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wild dogs and dingoes in Australia


  • dingoes are the native wild dogs in Australia and are mainly seen on Fraser Island where they can be dangerous, especially to younger children
  • wild dogs can be problematic elsewhere especially in the alpine areas and these are often cross-breeds with dingoes
  • Fraser Island and dingoes
  • dingoes breed season March-May and there are some 100-200 on Fraser Island in around 20 packs - see Being dingo safe on Fraser Island
    • don't walk alone especially to a rubbish bin - if need to toilet have someone stand guard
    • don't go to rubbish bins at night
    • don't jog or run it excites them and if a dingo approaches don't run, but face it and preferably carry a stick and keep yourself between the dingo and a child
    • don't play with them
    • don't keep food or backpacks in tents - use food stores at camp ground or keep in a car
    • dingoes may tear a backpack from you
    • if kids under 14yrs use fenced camp grounds only
    • there are on the spot fines up to $10,000 for getting too close or interacting with dingoes!
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