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tips for using your Nikon Z system camera


Using other system lenses

AF compatible adapters

Nikon F lenses

  • Nikon FTZ Z-to-F mount lens adapter which costs $US250
    • Nikkor F lenses without VR (OIS) will get 3 axis sensor based IS
    • Nikkor F lenses with VR (OIS) will get 3 axis DUAL IS with the sensor providing the 3rd axis
    • Nikon mount Sigma lenses should function EXCEPT some interchangeable lenses shipped out before November 2013 that are not compatible with the latest DSLR cameras will not operate1)
    • lenses that do not incorporate an AF drive motor will operate only in manual focus

Sony FE lenses

Canon RF lenses

  • no adapter as yet

Canon EF lenses

Manual focus only adapters

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