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Olympus Live Boost viewing feature


  • by default, the electronic viewfinder displays the image how it will be shot (ie. WYSIWYG), so that if you have under-exposed your image it will be dark, etc.
  • however, the default does has limits in that it will not display WYSISWG in very low light conditions - your exposure could be perfect and yet the viewfinder shows a dark image, furthermore, the default is not optimised for displaying stars, and does not take into account flash lighting, thus is really annoying in studio work when ambient light is intentionally severely under-exposed.
  • Olympus has included a Live Boost feature since the Four Thirds dSLRs and this really helps address the above issues
  • As of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and E-M5 mark II, they now also have extended this to Live Boost II for really dark situations such as stars with f/2.8 or slower lenses.

activating Live Boost

  • [menu]
  • [Cogs]
  • [CogsD - Display]
  • scroll down to [Live View Boost] and set it to desired setting
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