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Robert Ayton (1840-1886) family tree diagram

Abbreviated family tree highlighting those in Tasmania and Victoria

William AYTON
(c. 1750 - ?)
Norfolk, Eng
(1754 - 1797) m. 16th May 1775 at South Creake, Docking
m. Robert CHAMBERS (1771-1851), 5 daughters
Cheary AYTON
William AYTON
John Edward AYTON
b. Syderstone d. Morley, Norfolk
(1785 - ?)
m. 16 June 1806 in Syderstone, Norfolk
Thomas AYTON
Edward AYTON
Richard AYTON
Mary AYTON twin
(c1809-1887) m. 15th Feb 1835 at Tattersett, Norfolk
William AYTON
labourer of Docking, Norfolk
in 1832:
'John Ayton 48, Edward Ayton 23, Thomas Ayton 24, and William Yaxley 17 for assisting in the escape of William Ayton from Robert Daw and Leslie Everitt, constables of. One calendar month’s imprisonment.’
m. in 1835
3 daughters, 5 sons
Thomas AYTON
m. in 1833
6 daughters, 2 sons
in 1848, FIRE broke out in a Syderstone thatched shed occupied by a Thomas Ayton and attached to three cottages inhabited by poor people
Sarah RAM
m. EA 1831
re-married to Henry Brown in England after Edward was transported to Tas
Edward AYTON
m. SR in 1831
Convict transported to Tas 1839
tobacconist shop owner 1854
m. Mary Ann HILL nee MOSS (-1854? apoplexy), only daughter died at 6 months
m. HW in 1856
set up a coach run from Nile to Deloraine
owned the Nile Hotel
had 3 more husbands but only the one child and that was to Edward
m. Rosetta CARMAN (1822-)
daughter Ann AYTON (1843-)
Maryanne Blackwood LANE
m. 6th Aug. 1868 in Longford, Tas
Robert AYTON

emigrated to Tasmania in 1862 and worked as a farm labourer and was found dead on the farm
emigrated to Tas in 1857
see here for details
Edward AYTON
ploughman emigrated to Tas in 1862
m.Ellen CLARKE / REEVE in 1880
had 3 daughters and a son Edward ?“Ted” AYTON (1882-)
m. Thomas YAXLEY (1833-1923) (brother of William Yaxley who had been imprisoned with the Aytons in 1832) and emigrated Tas in 1857
Mary Anne Ayton
m. John MITCHELL (1830-1899) in 1854
emigrated to Tas. in 1862
Edward / Edwin Henry AYTON (1857-1919)
had 2 daughters born in Charters Towers Qld
Ellen Anna KING
Hedley William AYTON
horsebreaker d. Ulverstone, Tas
Joshua George AYTON
never married
Mabel Mary AYTON
Robert Ernest AYTON
Moved to Melbourne in 1912, blacksmith for Sir Walter Lee and later, HV McKay in Sunshine
Edith Rosa Bean
m. 1903
Elsie Maria AYTON
d. Ulverston, Tas
Alice Susannah AYTON
m. Herbert Cassius WATERSON, d. Launceston
Effie Elizabeth AYTON
d. Launceston
Eva Lydia Jane AYTON
Ruby Albina AYTON
(1883-) ?d. NZ
Edith Christina LEE
m. 1893
Arthur Leslie STEWART
m. in 1895 in Vic
James Robert McNAMARA
Ruby May AYTON
d. Launceston
Robert Leslie AYTON
d. Launceston
Frederick Petty Percy STEWART
b. Richmond Vic d. Melb
Gwennyth STEWART
Elands Flora STEWART
Sarie Jean STEWART
buried Tas.
Mary Elizabeth McNAMARA
Pearl Elsie McNAMARA
Walter James McNAMARA
Maria Adaline BILLING
m. in 1899 in Sheffied, Tas
Elsie Maud AYTON
Arnold Charles AYTON
- a saddler
Hedley David (Bruss) Ayton
b&d. Ulverstone
Iris Margaret Ayton
Lila Francis Ayton
Winnifred Ida Ayton
Cliff Eric Ayton
evangelist, worked at HV McKay, d. kidney disease
Marion Joyce Fletcher
m. 1934
4 others died as infants Reginald Allan Ayton
d. melanoma
Arthur Albert Ayton
Isabella Phillips
m. 1939 in Williamstown, Vic
Jeffrey Archibald Ayton
refrigeration mechanic, butcher, shopkeeper d. Hodgkins lymphoma
Reta Glare
m. 1948
William John ANDERSON
Gwenneth Mary ANDERSON Effie Isobel ANDERSON Harold ANDERSON Reginald Ayton ANDERSON
Margery Jean ANDERSON
Kenneth Robert ANDERSON
boilermaker in Kensington, d. Werribee, Vic.
Maxwell James ANDERSON
Athol William ANDERSON
Aileen Dorothy ANDERSON
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