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Family Tree

Jeffrey Archibald AYTON
Reta GLARE (1926-2019)
m. in 1948
Robert Ernest AYTON
(1874-1972) b. Longford, Tas.
Blacksmith HVMcKay
d. Sunshine, Vic
Edith Rosa BEAN
John Henry GLARE (1891-1966)
m. in 1919)
d. Portland
Robert AYTON (1840-86)
emigrated to Tasmania in 1862 to join his cousins and convict uncle Edward
Maryanne Blackwood LANE (1843-1919)
only 12 yrs old when the Schomberg sunk near the 12 Apostles in Vic
m. in 1868
Henry BEAN (1835-1903)
Maria DENNIS (1842 - 1917) Frederick Henry GLARE (1870-1959)
Susan Alicia STAFFORD (1872-1942)
m. 1891
Arthur John HUTCHESSON (1869-1960)
Martha Jane BRILL (1874-1965)
William AYTON (1807-87)
brother of convict Edward who was transported to Tas in 1839
Mary WELLS (1808-87) Robert LANE (1826-1904)
emigrated to Australia on the ill-fated Shomberg in 1855 with his wife Susannah and 6 children
Susan BLACKWOOD (1825-1908)
m. 1845
Robert BEAN (1814-1900)
Martha HUFF (1813-1886) James DENNIS (1813-88)
Frances SPINKS (1812-68) John Glare (1831-1910)
Frances Anne LOWE (1835-1901)
m. 1850
Samuel George STAFFORD (1841-1902)
emigrated Aust. on Maria Hay I in 1854
Maryanne Frances THOMAS (1843-1921)
m. 1864
Thomas HUTCHESSON (1845-1918)
arrived in Adelaide 1855 via the Almora
Elizabeth Ann BAKER (1851-1942)
b. Devon, Eng.
m. 1865
William BRILL (changed name from James Ebenezer LITCHFIELD)
Rachel BROWN (changed name from Rachel BATTY)
m. 1866
John AYTON (1785-?)
Syderstone, Norfolk
son of William AYTON (1763-?) and Mary WACY (1754-97)
m. Anne BARNES
MWParents Richard LANE (1788-1874)
born, died in Norfolk
m. Lydia Gooch
James BLACKWOOD (1800-49)
b&d. Norfolk
m. Jane RINGWOOD (1796-?)
Robert BEAN (1779-1859)
b&d. Suffolk
m. Lucy COOK (1783-1854)
Simon HUFF (c1775-c1829)
b. Suffolk
m. Susan CALVER (c1780-c1851)
Dennis parents Spinks parents James GLARE (1803-76)
Swiss father b. Middlesex to Abram Joseph GLARE (1755-?) of Chevilly, Vaud, Switzerland and Arabella DAVIES (1763-? m. 1786) of Middlesex
convict transported to Tas 1820
moved to Port Fairy
m. Eliza Sophia MILLS (1814-60)
granddaughter of Capt. John BRABYN (1758-1835) b. Cornwall who settled in Sydney in 1796
daughter of Lt Peter Burnett French MILLS arr. Aust 1805 with Capt Bligh
niece of the Mills brothers who founded Port Fairy in 1826
m. 1830
John Frederick LOWE
( - 1853)
m. Mary McSWEENEY in 1836
John Sevior STAFFORD (1820-1887)
b. Bristol, Gloucestershire to parents George STAFFORD and Mary SEVIER
m. Jemima Smith GREEN in 1839
emigrated to Aust in 1854 with de facto Harriet POLE and their family
settled in Buninyong, Vic
William THOMAS
m. Nancy PHILLIPS?
Thomas HUTCHESSON snr (1806-1844)
Weisbech, Cambridgeshire
m. Mary CRANE
John Thomas BAKER
of Somerset
emigrated to Sth Australia on the barque Sea Park in 1852
m. Sarah WELSHMAN who also immigrated to Sth Aust in 1852
born c. 1811 at Elsworth/ Bourn, Cambridgeshire
a shepherd
m. Caroline Elizabeth PEDLEY (1816-1851) in Fenstanton in 1836
migrated in 1854 on the America with second wife, Ann Skeels and four children (Joseph, Elizabeth, James, and infant Bob born on board) & settled in Geelong district before moving to Donald
Abraham BATTY
family lived in Dewsbury, W. Yorkshire
m. Martha WILSON (1817-1880) of Reighton in 1840
emigrated on the Andromache in 1848
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