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Emigrants to Launceston, Tasmania 1855-62 by ship


  • they are included on my website as one of them married an AYTON and they came from the same region in England as my AYTON ancestors, furthermore, descendents of the BEAN family who emigrated from Suffolk married one of my direct line AYTON ancestors.
  • it is fascinating to see how a large number of families primarily from the Norfolk and Suffolk counties of England were offered assisted immigration to settle in the Launceston region where they became a close knit community and many of the children and descendents inter-married.
  • certainly, the AYTON's who came had additional incentive given their father Edward AYTON (1810-1875), who had been convicted and transported in 1837 appeared to be making a reasonable life for himself in Tasmania once he had gained his freedom.


Emigrants to Tasmania 1855-1862 via the Launceston Immigration Aid Society:

  • the following is derived from with further information from research by my mother, myself and others, and I have attempted to display the families by ship and then their origin to hopefully reveal close ties.

per the "Whirlwind" arriving Launceston 31st March 1855

NFK residents

  • John RUDD (c1810-1893) of Illington, NFK & his wife Elizabeth CLARK (c1817-) of Barnham, Suffolk (who he m. in 1838 in Thetford)  and family including daughter Harriett who would marry Robert AYTON.
    • 1851 Illington Census gives John & Elizabeth and 7 children including William (11yrs), John (10), Harriot (7yrs).
    • son Robert (1842-1855) d. en route.
    • son Robert James Rudd (1858-) was born in Longford, Tas.
  • William BENNETT (c1829-) of NFK
  • John BILHAM/BELHAM (c1830-) of NFK, wife Susannah COOK and family
  • Robert BANNAN (c1818-) of Diss, NFK and family, his daughter Mary later married Charles TABOR also on this ship.
  • William BUNNETT (c1829-) of NFK
  • Daniel BROOKS (c1830-) of NFK, wife Louisa DOE/DOW and daughter who died en route.
  • Edmund CLARKE (c1821-) of Woodrising NFK, his wife Dinah EKE and his family
  • Robert CLARKE (c1821-) of Cranworth NFK, his wife Elizabeth EKE and his family, a daughter, Charlotte later married a James HOWARD while another daughter, Thirza Parsons EKE married his brother William HOWARD, both arrived on the Southern Eagle in 1857.
  • Jeremiah FIELDING (c1823-) of Rockland St Peters, NFK, wife Mary Ann HARVEY and family
  • William Summers GROOM (c1812-) of Rockland St Peters, NFK, wife Hannah BARNARD and son Francis (1836-1919)
  • Henry HAZELL (c1832-) of NFK
  • George HENSLEY (c1830-) of NFK who in 1858 m. Mary Ann WOOD nee SAYER (c1832-) also on this ship
  • William JAMES (c1818-) of Shimpling, NFK, wife Pamila BOLEY and children including Mahala who in 1888 m. William SINGALINE who arrived on the Montmorency.
  • Robert LANCASTER (c1823-) of Scoulton, NFK, wife Elizabeth WEBSTER, 3 children including Robert (c1848-) who in 1881 m. Sarah Elizabeth Yaxley family and friends from Norfolk, England to Tasmania d. of Thomas & Maria.
  • Emma LING (c1833-1923) of Bridgham, NFK, d. of Thomas LING & Mary MICKLEBOROUGH, in Aug. 1855 m. convict Edward HOLLOWAY who had been transported for 7yrs in 1852.
  • Leonard LYNG / LING (c1820-) of E. Harling NFK, wife Mary (c1825-) of Wymondham, and 2 children.
  • William LYNG / LING (1814-1870) of Redgrave NFK, wife Eliza DOVE (c1819-1881) of Diss, and children who married BARKERs
  • John MACHEN (1816-1895) of Hingham, NFK, wife Maria CUBIT, children 
  • George MACHEN (1830-1881) of Hingham, NFK
  • James MOOR (c1936-) of NFK
  • Charlotte MORLEY (c1832-1910) of NFK  
  • Sarah A MUSK (c1834-) who in Oct 1855, m. James MARTIN  
  • Judd OAKLEY (c1816-) of Bodney, NFK, 2nd wife Susan SHIPP and children
  • Henry OVERTON (c1833-) of Wretham, NFK, who in Oct 1856 m. Sophia MANNING also on this ship 
  • Eleanor PAYE (c1836-) of NFK and presumably her sister, Rhoda PAYE (c1837-)
  • Edward ROLFE (c1825-) and wife Hannah KING
  • Susan SAUNDERS (c1829-) of NFK
  • James SAYER (c1828-) of Crosxton, NFK & presumably his brother William (c1829-) and his wife Ann KING and son.
  • Emma Louisa SKIPPER (c1834-) of Wicklewood, NFK who in 1856 m. William SAYER (1833-) of SFK.
  • Susannah SKIPPER (c1834-) of Hingham, NFK
  • William SMITH (c1811-) of Bunnell, NFK, wife Phoebe LAMBERT and family
  • Thomas STAGGARD (c1815-) of NFK, wife Hannah SMITH and family 
  • John STANDLEY (c1835-) of NFK
  • Robert WESNEY (c1825-) of Rockford, NFK, wife Sarah Ann JAMES and children
  • Benjamin WHITEROD (c1926-) of Lt Ellingham, wife Elizabeth WARD or FRENCH, 3 children, 2 died en route.
  • John WOOD (c1830-) of Thompson, NFK, wife Mary Ann SAYER, son John died en route.
  • William WOODS (c1826-) of Thompson, NFK, wife Eliza and 2 children, one died en route.

Larling residents:

  • James BARKER (1807-), his wife Emily WARD and children. His son William married Sarah Ann MACROW who arrived on the Southern Eagle, while son George married Mary VERTIGAN/YAXLEY  who arrived on the Southern Eagle, while daughter Sarah Ann married Thomas DIPROSE, son of John DIPROSE and Maria BAKER, and lastly, son Elijah married Frances Yaxley family and friends from Norfolk, England to Tasmania. His brother John and his family emigrated on the Southern Eagle.
  • William KIDD (c1828-) s. of William KIDD and Sophiah EDWARDS. In 1862, m. Charlotte TATE (c1825-) d. of George TATE.
  • George WELLS (c1809-1879) s. of George WELLS and Mary BARKER, wife Harriet (c1818-), sons William (c1835-) and Alfred George (c1840-) who m. Louisa MORTLOCK.

Hockham residents:

  • Ezekial CURTIS (c1822-) of Highham, NFK and his 1st wife. He remarried in Tas. to Martha Ann MARSHALL who also arrived on the Whirlwind.
  • Nathan BROTHERS (c1828-), wife Sarah HUDSON and son David
  • James EDWARDS (c1828-), wife Harriet SAUNDERS and children. His brother came later on the Trade Wind.
  • Simon Henry HEAZLEWOOD / HAZELWOOD  (c1828-) of NFK, wife Frances ALVA/ABRAY and family.
  • William HOWARD (1812-) son of James HOWARD & Mary LOVETT, wife Ann STICKWOOD/STIGWOOD
  • James HUDSON (c1791-1868) son of John HOTSON and Ann BRUNTON with 2nd wife Maria RICHES, son John and his wife Ellen Maria PINNER (c1833-1910) of Larling, son William (c1835-1918) and daughter Martha (c1840-1923)
  • James RANSOM (c1832-) s. of George RANSOM and Martha BARKER.
  • Henry RICHES (1822-1855), wife Harriet HUBBARD and 3 sons.

Essex residents:

  • Benjamin BETTS (c1814-), wife Mary Ann ADAMS and family of Bentwood, ESS.
  • William BETTS (c1815-), wife Elizabeth and family but 3 children died en route.
  • Eliza BRIGHTWELL (c1836-), sister Maria (c1838-) who in 1859 married George JOHNSON also on this ship.
  • George BUCK / BREEK (c1833-) who in 1856 m. Eliza SAYER also on this ship.
  • Thomas CHEEK (c1825-) and family
  • Daniel BRYANT (c1820-1882) of Bocking, ESS
  • Thomas DUDLEY (c1813-), wife Sarah and children.
  • Chas James FERRALL/FARRELL (c1814-1855) died en route, with wife and children, the youngest, Alfred William (c1854-) married Ruth Eleanor/Helen LANE, daughter of Robert LANE and Susan BLACKWOOD, my GG grandparents.
  • Susannah GARRETT (c1833-1868) and sister Mary Ann GARRETT (c1836-) of Gosfield, ESS 
  • Thomas HARVEY (c1833-)
  • James HAWKES (c1825-) & wife Eliza
  • Jacob JAMES (c1822-) & wife Lucy STATHAM and children
  • Benjamin KIBBLE / KIBELL (c1834-)
  • Eliza KING (1836-) 
  • Emma LINDSELL (c1835-) who in Sept. 1855 m. a convict Daniel RYLAND (c1827-1904) who had been transported for 10yrs in 1845.
  • James William LLOYD (c1817-) of Brentwood, wife Sophia WOODLANDS (c1817-) and children.
  • Sarah MARSH (c1830-) who in July 1855 m. William MARSHALL also on this ship.
  • John MARSHALL (c1805-), wife Elizabeth HAMMOND?, children including Martha Ann who in 1862 m. Ezekial CURTIS also on this ship, and William who in July 1855 m. Sarah MARSH also on this ship.
  • Charles NICHOLLS (c1811-), wife Jane PORTER and family
  • Charlotte OLIVER (c1833-) 
  • Caroline OXBROW (1830-) and siblings
  • John PURKIS (c1822-) who in 1858 m. Sarah POWELL also on this ship.
  • Thomas SALTER (c1829-) and wife Elizabeth ROLFE & sons
  • Maria STATHAM (c1823-1863) who m. John REVITT who arrived on same ship.
  • James SUSHAMES (1812-) widower, and children including son James who in 1855 m. Caroline SPINKS who arrived on the Southern Eagle.
  • Charles TABOR (c1832-) who in 1857 m. Mary BANNAN who arrived on same ship.
  • Lydia VALE (c1833-) 

Suffolk residents on the "Whirlwind":

  • Henry CHURCH (c1829-) of Mildenhall, SFK and wife Ellen HUDSON and daughter.
  • William DENNIS (c1824-1910) of Eriswell, SFK, wife Sophia PEACHEY (c1831-1907), daughter Sarah Sophia died en route.
  • Thomas JESSOP (1828-1910) of Eriswell, SFK, wife Mary Ann PALMER, 3 children - 1 died en route.
  • James MANNING (c1807-1890) of Eriswell, SFK, wife Lucy PEACHEY (c1817-1890) and children including 18yr old Sophia who in 1856  m. Henry OVERTON also on this ship.
  • William PEACHEY (c1825-) of Lakenheath, SFK, wife Maria GATHERCOLE, son Joseph died en route.
  • George POTTER (c1800-) of Bilchamwell, NFK, son of Thomas POTTER and Mary DORLING (who was born in Eriswell, SFK), and wife Sarah TUCK (c1797-1855) of Eriswell, SFK and family. George married Mary HAWES in 1855 also on this ship.
  • Mary POWELL nee HAWES (c1805-), ?widow, with children including Sarah POWELL who in 1858 m. John PURKIS also on this ship, and Elizabeth POWELL who in 1862 m. William DOCKING who came on the Trade Wind. Mary m. George POTTER also on this ship in 1855.
  • Gregory RUSSELL (c1825-1888 d. in NZ) of Elmsett, SFK, wife Marian WARREN and children
  • George Pung SLATER (c1809-) of SFK / ESS? and wife Mina PAIN and children including Sarah Ann who in 1873 m. Henry Oxbrow also on this ship.
  • Thomas TURNER (c1816-), 2nd wife Mary Ann MANNING and children
  • Thomas WOOLNOUGH (1804-) of Wilton, NFK or SFK??, wife Susan HAWES of SFK and children including:
    • Hannah WOOLNOUGH (c1832-1910) of Eriswell, who in 1856 m. Edward AYTON (1810-1875) ex-convict
    • Eliza WOOLNOUGH (c1838-) who in 1858 m. Ebenezer HAMILTON
    • Thomas WOOLNOUGH (c1842-1916) who in 1862 m. Ellen MARSHALL
    • Stephen WOOLNOUGH (c1844-1911) who in 1867 m. Lydia DOCKING d. Thomas & Ann per Queen of the Mersey in 1861
    • James WOOLNOUGH (c1847-) who m. Phoebe HAWKES
    • Elizabeth WOOLNOUGH (c1850-) who in 1874 m. Ernest JOHNSON
  • William WOOLNOUGH (c1829-) of Icklington, SFK, s. of Thomas WOOLNOUGH  and Susan HAWES, wife Sophia FINCHAM and daughter Hannah Sophia WOOLNOUGH (c1854-) who in 1882 m. John David PARR.
  • George WOOLNOUGH (c1834-) of Eriswell, SFK, and wife Emily.

unknown or other place of origin:

  • John Sloper CLEAVER (c1811-) and family of BRK
  • Samuel CLEAVER (c1811-) and family of MDX
  • Elizabeth Dinah HERBERT (c1828-) of MDX
  • John HOLTON (c1824-) of MDX, wife Mary (c1819-1856) and then in 1864 m. Mary Ann BUCKLAND
  • Ellen TAYLOR (c1833-) of SCT
  • Ann WRIGHT (c1824-) of KEN

per the "Boomerang" arriving Melbourne 11th May 1855, then per "Clarence" arriving Launceston 16th May 1855:

  • James HART (c1828-) of Larling, NFK, wife Maria NURSE and daughter Mary Ann.
  • William WALKER (c1817-) of ESS, wife Mary OAKLEY and children.
  • William WATHEN (c1817-) of ESS, wife Mary & children

per the "Montmorency" arriving Launceston 28th June 1855:

  • Charles CLARKE (1819-) of Rockland or Lt Ellingham, NFK and his family emigrated on the Montmorency in Jun 1855.
    • NB. other CLARKE's had arrived on the Whirlwind.

per the "Miles Barton" arriving Melbourne 13th August 1855, then per "Lady Bird" arriving Launceston 19th August 1855:

  • Henry JONES (c1818-) of MDX, wife Jane ROBERTS and family.

per the "Sussex" arriving Melbourne 12th Nov 1855, then per "Royal Shepherd" arriving Launceston 14th Nov 1855:

  • Charlotte COOK (c1832-) of SOM and presumably her sister, Fanny COOK (c1833-) of SOM
  • Samuel FONCHARD (c1833-) of SOM
  • Harriet HATTOCK (c1836-) of SOM
  • Thomas RIDGE (c1827-) of Taunton, SOM and wife Eliza CATTLE and son Henry.
  • Sarah Ann RIDGE (c1836-)  of Taunton, SOM

per the "Southern Eagle" arriving Launceston 28th Aug 1857:

Norfolk residents:

  • those who settled in Norfolk Creek region (ref: Pioneer Days p67.):
    • William and Mary YAXLEY and 5 children
    • Thomas Yaxley family and friends from Norfolk, England to Tasmania & wife Maria AYTON and 3 children 
      • Maria is daughter of Edward AYTON (1810-1875), convicted and transported in 1837
      • Edward ran a coach run from Nile to Deloraine which would pass through this Norfolk Creek settlement and settled some 127km away running a pub in Nile, Tasmania which is just south of Launceston and near Morven which is now Evandale.
    • John VERTIGAN (1832-1923) s. of George VERTIGAN and Sarah WALKER, of Syderstone/North Creake, Norfolk, UK, wife Elizabeth Yaxley family and friends from Norfolk, England to Tasmania and 2 children, Mary who m. George BARKER, and John who m. Sophia MILLS.
    • William & Sarah PAGE and 2 children (see here)
    • Robert & Eliza PAGE and 4 children (see below)
    • John PARKER  & wife Sarah YAXLEY and 3 children
    • John & Susan BARKER and 3 children with son-in-law Robert and Martha SNARE nee BARKER
    • John & Jemima SPINKS and 3 children (see below)
    • George and Mary REVELL and 4 children
    • Joseph LING (c1827-) of E. Harling with 2nd wife Eliza THURLOW (c1829-1895), 3 children including Mary LING (1851-1923) who in 1873 m. James Yaxley family and friends from Norfolk, England to Tasmania s. of Thomas & Maria.
    • Stephen & Sarah HOWARD and 1 child
    • George & Mary Ann HOWARD and 2 children
    • James & Hannah HOWARD and 2 children
    • John HOWARD of Carbrooke, NFK
    • Richard WARD (c1830-) of Wilby, NFK, wife Charlotte MASON and daughter Gertrude Ellen (c1856-) who m. john HEPBURN.
  • Robert AYTON (c1836-12/2/1894) who later married Harriett RUDD who had arrived on the Whirlwind
  • William BARNARD (c1828-1904) of Gr Cressingham and wife Sarah ARCHER
  • Walter BARNARD (c1832-1900) of Gr Cressingham and wife Leah BIRD
  • Mary Ann CATCHPOLE of Gt Ellingham, NFK
  • William BARNES (c1828-1906) of Caston NFK and wife Mary POTTER and family
  • John BARRETT (c1831-1900) of Garboldisham, NFK, his wife Mary Ann PYE and family, and brother Thomas
  • James BETTS (c1828-) of Snetterton, NFK (William BETTS had came on the Whirlwind)
  • William BILHAM (c1823-) of Banham, NFK and wife Elizabeth WATSON
  • Ann COLEMAN (c1834-) of Bannington, NFK 
  • Robert COOK (c1833-) of Garboldisham, NFK and wife Frances BAKER (c1835-) of SFK and daughter Frances Ellen
  • Robert DAVEY (c1822-) of Thuxton, NFK, wife Susan, sons William (m. Mary HUDSON in 1870) & George
  • William DIXON (c1834-) and brother John DIXON (1839-) of Attleborough, NFK, sons of John DIXON and Hannah PAGE.
  • David EASTOE (c1814-) of Wreningham, NFK and family
  • James EASTOE (c1820-) of Reymerston, NFK and family
  • Charles FLACK (c1833-) of NFK who in 1858 m. Susan GRAY also on this ship.
  • George White GAYFORD (c1839-) of Wretham, NFK
  • James HALL (c1837-) of NFK
  • Charles HARMAN (c1839-) of Milham, NFK
  • John HARMAN (c1821-) of Cawston, NFK, wife Martha
  • Joseph HARMAN (c1832-) of Caston, NFK
  • Henry HARVEY (c1818-) of NOR, wife Albertina, children
  • John HARVEY (c1828-) of Cawston, NFK, wife Emma
  • John HOMES (c1824-) of Carbrooke, NFK, wife Elvina  and children
  • Leonard HUNT (c1829-) of Snetterton, NFK
  • Isaac JAMES (c1821-) of Rockland, NFK, wife Eliza SALMON and children
  • George JEALOUS (c1835-) of NFK
  • George KNIGHTS (1838-) of Attleborough, NFK
  • Elijah LING (1839-1917) of Garboldisham, NFK, s. of Thomas LING and Mary Ann or Martha WHILEY, in 1861 m. Jane KERR    
  • Judd MACROW (c1828-1908) of Stanford, NFK, wife Mary Ann MAYNE & 5 children including Robert (c1849-) who m. Maria PAGE d. of William & Rachel PAGE, and Sarah Ann who m. William BARKER (b. c1843 Larling), s. of James BARKER & Emily WARD.
  • William MUSK (c1835-) of Snetterton, NFK, who in 1873 m. Mary HACKET
  • Bishop MUSKETT (c1829-) of Carleton Rode, NFK
  • James OAKLEY (1818-) of Watton, NFK, wife Maria CLARKE and family
  • Elizabeth PAIRMAN / PEARMAN / PAREMAN (c1840-) of Beccles, NFK
  • John PARKER (c1822-) of Syderstone, wife Sarah YAXLEY (c1823-) d. Thomas & Elizabeth YAXLEY, and children
  • John PARKER (c1831-) of Caston, NFK, son of William & Mary, and wife Rebecca JOLLEY.
  • George PATFIELD (c1823-) of Weasenham St Peter NFK, and wife Mary WELLS (c1816-) 
  • Ann POTTER (c1836-) of Beccles? NFK who in 1860 m. David GOOD who arrived on the Trade Wind.
  • Maria PREWER (c1827-) of Breckles, NFK, d. of James PREWER and Susan AYRES. In 1858, she m. William BYE who was also on this ship. Also her brother William PREWER (1834-) who in 1858 m. Ann PAGE d. of William & Ann.
  • Robert REE (c1827-) of Gt Cressingham, NFK and wife Ann
  • Elizabeth REEDER (c1836-) of New Buckenham or Ellingham NFK
  • John REEVE (c1825-) widower of Garboldisham, NFK, s. of Noah REEVE and Rebecca PRENTICE and daughter Ellen REEVE (c1847-1930) who in 1867 m. Frederick CLARK (c1846-1877) and in 1880, m. Edward AYTON (c1839-) who came on the Solway.
  • Robert REVELL (1819-) of Banham, his wife Elizabeth ESTELL or BOWEN, and family (see below).
  • Zachariah RUDD and family (see below).
  • John RUSSELL (c1827-1888) of Eccles, NFK, Matilda Ann EASTLEY and children.
  • Daniel SAYER (c1837-) of Bodney, NFK who in 1870 m. Mary Ann HOWARD d. of George & Mary.
  • Isaac SHARMAN (c1835-) of Bodney, NFK, and brother Robert (c1835-)
  • Robert SNARE / SNEAR (c1832-) of Riddlesworth, NFK, and wife Martha BARKER d. of John & Susan of Larling.
  • George SPRAGGS (c1835-) of Breccles, NFK died en route
  • James STEBBINGS (c1820-) of Hargham, NFK, wife Sarah Ann DIXON d. of John & Hannah, and son Thomas.
  • George WALTERS (c1836-) of Hllborough/Pullum, NFK
  • Elizabeth WATSON (c1836-) of Banham, NFK who in 1892 m. William BILHAM
  • William WHILEY (c1817-) of Cockley Cley, NFK, wife Pamila (c1820-1881) of Hockham and children.
  • Hockham, NFK residents:
    • George AYRES (c1829-1893) of Hockham, NFK, son of James AYRES and Charlotte MASON and wife of Kerzia BYE, and son.
    • William BRETT (1807-1883) of Caston, his wife Mary Ann ANDERSON, and children including son Isaac BRETT (1836-) & his wife Elizabeth HARPER.
    • Mary Ann BUSH (1837-) who in 1858 m. Frederick LINSTEAD also on this ship
    • William BYE (1833-) of Hockham, NFK, in 1858 m. Maria PREWER also on this ship
    • William CHURCH (c1838-) of Hockham, NFK
    • John COOPER (c1816-) of Highham, NFK, 2nd wife and family
    • John Henry EMERY (c1834-) and wife Hannah Elizabeth GEE.
    • Frederick LINSTEAD (1836-1910) who in Oct 1857 m. Mary Ann BUSH also on this ship
    • Alfred RANSOM / RANSOME / RANSON (1837-) who in 1859 m. Isabella RUTHERFORD. Perhaps a cousin James arrived on the Whirlwind.

Suffolk residents:

  • Thomas GATHERCOLE (c1836-) of Lakenheath, SFK
  • Edward GRAY (c19839-) of Mildenhall, SFK and sister Susan GRAY (c1833-) who in 1858 m. Charles FLACK also on this ship
  • James LEONARD (c1824-) of Eriswell, SFK, wife Susan FINCHAM and children
  • Thomas TUCK (c1832-) of Eriswell, SFK, wife Susan. (nb. a Emma TUCK (c1833-) arrived in 1856 on Ocean Chief)
  • David WEBB (c1829-) of Mildenhall, SFK & presumably brother Ezekiel and wife Elizabeth FLACK 

unknown place of origin and other places:

  • John ARNOLD (c1825-1901) and his wife Ruth HAWKER and children
  • Benjamin BROWN (c1828-) of Brentwood, ESS and wife Emma
  • Elizabeth DURHAM (c1840-) of London, MDX, daughter of Robert and Kezia DURHAM, m. Henry TUDDENHAM

per the "Trade Wind" arriving Hobart 22nd Feb 1858:

Larling, NFK residents:

  • William BUSSEY (c1812-) and wife Rose LATKIN (1810-1860) and children, he then in 1864 married Mary Ann BIRD (-1865?) who came on the Conway, then in 1884 married Mary Ann POWELL nee BAKER (c1826-). 
  • John PINNER (c1802-) and wife Elizabeth HUBBARD and children including Hannah who in 1859 m. Othanial DIXON who arrived on the Whirlwind, and Eliza who in 1867 m. George UPSTON who arrived on the Southern Eagle, and Mercy who in 1862 m. Robert BEAN who arrived on the same ship.

Hockham, NFK residents:

  • John ABRA (c1790-) of Wretham, NFK, his wife Maria Clark HUDSON/HOTSUN (1798-1857) of Hockham died en route 
  • John ABRA (1831-1901) son of John ABRA above
  • Christopher EDWARDS (c1823-1899), wife Harriet Elizabeth DIX/DEEKS and children - his brother came on the Whirlwind.
  • Thomas Christmas QUARRY (c1823-), wife Ann CLARK d. of Benjamin CLARK and Mary HUDSON, and children
  • John RIPPER (1836-) 
  • Jacob TURNER (c1815-) s. of Abraham TURNER & Ann ATKINS, wife Jane HUDSON and children
  • Mary TURNER (1836-) d. of George TURNER & Elizabeth COOK, who in 1860 m. William BLAND

Suffolk residents:

  • William CLAXTON (c1817-) of Covehothe, SFK and his wife Hannah BEAN (c1816-1876) and children.
  • Robert BEAN (1809-1900) of Palgrave SFK, wife Martha HUFF (c1813-1886) and children, Henry BEAN (my great grandfather b. 1835 Bardwell, SFK), Robert BEAN (c1838-1914) who later married Mercy PINNER also on this ship, James, Walter, John, George, Sabina, Charles & Louis/Lewis.
  • James DENNIS (c1813-1888) of Eriswell, SFK, wife Frances SPINKS (c1812-1868) and children including:
    • Charles DENNIS (c1836-1910) m. Elizabeth TAYLOR/TYLER in 1859
    • Thomas DENNIS (c1840-)
    • Maria DENNIS (c1842-1917) my great grandmother, who, in 1861 m. Henry BEAN also on this ship
    • Alfred DENNIS (c1845-)
    • Benjamin DENNIS (c1849-)
    • NB. a William DENNIS of Eriswell - perhaps a cousin, had arrived on the Whirlwind.
  • Robert HAMSTEAD (c1813-), wife Susannah CLARK and family
  • William HUMPHREY (c1813-), wife Eliza and family
  • William STAGOLL (c1831-), wife Elizabeth SKIFFINS, and children.
  • Willam COALBY (c1838-) of NFK
  • Charlotte COOK (c1812-) of NFK
  • Maria ATKINS (c1835-) of Great Drummond, NFK
  • James AYRES (c1834-) and his brother Samuel AYRES (c1835-) of NFK
  • Alfred BAKER (c1839-) of Snetterton, NFK
  • John BONNER (c1838-) of NFK who in 1859 married Jane STANDALOFT who also came on this ship.
  • Henry BRASSETT (c1837-) of OXF, wife Mary Ann of NFK, and son Henry.
  • James BYE (c1819-) of Illington, NFK, wife Susan DICKSON and son George.
  • Othaniah DIXON (c1833-) in 1859 m. Hannah PINNER also on this ship
  • Noah LAMBERT (c1822-) of Garboldisham, NFK, s. of William LAMBERT  & Sophia REEVE, wife Eliza BRETT / BRATT (c1829-), d. of John & Maria BRETT, and 4 children. 
  • Caroline LING (c1939-) of NFK
  • James LING (c1827-) of Banham, NFK, wife Mary Ann BELL & family
  • DOCKING family of Lynn, NFK, children of Samuel DOCKING and Mary Ann BARTON:
  • William Lewis/Louis DOCKING (c1836-) in 1862 m. Elizabeth POWELL also on this ship
  • Mary Ann DOCKING (c1836-)
  • Elizabeth DOCKING (c1841-)
  • John William DOCKING (c1843-)
  • Charlotte Louisa DOCKING (c1845-)
  • Robert Thomas DOCKING (c1831-) of Syderstone, son of Thomas DOCKING and Ann SIMPSON
  • George PATRICK (c1836-) of Old Buckenham, NFK
  • William PLASKETT (c1937-) of NFK
  • John RUSHBROOK (c1833-) of Carbrooke, NFK
  • William SAUL (c1835-) of NFK
  • William SAUNDERS (c1824-) and presumably brother Stephen SAUNDERS (c1820-) and wife Mary.
  • Martha SKIFFINS (c1831-) of Holt, NFK
  • Mary SMYTHE / SMITH (c1807-) of Lingwood, NFK and daughter Jane (c1837-)
  • Thomas STANDALOFT (c1829-) of NFK, wife Jane BARCHARD & daughter Annie.
  • Mary Ann WILLEY (c1839-) of Thetford, NFK
  • Daniel WILLIAMS (c1818-) of Eccles, NFK, wife Susan and children

per the "Solway" arriving Melbourne 7th March 1862, then per "Black Swan" arriving Launceston 10th March 1862:

Syderstone, NFK residents:

  • John MITCHELL (c1830-) and his wife Mary Ann AYTON (c1836-1916) daughter of Edward AYTON and perhaps sister of Maria AYTON who married Thomas YAXLEY
  • Edward AYTON (c1839-1913) son of Thomas & Mary AYTON, who, in 1880 married a widow, Ellen CLARKE REEVE (c1847-1920), who had arrived on the Southern Eagle in 1857.
  • Robert AYTON (1840-1886), my ancestor and son of William AYTON and Mary WELLS, who later married Maryanne Blackwood LANE (1843-1919) in Longford, Tasmania on 6th Aug. 1868  
  • Osborn ALLEN (c1839-) of Syderstone, son of Robert ALLAN and Jane HOOKS 
  • Isaac GREEN (c1839-) son of William GREEN and Jane HURN
  • Robert Quantrell (c1838-), son of Stephen.
  • Jonathan SHACKCLOTH (c1836-) of South Creake who in 1867 m. Susan WEBSTER  also on this ship
  • Mark STEWARD (c1830-), wife Ann EAST / EASTER and children

Larling, NFK residents:

  • James BARKER (1807-1881) of Larling, brother of John who had came on the Southern Eagle, his wife Emily WARD and family, a son Elijah later marrying Frances YAXLEY
  • Alfred BARKER (c1837-) of Larling, NFK and wife Martha PINNER and daughter
  • Beniah BYE (c1844-) of Larling (a James BYE had come out in 1858)
  • Henry BYE (c1839-) of Tottington, NFK and wife Elizabeth MACROW
  • William PINNER (c1845-) s. of James PINNER and Rosa WARD.

Hockham, NFK residents:

  • Mary Ann BUSH (c1837-) of Hockham who m. Frederick LINSTEAD who also came out with his family on that ship.

other NFK residents:

  • Richard BIRD (c1828-) of Gr Cressingham and wife Ann Elizabeth CHASTON / CHASTEN
  • William BRETT (1807-) of Caston, 2nd wife Mary Ann ANDERSON of Caston, and family including son Isaac and his wife  Elizabeth HARPER
  • Robert BRICKHAM (c1823-) of NFK and his family
  • Charles CATCHPOLE (c1839-) of Gt Ellingham, NFK - his sister Mary Ann had arrived on the Southern Eagle
  • Thomas CORNALL (c1839-) of NFK
  • James ELLIS (c1828) of Starston, NFK
  • George GREAVES (1839-) of Sth Bugh, NFK who in 1868 m. Sophia Frances PAGE (1844-) d. of William & Frances PAGE.
  • Benjamin GREEN (c1816-) of Caston, NFK, 2nd wife Mary SKIPPER and daughter Susannah.
  • James GREEN (c1818-), wife Ann and sons James & Elijah GREEN (c1839-) of Gt Cressingham, NFK
  •  Mary Ann HARVEY (c1836-) of NFK, and presumably her sister Emily (c1844-)
  • Emily JARMY (1844-) of Sth Walsham, NFK and her sister Mary Ann JARMY (c1836-) who in 1962 m. Robert MICHLEBOROUGH also on this ship.
  • George LINGWOOD (c1840-) of NFK
  • Harriett MACROW / MACKROW / MACRO (1840-1891) of Thompson, NFK
  • George MEDDLER (c1842-) of Hevingham, NFK and his brother William (c1827-), his wife Elizabeth WRIGHT of Diss.
  • Robert MICKLEBOROUGH (1838-1911) of Old Buckenham, NFK, who in 1862 m. Mary Ann JARMY also on this ship.
  • David PACKENHAM (c1938-) of NFK and wife Elizabeth
  • Jane PAREMAN (c1831-) of Breckles, NFK
  • Susan WEBSTER (c1843-) of NFK who in 1867 m. Jonathan SHACKCLOTH also on this ship

Suffolk residents:

  • Henry CHALLIS (c1820-) of Sapiston, SFK, his wife Mary Ann BROWNING and children

per the "Netherby" arriving Melbourne 4th August 1862, then per "Black Swan" arriving Launceston 19th August 1862:

  • George GOODSON (c1837-) of NFK
  • Benjamin JARMY (1842-1931) of Horning, NFK, wife Mary WRIGHT, daughter Sarah Ann. His 2nd wife was Hannah Maria CHADWICK nee PAGE of Attleborough, d. of William and Ann PAGE who all arrived on the Southern Eagle. His sisters arrived on the Solway.
  • Charlotte Louisa NUNN (c1844-) of SFK
  • John PECK (c1831-) of St Mary Huntingdon HUN and 2nd wife Maria BETTS and family including James who in 1877 m. Sophia HOWARD.
  • George RICHES (c1843-) of Eckford, NFK and presumably his brother William (c1841-)
  • Phillip RUFFELS of Bardwell, SFK, wife Ann NUNN (1835-1915 d. of William NUNN & Anne ROLFE), and daughter Jane.
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