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Walhalla, Victoria


  • historic remote gold mining town


  • historic Long Tunnel gold mine with daily tours
  • historic buildings
  • start of the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) which ends in Canberra
  • Walhalla Goldfields Railway
  • 33min drive to Thomson Dam Wall and can do this as a loop with a 46min return trip passing Jay's Lookout
  • nearby Noojee to the west
    • historic trestle rail bridge
    • Toorongo and Amptheatre Falls
    • Noojee Falls
    • Glen Nayook Rainforest walk
  • 1.5hr drive from Noojee (slightly shorter route via Tanjil South, near Moe)
  • 1hr drive from Mount Baw Baw village
  • 1hr 44min to Licola and thence one can drive further NE to access Howitt Plains and Macalister Springs hike in camp ground and the Crosscut Saw alpine walk as well as Lake Tali Karng walks, The Crinoline, Bryce's Gorge, etc


  • 2hr 20min drive from Melbourne CBD via SE Freeway to Moe
  • 3hr 10min drive from Melbourne CBD via Eastern Fway, Ringwood, Yarra Junction, Powelltown, Tanjil South (near Moe)
  • 3hr 30min drive from Melbourne CBD via Eastern Fway, Ringwood, Yarra Junction, Powelltown, Noojee, Tanjil Bren
  • 2hrs 36min to Wilsons Promontory National Park - "The Prom" Tidal River camp ground

camp grounds

  • Walhalla free camp
    • free camp in Walhalla not as good for camping anymore, the area has been overrun by permanent camping residents
    • can camp at Chinese Gardens camp site or at the Star Hotel
  • Coopers Creek
    • access from Walhalla - the other direction is a private road and may not be accessible
  • Aberfeldy Bridge on Walhalla Rd
    • not as well known as Coopers creek camp as it is 45min 26km to the north and near Thompson Reservoir, ie, 16km and 26min to north of Walhalla
  • Thompson Bridge campground
  • Rawson Caravan Park
  • Mountain Rivers Tourist Park Rawson
  • Erica Caravan Park
  • O'Shea's Mill Site East Tyers campsite near Caringal
  • Mushroom Rocks hike in campground near Mount Erica
  • Toorongo Falls campground north of Noojee
  • Latrobe River campground west of Noojee
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