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John Pinner c1802 family


  • the Pinner family is not directly related to my family but had close ties with the Robert Ayton family when they were in Tasmania in the 1860's onwards.
  • John PINNER (c1802-) and wife Elizabeth HUBBARD and children including Hannah who in 1859 m. Othanial DIXON who arrived on the Whirlwind, and Eliza who in 1867 m. George UPSTON who arrived on the Southern Eagle, and Mercy who in 1862 m. Robert BEAN jnr who arrived on the same ship as the Pinner family, the Trade Wind 22 Feb 1858.

family tree descendants chart

John Pinner (1802-1879) of Larling, Norfolk, England, died in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

  • son of John Pinner and Elizabeth Goodens
  • married Elizabeth HUBBARD (1802-) of Bridgham, Norfolk, England
  • John and his family emigrated to Tasmania from England on the Trade Wind 22 Feb 1858
  • David PINNER (1830-1909)
    • m. Mary McIntosh (1840-1906) of Scotland in May 1861 in Launceston
    • Elizabeth PINNER (1861-)
  • Ellen Maria PINNER (1833-1910)
    • m. John HUDSON (1828-) of Hockham, Norfolk, England in 1854 in Hockham
    • William Hudson b: 1835 in England
    • Martha Hudson b: 1840 in England
  • Hannah PINNER (1840-1887)
    • m. Othanial DIXON (1833-) of Norfolk, England in 1859 in Launceston
  • Eliza PINNER (1843-1915)
    • m. George John UPSTON (1839-1924) of Attleborough, Norfolk, England (emigrated Southern Eagle arrived 28 Aug 1857) in 1867 in Bracknell, Tasmania, Australia
    • Emma UPSTON (1869-)1)
      • m. James David TUCKER (1869-) of Deloraine in 1891 in Emu Bay, Tas.
      • Frank TUCKER (1892-)
      • Rose May TUCKER (1891-)
      • Herbert TUCKER (1894-1894)
      • Ruby TUCKER (1895-)
      • William Frederick TUCKER (1896-)
      • Martha TUCKER (1898-)
      • Charles Henry TUCKER
    • Eleanor May UPSTON
  • Mercy PINNER (1845-1919)
    • m. Robert BEAN jnr (1838-1914) (son of Robert BEAN snr (1809-1900) and Martha HUFF (1813-1886) all of whom emigrated to Tasmania from England on the Trade Wind 22 Feb 1858) in 1862 in Cleveland, Tasmania, Australia
    • owned The Mill at Llewellyn and later in Fingal
    • Robert BEAN's niece, Edith Rosa BEAN (1878-1947) married my grandfather, Robert Ernest AYTON (1874-1972) c1903 who was son of Robert Ayton snr (1840-1886)
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