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Warburton's Bridge campground


  • picturesque free camp alongside the Loddon River
    • river can be fast flowing stream, or dry, or in flood
  • lots of grassy flat ground
  • large enough for some 30 or so sites
  • drop toilets
  • picnic tables
  • fire pits - BYO firewood and water
  • lots of shady spots
  • smaller secondary site a little further past the main entry to the big site (at the bridge)
  • best for solo or small groups of campers who just want to chill out around a camp fire near a river assuming no fire restrictions in force
  • not great for kids as not much for them to do other than play in the stream - if there is water running
  • BYO water and firewood

Check it out

Things to do

  • along side a nice stream
  • fishing for redfin, yabbies
  • chill out
  • bird watching
  • shallow water paddling
  • short walks - some tracks nearby to walk but no loops -just out and back
  • nearby heritage gold mining towns and mineral springs to explore

Getting there

  • 64min, 95km from NW suburbs via Malmsbury

Nearby campgrounds


  • Castlemaine
    • 16min, 15km
  • Malmsbury
    • 18min, 20km
  • Maldon
    • 25min 29km
  • Welshman's Reef caravan Park, Cairn Curran Reservoir
    • 26min 30km
  • Daylesford
    • 27min 35km
  • Hanging Rock
    • 38min, 51km
  • Mt Macedon
    • 45min, 60km
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