos are prevalent in the wild and pose a threat to cars at risk of hitting them as they jump across the road, this risk is highest at dawn and dusk, but also in the evening.
  • many golf courses have resident wild kangaroos that co-exist with golfers (eg. Anglesea in the Otways)
  • popular holiday spots with kangaroos nearby are the Grampians, the Otways, Phillip Island and places along the Murray River.


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