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William Charles GLARE (1875-1938) and Alberta Ann POPE

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William Charles GLARE and Alberta Ann POPE's wedding photo 1903: 

Pictured with relationships given as related to Michael Lea-Whyte:

Back row: William Pope, James Glare, Ernest Pope.
Next row: First from left, Grandma Sandy second (?) third Ann Hannah Pope nee Vaux, fifth, Aunt Carra ; sixth Janet Sandy, far left Catherine Sandy.
Next row: Edward Carra or Albert Carra, Edith May Carra, Miss Sandy; Hilda Ruby Pope; Groom William Glare, Bride Bertha Pope, Minnie Nereda Sandy nee
Pope, next Sandy son Leonard Eric on her knee.

At front: two girls


((Grandma Sandy is Agnes McAllister nee McDougall of Tambo Crossing, Aunty Carra is Elizabeth Anne Pope, the unidentifyed Carra's and Sandy's can be worked out from the chronology of childrens birthdates. I have added my GGGrandma Edith in italics from comparison from other photos.)))


The wedding took place on the 6th October 1903 at the holy trinity Church East Melbourne (MC)

“Elizabeth Ann Pope (Aunty Carra) was born in Hobartown 1844 to bonded Cornish Immigrants and married a Greek fortune seeker Demetrious raising 15 children on various Victorian Goldfields before establishing an orchard at Armstrongs and selling produce at Stawell and Arrarat. Ann Hannah Vaux was a Midwife and dairy farmer at Yarragon where the Popes also farmed. She married Elizabeth's brother Thomas who became a shoemaker. Agnes McAllister nee McDougall (Grandma Sandy) was born on Crooks Station in 1856 where her father John McAllister managed stock at 100 pounds per annum before selecting at Tambo Crossing and eventually establishing a Dairy at Bruthen in Gippsland. William and Bertha went on to have 6 children and managed a number of bakeries in New South Wales. A reunion held at Great Western in 2004 for the decendants of Demetrious Carra a Dutch East Indies trader and decendant of “The feared Hydran Karass of the Agean” who figured prominantly in the liberation of Greece and are still important shipping and wine producers today. Related families still farming today including Snell, Schnieder, Painter and Colin Carra in the west. Ford, Down, Katandra. Johnstone and McDougall East Gippsland. Alistar McAllister King River. Treloars Portland”



many thanks to Michael Lea-Whyte who kindly emailed me the photo for display here and the text, it was scanned from an original photo held by Laurie Vaux (Hotham).

Elizabeth Cameron “History of Sandy and McDougall families of East Gippsland”

Cassay Walton (Carra).

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