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getting a weather forecast when camping or off-grid


  • for most of us who are going on short camping trips we can get the weather forecast before we set out while we still have internet access and examples in Australia are here:
    • smartphone apps such as:
      • Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) - includes radar imagery
      • WillyWeather
      • local emergency and fire warning apps
  • but for those going off-grid for a longer period or when the internet goes down such as extreme weather events (strong winds, floods or bushfires knocking out the local electricity grid) or a rarely an extreme solar storm it is nice to have other options

Satellite-based weather messaging services

VHF or SW FM radio weather voice updates

  • you need a SW or VHF radio capable of accessing the correct frequency - see radio for campers
  • in America, one usually would rely upon the NOAA weather radio or WeatherRadio Canada
    • these are usually in the 161-164MHz ranges (VHF)
  • in Australia:

Shortwave radio weather faxes

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