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tips for using your Canon R system


Using other system lenses

Canon EF lenses

  • 3 Canon EF-RF lens adapters which are compatible with Canon EF lenses and Canon EF-S lenses:
    • standard $US99
    • customizable control ring $US199
    • rear drop in filter mount adapter with filter rotation thumb dial $US299 with CPL filter, or $US399 with variable ND filter

Manual focus only adapters

  • there are a multitude of MF adapters which will fit Canon EF mounts and can be used with the above Canon EF to RF adapters to allow most dSLR and legacy film SLR lenses to be adapted, but Leica M 35mm camera system lenses and Canon FD lenses will not be possible via this route as these will need a direct adapter to get infinity focus
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