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ancestors of Australian ex-PM, Kevin Rudd

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  • I have included the Prime Minister's ancestral tree here to show there is NO evidence of ANY connection with my ancestors despite his ancestors also being convicts from England and my ancestors having married into the RUDD family.
  • this information is derived from that published in The Age, Sunday, Jan. 20th, 2008
  • from The Rudd/Cable Book, written and compiled by Mary Jean Firth:
    • Thomas Rudd, the son of Thomas and Mary Rudd was born on 28th August 1766 at Bermondsey, London and baptised at St. Olave, London .   He was tried by Middlesex Jury and was convicted with Thomas Cawdle for the theft of a bag of sugar valued at three shillings and sixpence.  His indent states: “Thomas Rudd  .. London Gail Delivery 19.2.1801. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation”.
    • Thomas arrived in Australia on the transport 'Earl Cornwallis' from England 10.6.1801.
  • from relative, Richard Cowan (1), which was derived from Mary Wade to Us – A Family History, 1778-1986
    • Thomas Rudd raised a family at Campbelltown which included 4 sons, Thomas junior and Edward (the youngest) being two of them.
    • The Robertson land acts encouraged the sons to select land towards Wagga and Albury, where they began farming.
    • Edward and his wife, Sarah, had land  by the Albury Road and raised a family of eleven (7 girls, 4 boys) .
    • Thomas jnr married Sophia at St Peter's, Campbelltown, lived for a time on a farm given to them by his father at Airds, then moved to a property called “Tenandra”, near Gundagai;  they also had eleven children (10 girls, 1 boy). 


ancestors of ex-PM Kevin Rudd:

  • Albert Edward RUDD (1918-) b. Wagga, NSW, m. in 1948 in Nambour, Qld
    • Albert Edward (Edmond?) RUDD (1894-1973) of Wagga, NSW
      • John Albert RUDD (1865-) of Campbelltown, NSW
        • John RUDD (1841-1918) of Campbelltown, NSW
          • Edward RUDD (1818-1878) of Campbelltown, NSW
            • Thomas RUDD (1766-1830) of London, Eng, convict transported to Sydney in 1801 for stealing a bag of sugar
            • Mary KABLE / CABLE (1775-1860) of Essex, Eng, convict transported for stealing cloth
          • Sarah Elizabeth BROOKER (1823-1890) of Campbelltown, NSW
            • William BROOKER (1796-) of Norfolk Island
              • Jonathan BROOKER (1760-1833) of Kingston, Eng, convict transported to Norfolk Island
              • Mary WADE (1777-1859) of London, Eng, convict transported to Norfolk Island
                • Mary Wade – the 11-year girl who was transported to Australia on the Lady Juliana in 1790 for robbing an 8-year-old girl of her clothes. Mary was the youngest person on the all-female ship which has been dubbed “the floating brothel” and she had no family members with her.
            • Sophia Mary MITTON (1801-1892) of Paramatta, NSW - given death sentence?
              • John MITTON (1772-1853) of London, Eng - highwayman, convict transported to Sydney in 1791
              • Catherine LAHEY (c1773-1868) of London, Eng
        • Eliza Jane LARKIN (c1837-c1905) of Campbelltown, NSW
          • Mary LOVE (c1816-) of Cork, Ireland
      • Sarah Eliza WINNELL (1867-1958) of Wagga, NSW
    • Maud HARRISON (1898-1969) of Tumut, NSW
      • Joseph HARRISON (c1859-) b. in Yorkshire, UK
      • Julia SUTTON (c1863-) b. Essex, UK

brief outline of descendants of Thomas RUDD and Mary KABLE/CABLE:

  • Thomas RUDD jnr
    • m. Sarah
    • 7 daughters, 4 sons
    • John Joseph RUDD
      • Albert Percy RUDD
        • Albert Charles RUDD
  • Edward RUDD (1818-1878)
    • m. Sarah Elizabeth BROOKER
    • 10 daughters, 1 son
    • John RUDD (1841-1918) 
      • m. Eliza Jane LARKIN 
      • John Albert RUDD (1865-)
        • m. Sarah Eliza WINNELL
        • Albert Edmond RUDD (1894-1973)
          • m. Maud HARRISON
          • Albert Edward RUDD (1918-)
            • PM Kevin RUDD
  • others


  1. see Richard's article in Kith and Kin 89, June 2008.    Official Journal of Cape Banks Family History Society.
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