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Australian history 1925-1950



  • 1927: Parliament House, Canberra opened;
  • 1928: poor sales of newly introduced Vegemite resulted in name change to Parwill in hope it would piggyback on success of Britain's Marmite. Name changed back in 1937 & new free sample program resulted in Aussies getting hooked on it.
  • 1929: ALP wins govt; Bradman hits world record score 452 not out;
  • 1931: Aust. explorer Wilkins captains “Nautilus” submarine, navigating it under Arctic Ocean to lat. 82deg.;
  • 1932: Govt had bought 90,000 hectares of land in WA in 1920 to give to war veterans to grow wheat but falling wheat prices in the Great Depression and rising emu numbers of over 20,000 in the region ushered in a mass culling of the previously protected emus which required the help of the military but still the emus were to fast and cunning and required 10 bullets per emu killed 1)
  • 1934: Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester visits Victoria to celebrate Victoria's centenary.
  • 1935: Qld govt make enormous mistake in introducing the cane toad hoping to reduce the grey-backed beetle.
  • 1937:
    • Aboriginal assimilation policy:
      • Aboriginal affairs authorities officially agree on policy of assimilation (although some practices were already occurring). By 1951, all Aust. govts claimed a policy of 'assimilating' Aboriginals into the wider society but interpretations & agendas differed. Many were subject to surveillance, esp. those living privately in houses in towns. District welfare officers assessed how well Aboriginal mothers were looking after their children according to standards of house-keeping set by non-Aboriginal male bureaucrats. This surveillance continued until 1960's & 1970's.
      • the penalties for non-conformity with white society's mores were harsh with children being removed from their parents - the “Stolen Generation”.
  • 1942: Japanese planes bomb Darwin; The Battle of the Coral Sea cemented Australia's ties with the USA.
  • 1948: cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman needing only 4 runs to achieve 7000 runs at average of 100 in his last innings is bowled out for a duck leaving him with an average of 99.94.
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