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looking after your Olympus OM-D camera

general tips

  • avoid contaminating the camera or lens with:
    • sand - will cause controls and buttons to malfunction, as well as moving AF parts
    • salt spray - ensure camera and lens is cleaned as below after contact with salt spray
    • corrosive or caustic liquids or vapours
    • sticky beverages - these will cause controls and buttons to malfunction
  • do NOT drop the camera or lens!
  • avoid changing lenses in dusty environments
    • Olympus invented the sensor dust cleaning system and it is still the best in the world, but that doesn't mean you should just let dust onto the sensor
    • some dust such as pollen particles tend to stick to the sensor despite the dust removal system
  • ensure the rear and front lens elements of the lens are not damaged or touched by fingers
    • consider always having a filter in place - either a UV protective filter or a polarising filter
      • this can be removed temporarily while care is taken not to fame the front of the lens
      • a filter means the front lens will not be severely abraded if the lens cap falls off during travel and the front of the lens rubs against other objects
    • these surfaces should only be cleaned with dust-free, clean optical cleaning cloth +/- cleaning solution, and this should be done sparingly and gently, and after using a hand blower to blow dust off the lens

cleaning the exterior of the camera

  • turn off the camera and remove the battery before cleaning the camera
  • wipe gently with a soft cloth
  • if the camera is very dirty, soak the cloth in mild soapy water and wring well.
    • wipe the camera with the damp cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth.
  • if you have used the camera at the beach or where the camera has been exposed to salt water spray
    • use a soft cloth soaked in clean water and well wrung to wipe clean the exterior of the camera body
  • clean the LCD Monitor by wiping gently with a soft cloth

water, rain and snow issues

if your camera or lens is NOT "weatherproof"

  • don't get it wet!
    • if it does get wet, dry it immediately with camera turned off, and battery removed
    • do not replace battery until it is dry
    • if you are concerned moisture got inside the camera, take it to Olympus to check (although NOT covered by warranty)
  • avoid dust

if your camera AND lens is "weatherproof"

  • product damage caused by sand or liquid contamination will void the original warranty and any extended warranties if applicable.

precautions to ensure weathersealing is intact

  • check the memory card door is closed
  • ensure the power battery holder connection cover on the bottom of the camera or grip is secured
    • ensure the Power Battery Holder contacts compartment cover located on the bottom of the camera is free from debris.
    • Place the Power Battery Holder (PBH) cover over the compartment and ensure it is completely and properly seated in place. When correctly in place, the cover will lie flat and be flush with the bottom of the camera.
  • ensure that the External Flash Connector cap on X-sync port (if present) is in place and is hand tightened
  • ensure battery door is closed and latch is in the closed position
  • check External Connections Cover
    • check that the External connections compartments and their covers are free of debris and fibers.
    • these surfaces must be clean to provide a proper seal from moisture and dust.
    • once clean close the covers by pressing vertically along their length securely into the closed position.
    • when properly in place, the rubber covers will lie flat and be flush with the adjacent surfaces
  • check Accessory Port (if present)
    • ensure that the Accessory Port Cover is in place;
    • check port and port cover for dust and debris.
    • please note that the camera is not considered to be weather/dust resistant without the Accessory Port (AP) cover in place.
    • The AP accessories, such as flashes, PenPal, etc, are NOT weather proof and should not be used in wet locations or in the rain or snow.
  • ensure hotshoe cover is in place or a weathersealed flash is in place
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