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gradation parameter in Olympus Picture Modes


  • each of the Picture Modes in the jpeg rendering options of Olympus cameras allows you set a parameter called “gradation”
  • setting a gradation value other than Normal may result in your RAW file exposure being inaccurate!
    • Auto setting and Low-Key setting will generally result in under-exposure of the RAW file

gradation = Auto

  • the Olympus image processing engine attempts to get as much dynamic range (range of brightness from very dark to very bright) as possible squeezed into the jpeg file
  • best used for high contrast scenes where you want both highlight and shadow detail
  • the modern Olympus cameras can achieve a remarkable dynamic range:


Comparison jpeg results of dynamic range from

gradation = normal

  • no gradation algorithms are applied

gradation = LOW KEY

  • Gradation is applied that best suits a dark subject that NORMAL gradation would process to be lighter.
  • It can be used to make images that have a somewhat somber mood and are darker but retain shadow detail

gradation = HIGH KEY

  • Gradation is applied that best suits a bright subject, such as silhouettes on a foggy day.
  • It processes images so they are bright with slightly higher contrast in the brightest areas.
  • Gives a transparent and fresh look
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